Back For You {Sequel to Summer Love}

Sequel.....Amanda and Harry have been separated for about 10 months now. Amanda has an audition to be a back up dance for a band, but she doesn't know what band yet. Will she make the cut? Will her and Harry meet up again? Find out in Back For You.


14. Results

"Alright everyone! Listen up." Nicole announced. All the boys stood up next to her and Liam started to talk.

"Everyone has done an amazing job! We couldn't have asked for better dancers. But as you know we are required to only pick one of you. We also have chosen an understudy in case something were to happen to another dancer." Liam announced.

"Now... The person we chose as the understudy is, Sydney." Niall announced.

"And our new backup dancer is, Amanda!" Harry smiled . I was in shock. Honestly, I thought I wasn't going to make the cut.

I ran up to Harry and jumped into a hug. He kissed my cheek and let me down.

"Sydney and Amanda. You'll need to stay back for more information." Nicole announced over all the commotion the other dancers were making.

"Congrats girly!" Sydney said engulfing me in a hug.

"Awe, thanks. Congrats to you too." I smiled.

"Alright Sydney, you will also be coming on your with us so you can learn the dances and be there if anything were to happen." Liam informed her.

"And of course, Amanda you'll be coming as well. We start rehearsals next week for a month and they'll be here. Once we are on tour, you'll practice in the venue." Zayn smiled. Harry and I still were basically in a hugging position.

Once everyone left the studio, it was just Harry and I in there. The other lads had went to get some food, but Harry and I stayed behind.

"I can't wait until tour now." He smirked looking down at me.

"Me too." I smiled. "I got this all on my own right? Not because you wanted to spend more time with me." I questioned

"Don't worry Amanda. This was all because of your amazing talent. Even though I love you, that didn't influence my decision." He stated then pecking my lips.

"I love you too." I smiled.

"You call the guys while I go get my things. Tell them to meet us at your flat." I stated kissing his cheek before rushing off to the locker room to get my things.

When I opened the door I could hear people talking. It was Maddie talking.

"We all know the only reason she got the job was because she's sleeping with Harry." Her nasally voice echoed threw the room.

"She's such a slut. We should've seen this coming. She probably new it was his band the whole time." Alyssa laughed yet sounded pissed off. I walked threw the short hallway and glared at them.

"You guys really think that? We've been friends for what? 10 years now. Wow. I can really see how much you've matured." I said pissed off. I grabbed my dance bag and slipped one shoes.

"For your information! I haven't slept with him! So if you're going to insult someone and talk behind their back, at least get your facts straight." I groaned before walking out and meeting of with Harry.

I hope Harry and the lads can cheer me up now.

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