Back For You {Sequel to Summer Love}

Sequel.....Amanda and Harry have been separated for about 10 months now. Amanda has an audition to be a back up dance for a band, but she doesn't know what band yet. Will she make the cut? Will her and Harry meet up again? Find out in Back For You.


9. Movie Night. ;)


            “Me too.” Harry said smiling back at me.

            “So do you guys want to hang out?” I asked

            “Yesss!!!!” Louis screamed

            “Okay Louis calm down. How about a movie night?” I asked while laughing a little.

            “Okay, how about we meet you at your place.” Liam suggested.          

            “Sounds good, but I live in my own apartment now, so here is my address.” I said sending it to all the lads.

            “Alright then, we will meet you there.” Liam explained.

            “You have food right?” Niall asked and I laughed

            “Yes Niall, I have plenty of food.” I said.

            “Haha okay, come lads lets go.” Niall said

            “I’m gonna go with Amanda. If that’s alright?” Harry announced.

            “Awwee, you too lovebirds.” Zayn teased as him and the lads headed outside.

            “Yeah that’s alright with me… on one condition though.” I said.

            “What is it?” He asked

            “You have to carry me to my car.” I said reaching my arms out.

            “Lazy, are we now?” he laughed while I jumped on his back.

            “Oh come on, it’s tiring, dancing you know.” I explained.          

He just laughed and carried me of to my car.

            “Do you want me to drive?” He asked.

            “Sure.” I said getting into the passenger’s side and he got into the driver’s seat and I handed him the keys. And we headed off to my apartment.

When we got there Harry got out and opened my door for me.

            “Oh what a gentleman.” I teased.            

            “Your welcome, and nice place you got here.” He said.

            “Just wait till you get inside.” I said running past him and getting into the elevator trying to close the door but he caught up. Once we reached my place I opened the door.

            “Wow, this place is amazing.” Harry said in amazement. file:///C:/Users/Amanda/Desktop/PicMonkey%20Collage.jpg

            “Thanks, before my parents left for America they bought me this apartment.” I explained placing my purse on the counter.

            “Why did your parents move to America?” he asked.

            “My dad got transferred at work. But since I’m old enough to live on my own, they gave me the choice. So I picked to stay here.” I explained.

            “Oh, well I’m glad you stayed.” Harry said kissing my cheek as the door bell rang. I smiled and went over to answer it.

            “I hope we weren’t interrupting anything.” Niall said with a wink. He stood there with the other lads.

I laughed and let them in.

            “Wow.” They all said in chorus at my massive flat. file:///C:/Users/Amanda/Desktop/PicMonkey%20Collage.jpg

            “What movie are we going to watch?” Zayn asked

            “Uhh, you guys can pick. There is a shelf with all of my movies.” I explained.

            “I’ll get the popcorn.” I said walking into the kitchen

            “I’ll help!!” Niall shouted following me. I laughed a little.

After Niall and I got the popcorn and placed into 6 separate bowls, we headed to the living room.

            “What movie did you decide on?” I asked sitting next to Harry and placed the bowls on the coffee table.

            “Pitch Perfect.” Louis explained.   

            “I love that movie!!” I screamed like a little kid.

We started the movie and I cuddle up to Harry.

Harry’s POV:

            When we started the movie and Amanda cuddled up to me. I kissed her temple and wrapped my arm around her back. The movie was at the part of the auditions when I looked over and saw she was asleep. She did after all have a long day.

            “I going to bring her to her room.” I whispered to the lads. But I realized I had no idea where it was in her flat. Oh well, I will find it. I carefully picked her up bridal style making sure not to wake her up.

I walked down her hall way and peeked into each room. The first one was her bathroom. Then at the end was he bedroom. I carefully made my way to her bed and placed her gently down. I sat down quietly on the other side of her bed. She was so beautiful while she slept. I wrapped my arms around and kissed her cheek.

            “Goodnight beautiful.” I whispered in her ear before falling asleep as well.

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