How Did I Get So Lucky??

Ella is just a normal girl living her everyday life in London. She likes music but doesnt enjoy hearing girls gush about boy bands, she doesnt get it. What happens when Ella meets 1/5 of One Direction... and doesn't even know it?! Will luck bring two certain people back together and how? Ladies, Gentlemen, Directioners, Unicorns, I give you... How Did I Get So Lucky?? Enjoy.


4. {Niall Horan? That's Embarrassing}

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Chapter Four... Enjoy! <3

*Bethany's POV*

OMG OMG TODAY WAS THE DAY I WAS MEETING ONE DIRECTION!! I have dreamed about this day forever and I didn't think it would actually come true! I mean meeting Liam Payne was enough for me to explode; now I am meeting the whole band!? AHHHH thank goodness I will have Ella to keep me remotely normal around them. Of course I am up before Ella so I decide to lay out our clothes for today, get the straighteners and curlers ready. Ella woke up just as I started making our breakfast. My mom was already at work in her bakery or else she would usually have our breakfast made, and let me tell you, it's delicious!!

''Ella, time to wake up! We have to be ready for when the car comes to pick us up!" It was 1 o'clock, and the car was coming to get us around 5:30. The concert starts at 7. Liam wanted to introduce us to the boys before the concert, and then we were going to hang out for a while after the concert, plus we knew there was going to be a long line so we wanted to get there early.

"Mmm morning. What for breakfast?" Ella moaned as she slowly got out of bed.

"Breakfast? Its past lunch! But I made you bacon and eggs!" I could see Ella's eyes widen and her mouth turn into a huge smile.

"Woah! I must have stayed up really late last night! But THANK YOU!!!" Before I could respond Ella ran into the kitchen. I could hear the drawers close and the utensils hitting together. Ella could eat more than anyone I knew, but she never gains weight, she is so lucky.

"Hey, Beth I have a bad feeling, my dad always shows up at the best times in my life, to ruin them. What if tonight was one of those nights?"

"Ella don't worry, I'll be there and I swear he is not getting in our way of meeting the boys!"

*Ellas POV*

I was actually really worried tonight. My dad could easily find out where I was, he always does. I knew this was really important for Beth and I wasn't going to let my mood ruin it for her.

"Let's go get ready, yeah?!" I yelled, making Beth jump, and spilling her drink everywhere. Opps.

"Ugh, I'm right beside you, loser. Race you upstairs!" We both bolted toward the staircase trying to push one another, in the end, I won! I did my victory dance and I was very proud!

"Haha, I win, I win!!! Okay lets go get ready!!!"

"Yeah, yeah whatever ill do your hair first." We waited for the straightener to heat up and she pinned up the hair she wasn't straightening to the top of my head. She then kept taking layer and layer down until my hair was straight. She then put lots of products in my hair to keep it that way for the concert.

"Thank You! Okay, your turn!" I did the exact same thing she did to mine, except I curled it.

"Okay, bippity bappity boo! (Trying to be a fairy) You hair is now done too! Girl, I am poet and I didn't even know it!" I amuse myself too much.

"Okay thanks Ella, outfit time?" She said with a huge smile.

"OUTFIT TIME!" We both bolted to her room with our clothes. We put on our outfits and admired them. "Awe! Bethieee you look so cute!"

"You too, Ella Bella! And we have barely any some time to spear! You need to refresh your memory on the boys!" Oh great.

"Liam, Harry, Zay-" We were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

"The car is here!" Beth squealed and ran to the door, we grabbed our purses and ran to the door.

"By the way the other two were Niall, and Louis." Beth winked at me.

"Hey I knew that, I was going to say it but we were interrupted. Thank you very much."

"Oh my gawd. Were here! Ella, Ella look!!"

"Haha Beth, I'm looking."

We hopped out of the car, thanked the driver and left. Liam was kind enough to pay for the car, he is such a gentleman.

"Okay, ready to go? Get the tickets out of your purse Ella." Uh What?

"Uh Beth, I thought you had the tickets..."

"What? No! I thought you did! How are we supposed to get in now?!" You have got to be kidding me.

"Don't worry Beth, I have an idea."

To: Leeyum the Sexy Beast

Hey Liam, we have a slight problem. We kinda forgot the tickets at home...

I waited and waited, and waited some more! Until finally, my phone buzzed.

From: 523-789-0987

Hey Ella Bella! Sorry this is Liam, I am on Louis' phone, and mine died before I could reply to you. But you know the entrance you are at... go to the left side of the building, look for the door with no handle on the outside.

To: 523-789-0987

Thank You!!

"Hey, Beth. I have an idea let's see if any doors are unlocked, we could sneak in."

"Ella, no. Really its fine, maybe another time, we can just go home."

"Beth! You want this too badly, your coming, lets go."

We walked around the corner and I made sure no one was following us, then I saw the door with no handle.

To: Louis (I decided to add him in my contacts, just in case)

Hey I'm at the door.

From: Louis

Okay, should be there in a minute. See you soon Ella Bella!

A few seconds later the door slowly opened and Liam's head popped out smiling.

"Hey Beth, look who it is."

"Oh My God! Thank you Liam you have no idea how sad I was that we forgot the tickets!" she ran and gave him a hug.

"Hey don't be thanking me, thank your best friend for texting me." Then he winked at me.

"Thank you Ella Bella!" She ran up to me and kissed me on the cheek. Liam gave us a funny look and we replied "What? That's what girls do." He just shook his head and opened the door wider so we could enter.

"You two look very beautiful tonight by the way." Liam added in as we were walking.

"Thank you!" We both replied.

We stopped outside Liam's dressing room.

"The rest of the boys are in my room, talking before the concert. Ready to meet them ladies?" Beth was so excited she could only nod.

Liam opened the door and four sets of eyes locked on us.

"Hey lads, I have so friends that I want you to meet! This is Beth and Ella. They are the girls I told you about in Starbucks!"

"Oh wow we heard a lot about you girls!" I knew it was Zayn who said that.

"Yeah! A lot!" Harry added.

I could see from the corner of my eye Beth my getting so excited.

"Hi, it's really nice to meet you boys." I said. I turned to Beth, and asked if she was okay. She nodded and opened her mouth.

"Hello, I'm Beth and it's amazing to meet you all." The boys all stood up and gave us a hug, first Louis, then Harry, Zayn, and oh my god. That's what I knew him from! The blonde boy from the willow tree is really Niall Horan?! Well, that's embarrassing.
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