How Did I Get So Lucky??

Ella is just a normal girl living her everyday life in London. She likes music but doesnt enjoy hearing girls gush about boy bands, she doesnt get it. What happens when Ella meets 1/5 of One Direction... and doesn't even know it?! Will luck bring two certain people back together and how? Ladies, Gentlemen, Directioners, Unicorns, I give you... How Did I Get So Lucky?? Enjoy.


16. {Letters For Ella}

Chapter Sixteen... Enjoy!<3

When I woke up, I went to the bathroom to see what kind if state I was in. Not well! My eyes were huge, red, and puffy from all the crying. I walked out of the bathroom and got the letter from my purse, and read it over again.

Dear the McLander Family and to whom this may concern,
We are sorry to say but on January 20th, there was a bomb dropping on the area that Angela McLander was stationed at. When it was safe enough for our troops to search the area for survivors, we came to a conclusion that, There were no survivors. We are sorry for your loss. There are other family members going through the same as you, so feel free to contact them or a therapist if needed. Again, we are very sorry from what has happened. We plan on bringing the bodies back and having a funeral on February 5th at Chelsea Funeral Home, London England, at 3 PM.

Lieutenant Avery Keywitts

I figured that I couldnt hide in my room forever, the others needed to know. I was a total mess and i didnt know if i was ready to tell anyone but I'm sure that they wanted to know why i was bawling my eyes out yesterday. The thought of not having my mother ever come back to me, brung tears back to my eyes, i wiped them away but they just kept coming. I honestly didn't care anymore about how much of a slob i looked like. I had to tell the others, they were my family now.
I opened the door and my eyes widened at the sight of the hallway, there they were, all slouched over each other sleeping. I couldn't believe they stayed up all night waiting for me.
Tears came back to my eyes, i wiped them away once again and and coughed trying to wake them up. Suddenly Niall's eyes slowly started to open.

"Ella! Oh my god, are you okay?!" Niall exclaimed waking the rest of them up. They all took one look at me and they knew that i wanted and needed space.

"Ella, do you want to talk alone..." Beth cautiously asked. I shook my head, not knowing if i could even talk at this point. I pointed to the stairs, and they all understood that i wanted them to go to the living room. I walked back into the room and grabbed the letters. When i came down from the stairs they were all sitting on the couch squirmed in together. I opened my mouth but no words came out, i just stood there trying so hard to speak but i couldn't...
I finally gave up on trying and I handed the first letter from my mother to Beth. On this letter it says that she sent it a week before the bomb. Beth slowly opened the note and read it in her head.

*Beth's POV*

I have never seen Ella in such bad shape, since she was first abused by her father. The year her mother left. Ella handed me the first letter still holding the one in her hand. I opened he letter and read it in my head, I don't think Ella would want whatever that was in this letter to be said out loud.

I read:
Dear, Harley and my precious Ella
I miss you two so much! I cant wait to come home and see you two! It is so hard for me to be here without you two. When I get home we can be the perfect family we are! I am now stationed in a city, but sadly I am not allowed to tell you where since, it is a secret. It is pretty calm here but some nights it can be pretty loud, when I get home i am going to sleep like a baby!
Harley, my wonderful husband. Words cannot describe how much I miss being in your arms, some nights I take out our wedding picture and look at how happy we were. I feel so guilty that I am not around, i am thinking about leaving the army, soon i think. Then i can come home. I love you.
Now, my baby Ella, (even though you hated when i called you that, you will always be my baby and little girl)
I cant believe you are already 19! Happy Birthday Love! I wish i could be there and help you blow out your candles but when I come home, we will have a party! Don't ever let anyone tell you, that you are anything less than perfect. You are beautiful and kind. I could have NEVER asked for a better daughter. I hope Beth is doing okay! I miss her loads too! As soon as I get home i hope we can go back to doing the things we used to do like cuddling and telling you my stories by the fire. I miss you so much sweetie. I love you... to the moon and back.

Love, Forever and Always.
Mom xx

It is just a letter from her mom.

"Ella... what is in the second letter?" I ask. She doesn't say anything she just hands it to me. I open it up and read it. Oh My God. Tears started pouring down my face, i look up at Ella and shes crying to. I hand the letters to Niall and he reads them to the boys. I ran up to Ella and he both sobbed with each other. Angela was so sweet! She honestly was a second mom to me, she even missed me as it said in the letter. The boys stood up and Ella and I both looked at them. Niall has tears streaming down his face and the rest of the boys had tears in their eyes.They walked over to us and we had a big group hug, Ella in the middle. Everyone was crying now, I guess the boys are those types of people who, if they see someone cry a lot they start to cry. We all sat down in the circle, everyone holding mine and Ella's hands, since we were the two in the worst state right now. The look on Niall's face would break anyone's heart, he was sad, confused, and hurting to see his girlfriend in that state.

Angela didn't know about Ella's dad. She has no clue how much torture Ella had to put up with when she was gone. The worse part, that i am sure made Ella upset the most was that she kept saying, 'i hope', 'i cant wait' and the worst... 'come home.'

*Niall's POV*

When I saw Beth start to cry and run and hug Ella, i quickly opened the letter and read it to the lads. Ours mouths dropped. Ella's mom. Is Dead. She has no mother. I cant imagine life without my mom. I had no idea what to do, i could tell all the lads felt terrible for Ella, when we saw the state Ella and Beth were in, we couldn't hold our tears in, we all started to cry. I will never get to meet Ella's mom. She will never be able to be with Ella on her wedding day. She will never get to see her grandchildren. I cant believe this. The funeral was on The 5th it is currently January 30th right now. We had a few days. We all had a group hug then sat down, i pulled Ella onto my lap as se cried into my shoulder. I rubbed circles into her back as we all cried quietly. Sniffling and gasps for air from so much crying was all that I could hear.

Ella lifted her head from my shoulder. "Will you all come to the funeral with me?" She asked.

"Of course." We all said, no doubt about it. We all put in a DVD and got junk food to eat. It helped us feel better, but really time is the best thing.

*Ella's POV*
My heart was broken, into a million pieces. But my friends. They are putting them all back together, they are the glue.

We watched a movie and ate junk food, which did make me feel a tiny bit better. I was so relievesd that they were all coming to the funeral with me, I don't think I would be able to go alone, i couldn't handle it.
Niall was the most upset at first because he wanted to help me, but he knew that nothing he could do would make me feel completely better. Later that night when everyone went to bed it was just Niall and I.

"Ella, I have something for you." Niall said standing up from he couch.

"What is it?" I choked out, i haven't talked a lot today and when i did i sounded terrible. My throat was very scratchy so Niall would keep getting me glasses of water every now and then.

"Its a surprise." He said. "Be right back!" He said running up to our room rummaging threw some things from what i could hear and then he ran back to me on the couch with a box in his hand. "Here." he said handing me the box.

I took the box from him and slowly opened it. Before i went to remove the wrapping-paper i looked up to Niall, she smiled down telling me to proceed.
I took off the wrapping-paper and saw the most prettiest snow globe i have ever seen. I loved snow globes! I had a collection of them when I was younger they were my most precious items. When my mother left for the army for the first time, my father took all my snow globes away and threw them away, except for one. The one he let me keep was from my mother, i still have it, it is in one of my boxes from my dads house. The snow globe had a gold bottom and a wind up at the back. I twisted the back and it played a very calm song. The snow globe had a tiger in the Center of it. The tiger had its chest puffed out making it look strong and powerful. Then on the front on a gold plate, had the words: I love you. -Nialler x

"Its customizable. Beth told me in the store that you used to have many snow globes. I wanted you to add this to your collection. Plus I wanted the tiger, one because of Tialler, and two because it looks so majestic and strong. You are one of the strongest girls i have ever met. You have been through so much and you still haven't gone completely insane. I don't know how you do everything so perfectly. I love you so much Ella." Niall spoke never losing eye contact with me. With every word my eyes welled up with even more tears.

I quickly wiped them away.

Niall said lifted my chin with his finger. He kissed my nose, making me scrunch it, he laughed then quickly pecked my lips. That was all i needed.

"I love the snow globe, it's... it's beautiful. Thank you. I love you." I said hugging him. Even though I was feeling better, I wasn't in the mood to smile just yet, I mean my mother was my everything and now shes gone. I can't just get over that fact in an instant, I think Niall understood that.

"Want to get some sleep?" He asked. I nodded and we both headed up stairs. We crawled into bed and i fell asleep in an instant.


"Happy Birthday Harry!" We all yelled as Harry groggily walked downstairs. His eyes widen as he saw all the decorations we put up.

"Wow, you guys!" He said. "I can't believe this!"

"What do you want to do today?" Beth asked Harry after kissing him on the lips.

"I don't know actually." He said putting his hand through his curls.

"Clubbing?" Zayn suggested.

"Yea!" Louis said.


Everyone was upstairs getting ready to go clubbing. I wasn't going to go. I would ruin the mood if i went. When everyone came down and saw me in my sweatpants, they all looked surprised.

They didn't have to say anything. "Go!!" I pointed. "I don't think i am up to clubbing tonight, but seriously go! Ill be here when you guys get back, go have fun!" I said.

"Yea no way!" Harry said. "This is my birthday! If you aren't there it won't be right. If you aren't coming, then I am not going." He said sternly.
"Same here Ella Bella." Beth said after Harry.
"Me either!" Niall said as well.
"Me too!" Zayn added.
"I can't go without my sober buddy!" Liam exclaimed. "I can drink when I want to." I wink.
"Well I am not going either without you!" Louis said.

"No! I am going to ruin everything, please everyone go! Have Fun!!!" I say.

Harry sat down cris-crossed his legs and crossed his arms.

"No. I refuse." Soon enough everyone was sitting down.

"Oh goodness you people! What am I going to o with all of you!?" I say. "I still feel very guilty, how we go and try it?" I suggest.

"Ella, shut up. Were saying." Harry said. Walking over to me and hugging me, then everyone joining in for a group hug.

"I love you guys." I say close to tears, they would give up partying just for me. I do feel guilty.

"We love you too Ella Bella!" They all sang. I sighed at my nickname making them all laugh.

"So... What do you all want to do?" I ask.

"Movie!!" They all yell.

"Harry you pick!" I say, since it IS his birthday. He walks over to the shelf and picks out two movies Marley & Me, and 21 Jump Street.

"I saw we watch the sad movie first, then the funny one?" He suggests. We all nod and find our seats. Niall and I took the love seat. Harry, Beth, and Louis were on the 3 person couch and Zayn, and Liam were on the other 3 person couch.

I must admit that everyone did cry or at lest have tears in their eyes for Marley & Me. We then watched 21 Jump Street. That movie is now one of my favourite movies, it is so funny. Of course it didn't make me laugh as much as it usually would but it still made me laugh. When the movies were all over we were all pretty tired so we all headed up to our rooms. Niall and I climbed into bed.

"4 more days Niall." I whispered to him.

"I know love. You can do this. We can do this. Together." He said kissing the top of my head.

"What if, HE is there..." I said. I know he will be there, why wouldn't he be? He would have noticed that all my things are gone!

"We will all be there. I wont let anyone hurt you. I promise." He said, i knew he meant it.

"Thank you." I replied.

"I love you." He said, with his beautiful accent of his.

"I love you too." I smiled and curled up against his chest. He wrapped his arm protectively around me, an i loved it.


≈≈Four days later-----

Today was the day... the day i dreaded, yet that day that i have longed for since i have read the letter. I wasn't excited about going and risking seeing my father, and having to say goodbye to my mother. But i needed closure, saying goodbye to my mom is going to be one of the most hardest things i have had to do, but maybe it is a good thing. I walked over to my closet and looked for a black dress... Today is going to be eventful...
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