Back For You {Sequel to Summer Love}

Sequel.....Amanda and Harry have been separated for about 10 months now. Amanda has an audition to be a back up dance for a band, but she doesn't know what band yet. Will she make the cut? Will her and Harry meet up again? Find out in Back For You.


3. And There Stood.......


I woke up the next morning and took a quick shower, threw my hair up and put on my dance cloths. I grabbed my dance bag and headed out of my flat. Today was the day that could change my life, my career, everything. I hopped in my car and headed to the studio. Once I was there I went into the locker room. Everyone was there talking about who they think the band is.

            “So, who do you think it is?” Olivia asked as everyone turned to me.

            “I don’t know, probably some new band.” I confessed then they all turned and started talking again. I realized that there wasn’t that many girls auditioning. There are 25 of us I believe. I figured that there would be more of us.

            I was putting on my hip hop shoes getting ready to learn the routine when my instructor walked in.

            “Okay ladies, the band is running a little late, but we are going to start learning the routine. So get your shoes and come in the studio.” My instructor Nicole stated. She was one of our most energetic choreographers here.

            Once we were in the studio, we did our stretches and warm ups. Nicole explained during those that there would be 5 rounds of the audition: Flexibility, partner dance with one of the band members, tricks, the group dance, we would perform it in a group of 5 at a time and lastly our solo routine. After each round 5 people will get disqualified.

After stretching we learned our routine.  It was to Wings by Little Mix. I figured that maybe that was the band.

            “Ready 5-6-7-8, body roll 2-3-4, kick step touch, kick step touch. Step slide, rock out. Now….. pose.” Nicole explained the last part of our routine.

            “Okay from the top!” She exclaimed restarting the music. This time she watched us.

After we finished, I (and everyone else) heard clapping, I looked at the door and there stood….. One Direction. :O

            Sorry its short, but I hope you like it. :)

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