How Did I Get So Lucky??

Ella is just a normal girl living her everyday life in London. She likes music but doesnt enjoy hearing girls gush about boy bands, she doesnt get it. What happens when Ella meets 1/5 of One Direction... and doesn't even know it?! Will luck bring two certain people back together and how? Ladies, Gentlemen, Directioners, Unicorns, I give you... How Did I Get So Lucky?? Enjoy.


28. {Christmas Time}

*December 23rd*

*Ella's POV*


"Zayn where did you put all the bows?!" I yelled into his room.


His door opened and the bag of bows came flying at me. Luckily I had good reflexes and caught it.




Let me explain... It is almost CHRISTMAS!! Everyone is so excited and in happy moods. The boys have had so many great gigs and they even performed in Madison Square Gardens! The hate has gone down a tremendous amount which is always good, but there still are the haters... Haters gonna hate, what can i say? Anyways, why I need bows you may ask? Well it is present wrapping time! Everyone is spread out all across the house wrapping their presents. Niall is in the kitchen, I am in Niall and myself's room, Beth is in her and Harry's room, Harry is in the living room, Zayn is in his and Alyssa's room. YES I KNOW! Alyssa finally moved in! Alyssa is in the dining room, Louis is in his and Emily's room, Emily is in the workout room, then Liam is in his room. The good news is that Danielle will be moving in after Christmas so he is very excited about that! She is currently in the en suite of Liam's room. (soon to be her room) We all wanted to keep the presents a surprise for everyone so no one was allowed to wrap in the same room.

"Liam mate, I need the tree wrapping paper!" I heard an Irish voice yell.


"Come get it yourself."


"Does anyone have double sided tape?"


"Someone give me sparkly ribbon!"


"Ah! I need another pair of scissors."




You could say everyone was pretty into wrapping presents...


I grabbed the scissors and wrapping paper and started cutting the Santa wrapping paper. I grabbed Louis' gift and carefully folded the paper until the gift was covered. I smiled at my completed works of art. Or in other words, my wrapped presents. I smiled at everything then placed the name cards of who's present was who's. Niall of course lent me money which I didn't like doing but he insisted. I then shoved them all under the bed and laid down.

"Who knew wrapping presents would be so tiring." I said to myself.

"Your done too?!" Alyssa said coming into my room and sitting down on the bed beside me.


"I snuck a quick peek downstairs and the rooms NOT LOOKING AT THE PRESENTS, but the progress. The boys need some serious help!" She laughed.

"We should probably go help them."

"Yeah that is what a good person would do..."

I looked at Alyssa and she looked back at me and we started laughing.

"But were not good people." I joked.

"My thoughts exactly."


"Oh gosh, they need our help!" Alyssa confessed.

"That is for sure! Let's go be good people." I laughed.


"Anyone need help?!" I yelled from the top of the stairs. As Alyssa went around upstairs checking to rooms for people needing assistance.

"Uh, ME!" Niall yelled from the kitchen.

"On my way!"

I covered my eyes so I wouldn't see any of Harry's presents, since he was in the living room. Wasn't a good idea.

"OW! SHIT!" I whisper-yelled.

"Ella are you okay?!" Harry asked.

I nodded still keeping my eyes covered.

"Yeah, yeah. Damn couch." I mumbled continuing my way to the kitchen.

"Hey Ella!" Niall said as I finally made it into the kitchen.


"Someone in a bad mood?" He joked.

"How about you stub your toe on a couch then come talk to me." I shot back. "So do you want me to still keep my eyes closed?" I asked.

"No, your present is wrapped and in a secret spot." He assured me. I removed my hands and my eyes widened.

"What, on God's green Earth happened in here?!"

Wrapping paper was everywhere, scissors were scattered, tape was sticking to everything and all the presents on top of everything. Niall didn't look any better. It looked like they he was wrapping himself and not the gifts. I laughed.

"Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you needed help!" I joked.

"Yeah." He said scratching the back of his head.

"Don't worry you have me here!" I assured him this time.

"First, where are your name tags?" I asked. He pointed on the counter where the pieces of paper laid.

"Good, at least you have those done."

"Uh actually, I just cut them out...." Niall said.

I groaned.

"What have you been doing this whole time?!"

"Well, umm, I actually don't know. Wrapping presents is a very frustrating job!" He complained.

"Okay, your job is to make the name tags. I will get the present organized and ready for wrapping. Then I will teach you how to wrap a present so we can be wrap and finish in half the time!" I said.

"Eye, eye Captain." He said saluting me.

"Go!" I laughed.


*About One Hour Later*

I laid on the kitchen floor with Niall beside me.


"That should be a world record or something!" Niall huffed out. "I mean, I didn't even know how to wrap a present and we wrapped about 8 in one hour, not including the time you spent teaching me how to actually wrap. Like seriously, we should get a record."






"Shush." I smirked closing my eyes.


"Alright." He said closing his eyes too.




"Ugh! Coming Harry!" I said standing up and walking to the living room.


"You can never catch a break, huh?" Niall laughed behind me.


"Sadly, I guess not. Now stay in the kitchen." I ordered.


"But... But." He started, but I ended it with a kiss on his lips.


"No but's."


He chuckled.


"You said no but's"


"Oh my gosh Niall, how old are you again? Grow up!!" I playfully hit his arm and pushed him back into the kitchen.


"Crazy leprechaun." I said under my breath.


"I heard that!"


"Good!" I laughed.


"Alright Harry, what can I do for you?" I smiled taking a seat next to him.


*December 24th*

"EVERYONE WAKE UP!!" Louis voice could be heard throughout the whole house.


"Where's the fire?!" Beth yelled from her room, I laughed to myself.


"I'm the fire! Because I am hot and dangerous! But SERIOUSLY IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!" He yelled.


"OH YEAH!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOU!" I yelled running out of bed, out of my room and tackling Louis with a hug.


"At least someone cares!" He said.


"Louis, no offence but don't you think it is a little early?" I said.


"What time is it?"


"6:45 AM." I yawned.


"Oh oops! I was just really excited!" He smiled.


"That's alright Lou. How about I make you breakfast, then I can go back to sleep?"


"Really?!" He yelled.


"Birthday's are a huge deal! So yeah sure why not?"


"Ella, you are the best!!! Thank you, thank you!!" He said hugging me and kissing me on the cheek in a friendly way. He grabbed my hand and almost dragged me down the stairs.


"Lou calm down! The food isn't going to run away!"


"I'm hungry!"


"Alright, alright. Let me work my magic."


I grabbed the egg carton and turned the stove on. I also grabbed the bacon package and unwrapped it. After 10 minutes the bacon was ready. I put on gloves so my hands didn't get burnt. I went over to the oven, took the bacon out and the smell of sizzling bacon filled my nose. Mmmm.

"I SMELL BACON!!!" Beth's voice could be heard throughout the whole house.

"ITS MY BIRTHDAY BACON!!" Louis yelled.

Beth was an early riser, but the smell of bacon probably made her wake up even earlier. Her loud footsteps of her running down the stairs could be heard.


The thing that made me drop what I was doing and run to the living room was the sound of Beth tumbling down the stairs. I ran just in time just to see her hitting her head on the last step.

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