Back For You {Sequel to Summer Love}

Sequel.....Amanda and Harry have been separated for about 10 months now. Amanda has an audition to be a back up dance for a band, but she doesn't know what band yet. Will she make the cut? Will her and Harry meet up again? Find out in Back For You.


4. The Start of the Audition


Harry’s POV:


            Today we were going to a dance studio to find a new back up dancer. One of our previous dancers quit. Dance just reminded me of Amanda. The way she moved on stage at her recital was amazing. I missed her so much. I still don’t understand why she broke up with me. I really did love her. Once we got the dance studio, we made our way inside. I heard Wings, by Little Mix playing and looked at Zayn. He had a smile on his face.


            “I can see you like the song.” Louis said winking at him. It made me sad that everyone in the band had someone but me. I was even jelous of Niall, even though he barely saw Chantel.


            “Aww come on Harry brighten up. You never know. You may fall for the dancer we pick.” He said nudging me. I just smiled. But I don’t think I can love someone as much I loved or love Amanda.


            We walked through the hallway and made our way to a studio. I looked at all the dancers.  I had to admit they were all really good. But one person caught my eye. No way it couldn’t. It was Amanda! I can’t believe it. It was her. I have to get her back. I’ve missed her so much. After they were done the lads and I clapped. I kept starring at Amanda and smiling. I can’t believe I finally found her.


            “Take a picture it will last longer.” Amanda said as she pushed by us. I could tell that me being here made her nervous. I ran after her though.


            “Amanda! Wait!!” I yelled as she ran into the girls locker room.


            “Come on Amanda, all I want to do is talk and ask you one question.” I said through the door.


            “I don’t have time right now. I have to practice." She said running out and going back into the studio.

            I knew the only reason she was ignoring me is because she doesn't want to explain why she broke up with me. I know she still loves me though. I can see it in her eyes.


Amanda's POV:

            "I don't have time right now. I have to practice." I said running towards the studio for the audition. I just hope I don't have to be his partner for the partner round of the audition. I'm just not ready to face him right now. Yeah, I still have feelings for him. But I'm not ready to explain my whole reason why I broke up with him.

            Once I was back in the studio, we were broken up into 5 groups of 5. In these groups we would do the flexibility round, tricks, and group dance.

     Group one: Kayla, Brooke, Jazlyn, Krista, Olivia.

     Group two:  Christi, Jaclyn, Lexi, Ally, Alyssa

     Group three: Abby, Bella, Destiny, Janelle, Hannah

     Group four: Heather, Shalei, Leah, Maggie, Marissa

     Group five: Me, Sydney, Tess, Brittany, Maddie

Each group was a different level of difficulty, it went from beginner to advanced.

Everyone started stretching before we had to do the flexibility part. While we were stretching Harry kept staring at me. I laughed a little, but everyone was staring at me so I stopped. Harry had his usual cheeky smirk. All I could think was, this is going to be an interesting audition.

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