How Did I Get So Lucky??

Ella is just a normal girl living her everyday life in London. She likes music but doesnt enjoy hearing girls gush about boy bands, she doesnt get it. What happens when Ella meets 1/5 of One Direction... and doesn't even know it?! Will luck bring two certain people back together and how? Ladies, Gentlemen, Directioners, Unicorns, I give you... How Did I Get So Lucky?? Enjoy.


14. {House Hunting& Jokes}

Chapter Fourteen... Enjoy!<3

Smoke. Smoke. Smoke.

Niall and I ran around our room trying to pack as much clothes and needed essentials as possible. I grabbed my suitcase and shoved as many clothes as i could in it. Niall was doing the same when we were done we ran to the door and felt it, it didn't seem hot so we opened it and a puff of smoke hit us square in the face.

"Did you call the fir department?" I caughed.

"Yeah, Liam did." He grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall we ran to the door opened it and we fell out, gasping for clean air. I look frantically around for Beth and the boys.

"There." Niall said pointing across the street where the boys and Beth were standing. I ran up to Beth just as the fire department came and started putting out the fire. I hugged Beth with all my might, not knowing what will happen next to us. The next thing we did was pile into Paul's car as he drove up in a frenzy.

"Is everyone alright?!" He asked us.

We nodded and Beth called her mom to tell her about the fire. Beth's mom was scared at first since her daughter was in a fire, but then she relaxed when she knew that everyone was alright. She was on her way over now.

Paul went to go talk to the fire chief and left us in the car.

"What even happened?" I asked confused.

"Well, I was the first one to wake up and smell the smoke." Liam started. "i then quickly went to take a look at the source of the smell, but i couldn't locate it. I ran up to Louis, room yelled at him to get up, then Zayn's room, then Harry's and Beth's and then you and Niall. I called the fire department immediately, and quickly got all my valuables."

I nodded.

"S'what now?" Beth asked. Just then the fire chief came up to us.

"Hello, Miss Callie?" He asked. Beth put up her hand.

"That's me."

"Ah hello, nice to meet you. Well I'm sorry that this happened to you all. We haven't yet found out the source of the fire, so we think this fire could have been set on purpose by someone." Who would want to do that? "A few houses down around the block had a fire happen a few days ago as well, so we expect it to be the same person. They set the fire by your back porch that leads into the kitchen. Either than that, luckily your bedrooms are not majorly damaged as long with the living room. You will all still need to find a place to stay while this mess gets cleaned up." Beth nods and the chief walks away. Who would want to hurt us...

A few minutes later Beth's mom drives up. I could tell that Beth was very nervous and she didn't know how her mom was going to take it. She had tears rolling down her cheeks when she went to go explain everything to her mom. After talking they hugged each other and Lauren (Beth's mom) and Beth came over to us.

"Hello everyone." Lauren said.

"Hello, we are so sorry about this!" Liam said.

"You don't have to be sorry for anything sweetie. It's not like you knew that this fire was supposed to happen." Lauren said. "Now Beth told me that you all have to find places now, will you boys be able to go back to the hotel?" She asked.

"Well about that.." Paul said coming up behind her. "he fans are STILL waiting for the boys even though, but some fans have found us here too with all this commotion going on."

The boys sighed. Yes they love their fans but they love to have time to themselves, when they aren't on tour.

"I have an idea!" Niall said.

"Go on then Nialler." Paul replied. Awe he even calls them by their nicknames!

"How about the boys, Beth, Ella, and I all buy a house together and stay there? Lauren could rent a place for the time being, until she is allowed back into the house." Niall explained.

"I like that ideas!" The boys said. Beth and I both looked at Lauren. Would she be lonely without us being there? I guess Lauren could read our minds and she just nodded in approval.

"I wont get lonely, I can just buy a dog." she winks.

"BETH YOUR MOTHER IS AMAZING!" Zayn yells, we all form a group hug, and squish everyone.

"Let the house searching begin!" Paul announces. "We don't need to be here, everybody hop in!" We all jumped into the van including Beth's mom. Paul went to the local Realtor and got a few addresses for us to look at. We got on the road and headed off to the first home.

It was quite nice inside pretty spacious but not enough rooms, so we crossed that one off the list.

"Next!" Louis said as we all hoped back into the van. Second house here we come.

It was defiantly not my favourite house i must admit it wasn't for us. I am almost 100 percent sure that old people have lived in this house before, the decorations were horrible. It looked live a nursing home! Table cloths, awnings, and old family portraits, which were very creepy!

"It smells like old people." Niall said making us all crack up because we all know its true.

"Yeah, this isn't the right house!" Paul said.

"To infinity!" I said.

"AND THE THIRD HOUSE!" Liam added in. I glared at him.

"That's my saying." I said being as serious as possible.

Liam held his hands up in defence. "Oh sorry love." He laughed.

Third time, really is a charm! This house is gorgeous, and we haven't even walked inside! The driveway had a private gate which was very much needed for the boys! Then the landscaping was beautiful. When we walked into the home, i was floored! The front hall was huge! We walked into the living room and there a huge TV and beautiful windows looking out into the backyard. The backyard was huge, the boys could definitely play a game of football (soccer) they probably love this! Next we went into the kitchen which was to die for! Niall is going to spend a lot of the time in here.

"Omg, this is heaven..." Niall said mesmerized by its beauty. There was marble counters and bar stools for everyone, plus a big island counter in the middle.

We then went to look at the bedrooms. Each one of them had a colour scheme and they were all decorated lovely. We all then looked in the bathrooms, which were to die for again!!! All the bedroom had bathrooms leading off of them then there was an extra one on the second floors with the bedroom then there was two on the first floor.

"Paul i love this house!!!" Harry yells while running up and down the halls with the rest if the boys.

"Lets buy it!!" Niall adds in.

"Okay so we will take this one?" Paul asked

"YES!" We all chorused in.

Paul turned toward the agent, we will take this one. The agent nodded and they left the room to do some paperwork.

"How will me pay for this?" I asked. All the boys stopped and stared at us with that 'are you kidding me' expression.

"Love, were One Direction." Liam said.

"No! Beth and I want to contribute in this too!" I said.

"Dont be silly, this is our gift for you, for letting us stay at your place!" Zayn assured us.

Paul came back into the room.

"Okay everyone, you will be set to move in, in about two days, so we will have to get a hotel room." Paul said.

"Alright lets go!" Harry said. We all hopped in the van and drove off in the direction of the 5 star hotel... only for the best! When we drove up to the hotel I was amazed. Ive been to many hotels but this by far was the grandest hotel I've ever been too. When it says 5 stars they really mean it! There were bell hops everywhere to take your bags up to your rooms and the door opener and everything! I guess Niall saw that I was amazed.

"Close your mouth love." He winked at me. We all sat down in the comfy sofas in the lobby. Poor Paul had to do everything, he got our rooms and got the bell hops to get our luggage, he's amazing! We all grabbed our room keys from Paul and raced to the elevators. We went up to our rooms, Beth and I got our own room and the boys were staying in the room beside ours. Our rooms had a door that connected them together which was perfect. First we all got settled in but not too much since we were leaving in two days anyways.

When we were done, Beth and I headed over to the boys room. We both had suites so our rooms were huge! We all decided that we had a long day so we just decided to watch a movie Paul packed. Good old Paul. We decided one Paranormal Activity 4. I love scary movies! We all settled down with everyone fixed in front of the tv. Everyone either than Zayn said that he actually enjoys watching them and doesn't get scared sooooooo, I had an idea. "I am going to get something to drink." I said standing up, tapping Zayn on the shoulder getting his attention secretly. He looked at me and I waved to him to signal that I wanted him to come in the kitchen.

"I gotta pee." Zayn said getting up but no one seemed to be paying attention, their eyes fixed on the screen.

"Yes Ella?" he said.

"I have an idea" I said mischievously. I went to the app store and bought a scream app. Then we let the fun begin. I snuck out of the living room into the closet making sure no one saw me.

~~Niall's POV~~

I was starting to wonder where Ella and Zayn went and I started getting worried. I know Zayn would never do anything to hurt me and I know Ella wouldn't do anything like that to me either. But this movie is really creepy and its making me on edge about everything. I think it's making everyone else scared too cause every little noise makes us jump. The movie was at a very suspenseful part when it was one of the first night's in the house and things start to move around. Then when it went silent, it sounded like something dropped in the kitchen.

"Guys did you hear that?" I asked.

"Um yes... now where is Ella and Zayn..." Beth asked

"They are just trying to trick us guys." Liam said but you could tell that he was a little nervous too.

"Let's all go check." Louis said.

We all walked up to the door and Harry slowly opened it, he looked around then fully opened the door.

"No ones in here.." Harry said turning around to face us.

"Let me see.." I said. "I swear I heard something."

"We all heard it mate." Louis added.


"OH MY GOD! did you hear that?!" Beth whisper-yelled while clinging onto Harry for dear life.

"Babe, it's okay. Let's go check it out." Harry said, as we all walked towards the door. Louis was the first one to reach it. He slowly turned the knob and swung the door open to find... and empty hallway.

"What the hell?" Louis said looking up and down the hallway. When we were all out in the hallway looking, there was a huge SLAM of a door. All of our heads snapped back to the room, I entered it first looking around.

"Who's there?!" I asked, I hope I didn't sound as scared as I really was in the inside. No answer.

"Hello?" I called out again.

"Niall a murderer isn't going to call back." Liam said

"Shut it. It's worth a try." I said back

We walked around to a closet door and opened it. Empty. Great. Then we heard a scream coming from the kitchen. It sounded like a girl's voice.

"Ella!?" I called out running to the kitchen just find it empty.

"Ella!?! Where the hell are you?" Beth called out as well. "Harrrryyyyyy.. I don't like thissssss." Just then like it was the perfect timing the girl is Paranormal Activity 4 screams making us all jump a mile.

"Christ!!' Louis yelled holding his chest.

"Niall!! Niall Help!!" It was Ella!

"Ella! Ella! Where are you!?!" I yelled running out of the kitchen while everyone followed. I ran down the hall to the doorway to the girls suite. When i flung the door open looking for my girlfriend i couldn't see her anywhere. I turned around and saw Ella and Zayn laying on the floor, blood pooling from them.

"Ella!! Zayn!!" Everyone yelled running up to them.

~~Zayn's POV~~

It was so hard trying not to laugh while everyone is freaking out, I wish I could open my eyes and see the look on their face!

I then felt Ella's finger on the top of my hand she tapped it once.... twice... three times...

"BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" We opened our eyes and scared the living shit out of everyone!!

"You all look like your shitting bricks!!!" I said in between breaths we were bent over laughing our asses off while the others were holding their hearts... whoops good thing no one had a heart attack.

"How did you do everything?!' Louis asked in disbelief.

"Haha well... we had some help" Ella explained as our helper walked in behind Zayn and I. Everyone's mouths dropped.....

~~Ella's POV~~

"PAUL!?!?!" Everyone gasped.

"Hey I can have some fun too you know!" Paul said laughing.

Everyone went back into the boys room after Zayn and I changed out if our ketchup covered clothes. Everyone was in their own conversations but Niall and I sat down chatting in our own conversation.

"I thought you were dead..." Niall said.

I used my finger and lifted up his chin for him to look at me.

"I'm here, I'm yours. I wouldn't leave without a goodbye." I said kissing Niall on the lips.

"As soon as we move into the home were going on a date okay?!" Niall said kissing me again.

"No argument here." I said smiling.

"Ella I'm tireeedd." Beth whined.

"Alright sweetie pie! Let's go, you boys try not to make too much of a mess!" I said to the boys.

"Wuv yew!!!" The boys yelled to us.

"We wuv yew too!!" We yelled back walking to our door and going to our suite. We shut the door to change then we left it open just in case they needed us or we needed them.

"Beth do you think that the fire was caused by someone who intentionally did it right?" I asked.

"Of course not! Who couldnt love us!" Beth assured me.

"Yeah, your right. Goodnight." I said.

"Love you." Beth said hugging me before we hopped into our beds.

"Love you too!" I said back, this feels weird without Niall beside me...
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