How Did I Get So Lucky??

Ella is just a normal girl living her everyday life in London. She likes music but doesnt enjoy hearing girls gush about boy bands, she doesnt get it. What happens when Ella meets 1/5 of One Direction... and doesn't even know it?! Will luck bring two certain people back together and how? Ladies, Gentlemen, Directioners, Unicorns, I give you... How Did I Get So Lucky?? Enjoy.


30. {I Promise}

*Ella's POV*

"Beth!" I said running up to my best friend hugging her as she walked through the door with Harry standing behind her.

"Ella Bella!" She hugged back.

"I missed the old you!" I said burying my face into her neck.

Beth giggled. "Ella Bella, it has only been a week!"

"A week too long!" I said pulling back and giving her a smile.

"Love you loser."

"Love you too, idiot." I smiled.

"STOP HOGGING HER ELLA!" Louis said running to hug Beth.





Everyone had a very LOUD and funny way saying hello to Beth. I was just so happy that my best friend was back and in action!

"What do you guys want to do!?" Beth asked.

"OH EM GEE!" Zayn said.

"Oh goodness, what Zayn?!" I laughed.


"YEAAA!!!" We all yelled.

Everyone ran upstairs to get ready.

I curled my hair very loosely then went to my closet. I grabbed my skinny dark blue jeans, and wore a pink tank top. Since it was winter, I grabbed a beige cardigan to wear over top and a cute pale pink beanie. I also grabbed a pair of earrings and my purse, finishing off the look with my light brown Uggs.



****((Pictures of all the outfits on the side))*********



I went into Beth's room first to check out what she was wearing. She had skinny jeans on as well and a white t-shirt on. She had a pink scarf over top the t-shirt and a brown jacket over everything. She was wearing flats and had cute bracelets around her wrists.

"Cute!" I said before exiting the room and heading to Alyssa and Zayn's room.

She had jeans on, with brown boots on. She was wearing a brown infinity scarf and a green long sleeve shirt. She then had a light brown sweater to bring the colours together, she was also carrying her dark brown leather purse.

"Me likey!" I laughed running to Danielle and Liam's room.

Danielle was wearing black skinny jeans, with a pink sequin top She had a white blazer on and pink high heels, with cute gold earrings.

"Damn girl, high heels?" I giggled.

"I can't wear them in the hospital, might as well wear them every chance I have right?" She winked.

"Very true! Well I am off to see what Emily is wearing!"

Emily had on dark purple skinny jeans, and a white long sleeve shirt. She had a large grey sweater over top and a purple scarf to pull the outfit together. She was also holding her dark purple purse, with diamond earrings on, then she wore her grey Uggs.

"Hop in the Ford!" I yelled after I looked at all the girls outfits.

We decided that we should buy a car big enough to take us all where we want to go together. We bought a Ford E350, to hold all 10 of us, even though it wasn't the shiniest car or sportiest we didn't care, we just all wanted to be together. Plus each of the boys had their own car for themselves. Thank goodness we have a very large parking area around the back of the house.

We all hopped in couples beside each other, Niall and I in the front. We drove for a while until we reached the zoo.

"Let's go!!!" I said jumping out and running as fast as I could to the zoo entrance. Liam was right behind me with everyone else following.

After we got into the zoo we all stood in a circle looking at a map.

"Everyone find a partner." The girls grabbed their boyfriends arms.

I smiled. "Good! Meet at the food court in about... mmm.. two hours?"

"Aye aye captain!"

"NOW GO HAVE FUN!" They all took off, running in different directions. I turned around and grabbed Niall's hand.

"We need to go see Tialler!" I yelled pulling Niall to the tigers enclosure, to find it empty.

"Where are they?!" I exclaimed.

"Excuse me, are you looking for the tigers?" A zoo keeper asked.

"Yes!" I said.

"Follow me, they are inside, it was too cold to keep them outside all day so they are inside for most of the day until the weather improves."

"Oh thank god!"

We walked into the big enclosure and a very strong smell filled my nose. Animals. I looked until I saw the orange and black stripes.

"Right this way, I am going to have to ask you to be calm around the tigers." The zoo keeper said to us.

"Why so?" Niall asked.

"Come and see for yourself."

We walked up to the bar separating us from the tiger and I looked and instantly spotted my love, lying on the ground, facing away from us.

"Tialler!" I squealed. "Why is she facing away from me." I said fake crying.

"Babe, look!" Niall said.

I took my face away from hands and looked into the enclosure. Tialler stood up and revealed the three most adorable little balls of fluff.

"You see, Elise, or Tialler to you... is a female Bengal tiger and now, a mum." The zoo keeper said blankly.

"Oh my gosh! I am so proud! Niall! We are grandparents!!" I jumped up and down then looking back to the cubs with tears from the cuteness in my eyes.

"Tialler, i love you baby." I said smiling to the mum.

I turned to look at the zoo keeper giving me the weirdest look ever.

"You speak to animals..?" She asked rolling her eyes.



"As a matter of fact, we both speak to animals!" Niall said sticking up for me. "We are now the proud grandparents of three adorable cubs!" He said wrapping an arm around me. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks." I smiled.

"No problem."

"Whatever.... since you like the tigers so much, they are up for adoption." She said.

"NO WAY!" I exclaimed.


I turned to Niall.

"Can we!!!???" I begged.

He smiled and turned around to the zoo keeper. "Where do we sign?"

"Yay!!" I said jumping up and down.

"Come to the office and I will get you to sign a few things, to make it official."

I skipped the whole way to the office, I was so excited. Once we got into the office, we sat down and sign a few forms, then were handed a certificate to show that we are the proud new owners.

I brought out my phone and opened twitter.


Me and @NiallOfficial are now grandparents, and the new owners of the cutest bengal tigers in the world. xx

I hit compose and closed the app.

I smiled to Niall and he looked over at me.

"Where to next?"

"Polar bears!!" I yelled.

We said our thank you's to the zoo keeper and left to head over to the polar bear, and penguin part of the zoo.

"They are so huge!" I exclaimed pointing to the big, furry, bear.

"I know, I bet you they could eat you in about.... mmmm. I don't know about one minute?" Niall smirked.

"If I am going in, you are coming in with me!" I laughed.

"Fair deal."

"Hey has it been two hours yet?" I asked.

"Yea, just about we should probably head back to the food court, by the time we get there, it will have been about two hours." Niall said looking at the time.

"Alrighty!" I said grabbing Niall's hand and walking to the direction of the food court.

When we reached the food court everyone was there except for Emily and Louis who came a tad later than us.

"Anything interesting happen?" Liam asked.

"WE HAVE GRANDCHILDREN!" Niall and I said showing them the certificate.

"Trust you guys to do something like that." Zayn laughed.

"What can we say? It was meant to be." I smiled.

"Are any of you wanting to see more things?" Alyssa asked.

"Ehh, not really, I am pretty tired, we can go home and bake cupcakes or watch a movie!" I suggested.

"Yeah!" Niall said high-fiving me.

"Sure." Louis smiled. "Let's go!"

"To infinity!" I yelled, then looked at Liam.

A huge grin formed on his face.

"And to home!" He yelled, making the rest of us laugh.

The ride home was full of laughter, everyone was cracking jokes, left, right, and center. Good thing Liam was driving, if it was Louis I think we would be in a ditch before we even got close to home. Yet before we got home we went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for our cupcakes! We decided to make chocolate peanut butter cupcakes!


(Actual Recipe below, but the website link with the recipe is on the side, if you want to make these cupcakes. :)


"2 1/4 cups all purpose flour, 1 1/2 cups sugar, 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter. 3 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/8 teaspoon baking soda, 3 tablespoons baking cocoa, 1 1/4 cups 2% milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 3 large eggs" I read out the ingredients to everyone from my phone.

After everyone ran around the store for about one hour we all met back with every ingredient we needed.

"Let's checkout!" Danielle said running to the shortest line. We laughed and followed her.

We arrived at the house and everyone ran into the kitchen and pulled everything out.

"Okay, first... Someone preheat the oven to 350 degrees." I read. "Also, someone put the paper liner things, for the cupcakes in the cupcake pan."

"Okay!" Emily said grabbing the pan, and walking over to the oven.

"Next, combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl, mix at low speed for 30 seconds, while scraping bowl, then mix at high speed for 3 minutes, scraping the bowl every minute."

"I got that." Harry and Beth both said.

"Spoon the cupcake batter into liners until they are 1/2 to 2/3 full. It says we should have about 24- 36 cupcakes by the end of this." I read out.

"Already done!" Alyssa and Zayn smiled.

"Good! Now, put them in the oven and let them bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the toothpick inserted comes out clean."

*About 23.45 Minutes Later*

"Be careful guys, don't get burnt!" Danielle reminded us.

"Okay, now we just have to wait for 10 minutes for them to cool down completely." I said.

Everyone groaned.

"But they smell so good!!" Niall whined.

"Shush, ten more minutes won't kill you." I smiled

*10 More Minutes Later*

"Yay! They are ready for frosting!" Alyssa yelled!

"Alright, everyone grab frosting or peanut butter and spread it on all the cupcakes." I said grabbing some frosting.

In about 10 minutes all the cupcakes were all ready to eat!

"DIG IN GUYS!" I yelled grabbing for my cupcake.

"Let's on take a bite on three!" Liam said.

Zayn: "One..."

Louis: "Two..."

Everyone: "Three!!!"

I opened my mouth and took a bite out of the cupcake and closed my eyes in approval.

"Mmmm." Was all that could escape my mouth. Clearly that was all anyone in the room could say, the cupcakes were so good!

After everyone's second or third... or fourth cupcake *cough Niall *cough* we all headed into the living room and sat down.

"Which movie?" I asked.

"Actually, I want to show you something Ella." Niall said.

"Oh okay! Figure out what movie you guys want! Peace!" Niall grabbed my hand and brought me to his car.

"Niall, where are we going?" I giggled.

"The Willow Tree." He simply said.

"Why?" I asked.

"You will see." He smiled.

When we finally arrived he ran over and opened my door.

"Thank you kind sir."

"Your welcome my lady."

I laughed and walked until we reached the tree.

Niall grabbed my hand making me face him.

He got down on one knee and took something out of his pocket.

I guess my expression was more than surprised and Niall began to talk.

"Don't worry! I am not proposing!" He relieved me.

"Then what are you doing?" I asked, confused.

"I am making a promise." He started, looking very nervous. "I am making a promise to you, that I will never stop loving you. We have been through so much and I have never loved you any less than I do right now. I promise that I will always be on your side, and I will support you with anything you do. I am here, the day we met at this very spot and then when we met again those were one of the luckiest days of my life. I don't even want to think of a life without you. I know we are a little too young and with the band and tours and everything, I can't propose, but I want you to take this promise ring and know that I will never stop loving you, I will never hurt you, and I will always take care of you, and I will be loyal. You are the love of my life Ella McLander."

I didn't realize I was crying until Niall stood up and wiped the tears away.

"What do you think?" He asked biting his lip.

"I... I don't know what to say." I breathed out.

"Do you accept it?" He asked.

I nodded. "Yes, without a doubt, yes!!" I said smiling and wiping my eyes, hugging Niall and giving him the most passionate kiss I have ever given in my life.

I was head over heels in love with him.

"I love you Ella." He said placing the ring onto the ring finger on my left hand.

I looked down and looked at the ring. It was a silver ring with a diamond infinity sign on the front. 

"It says Love Always, NH on the inside."

"I love you too Niall."

"Want to go get another cupcake?" He winked.

I let out a loud laugh.

"Sure babe, let's celebrate." I smiled.

He took my hand in his and we walked back to the house together. 

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