How Did I Get So Lucky??

Ella is just a normal girl living her everyday life in London. She likes music but doesnt enjoy hearing girls gush about boy bands, she doesnt get it. What happens when Ella meets 1/5 of One Direction... and doesn't even know it?! Will luck bring two certain people back together and how? Ladies, Gentlemen, Directioners, Unicorns, I give you... How Did I Get So Lucky?? Enjoy.


10. {Guess That Drink}

Chapter Ten... Enjoy! <3

After the lights went out and Niall and I became the winners of hide and go seek *fist pump* we all huddled around the fire. I sat down first and Niall sat down beside me and wiggled his arm around me waist and pulled me closer. Liam saw and wiggled his eyebrows at me. Oh gosh Liam.

"I think we should play spin the bottle!" Harry said, of course.

"No thanks Harry, I will probably end up kissing Louis or something!" Zayn said, and Louis let out a gasp and pretending to cry. Harry put his arm around Louis comforting him. "Louis I'm so sorry!"

"You evil monster!" Louis yelled. Zayn walked over to Louis and sat beside him and hugged him.

"I'm sorry Lou, I didn't mean it like that." Zayn said calmly. Louis raised his head and he instantly had a huge smile on his face. The grabbed Zayn's face and kissed his cheek. That child is so strange. After Louis kissed Zayn, Harry pouted.

"Lou Bear! Your mine!" Harry cried.

"I love you Hazza you know that!" He also kissed his cheek and Harry smiled making his dimples show.

"Anyways, what is going on with you two?" Liam asked talking straight to Niall and I, everyone stopped to listen in. I looked up at Niall and he simply replied with.

"We are together, but technically not dating."

"Technically not?" Beth asked.

"We haven't been on a date. Yet" Niall winked.

"Niall, just because you haven't been on a date doesn't mean you can't be dating." Louis said in a 'as a matter of factly' way

"Why is this such a big deal, were together/dating, fair enough?" I said.

"Yeah whatever." Louis said.

"I think this calls for a game, I'm bored!" Zayn whined.

"How about... guess that drink?" Beth and I suggested.

"Guess that drink?" Niall asked.

"Yes, its so fun! Everyone makes a small drink and gives it to someone, then the person has to drink it and guess what they put in it! It can be super gross but absolutely hilarious!" I told them.

"Let's do this!" Beth said. "Who's drinking first?"

"Well, I am the champion, so ill go first." I said standing up.

"Oh really, well Louis Tomlinson is in town. Your going down McLander" He said coming really close to my face. McLander is my last name if you are wondering.

"Bring it on Tomlinson." i walk over to the fridge and grab out a bottle of mustard, pepper, and vinegar. i mixed it all up and the others crowded around to see what i put in it, they all started to laugh and sneezing when i lifted the pepper up to their noses. My master piece was ready! I walked back into the living room and handed Louis the shot glass. He took a sniff and took a sip.

"Ew! Vinegar, easy. Mustard of course, and hah nice try Ella... Pepper." Louis said with a grin on his face.

"Alright, alright, i wont go easy on you next time." I said back. Everyone took their turns sipping and gagging at some very gross ones. Everyone chickened out and the only ones left were Louis, Myself, and not suprise, Niall.

"Okay last round!" i annouce getting a bit tired, i got up and headed to the fridge. What wont Louis know?! I got out pickle juice, salt (because he wont taste it) and lastly, prune juice. I handed him the drink and he took a big gulp. Ew. He smiled at me and opened his mouth.

"Prune juice, Ella i used to have it all the time when i was younger, but uh good try." He said winking at me "Pickle juice, and uhh umm oh i dont know.?" I smiled proudly and Louis got up to make me his drink.

"You know what... you two are getting pretty intense with this so i think i for fit." Niall replied, i turned around and kissed his cheek. "You sure?"

"Im sure." He kissed my nose making me blush and i looked down. I didn't want him to see me blush but too late.

"Awe did i make Ella blush." He grabbed my chin making me look at him, his eyes are beautiful.

I smirked and playfully hit his arm. "Shush Horan."

"Awee! Could you two be any cuter?" Beth finally said. I looked down to find Niall's arms wrapped around my waist. We both blushed earning some more "Awwwe's" Finally Louis walked back in with a cup in hand. He handed it to me and i took a sniff. Omg! It smelt disgusting! You can do this Ella. I took a sip of the concoction.

"Hmm, Carrot juice. Really Louis? Umm Oinion, and I cant taste anything else." I frowned. Louis only got two and i only got two. "What now Louis?" I yawned. Everyone else was waited for him to respond but i could tell that they were getting tired as well.

"Tie Breaker?" He said and everyone groaned.

"Look! You both won! Good job now can we get to bed?" Liam said annoyed.

"Fine." Louis and I both agreed.

"Dont worry, you are still a winner to me babe." My favourite irish accent whispered into my ear.

"Thanks Leprechaun. We should go get the blankets." I poked his chest.

"Oh! Leprechaun, I see how it is. You have three seconds to run before you face this mad, sexy Leprechaun." I laughed then realized he was serious.

"Three.... TWO, ONE!" Niall yelled.

"What no fair! You cheated!" I yelled at him as his fingers came in contact with my side and he started to tickle me. I screamed and eventually managed to get my self free. I ran up the stairs as fast as i could. I ran into my room and grabbed mine and Beth's bed duvets just as Niall bursted through the door.

"Ahhh!!! Im just an inocent little girl!" I yelled. He ran over and jumped over Beth's bed, and then my bed. Our room was really nice. It was quite spacious. It had two wardrobes one for beth and myself. Two beds beside eachother with side table on each of the sides. One very big open window that looked the street. Beth's side of the room was plastered with One Direction posters and some were even on my side of the room because she had too many. I didnt mind, this was her room anyways. Niall tried to be some kind of ninja and try and summer sault over the bed but totally failed. I laughed at him and ran out of the room, I went to the stairs and i heard Niall coming. Just my luck i was wearing fuzzy socks. I slipped and i knew that i was going to fall back right on my butt, well this is going to hurt. I closed my eyes bracing myself for impact but i felt two strong arms wrap around my body and catch me. I had been holding my breath and and as soon and i opened my eyes and saw Niall i instaly let out a big breath.

"Thanks." I gasped.

"You shouldnt run while wearing fuzzy socks." He laughed and took the duvets from me thinking that i was going to fall again. We both set the duvets down.

"Oh crap, i forgot your mums duvet! Ill be right back!" I ran upstairs grabbed her mums duvet, i also grabbed all the pillows and came back downstairs. I dropped everything and everyone scrambled to get a pillow.

"Hey there isnt one for me!" i pouted as everyone was setting down the blankets all beside on another. Her living room is very big. If you didnt know Beth is quite rich. He father is some big time CEO is some company. Anyways, the blankets were all settled and Niall pulled me down beside him.

"We can share." He whispered.

"Alright." I layed my head on his chest.

"Night everyone!" i said.



"Nighty Night!"

"See you in the morning!"

"Sleep tight!"

"Night Love."

"Goodnight Niall."
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