How Did I Get So Lucky??

Ella is just a normal girl living her everyday life in London. She likes music but doesnt enjoy hearing girls gush about boy bands, she doesnt get it. What happens when Ella meets 1/5 of One Direction... and doesn't even know it?! Will luck bring two certain people back together and how? Ladies, Gentlemen, Directioners, Unicorns, I give you... How Did I Get So Lucky?? Enjoy.


9. {Bully's, Boyfriends& Sleepovers}

Chapter Nine... Enjoy! <3

*Ella's POV*

Well I woke up back at Beth's house. It was time for us to go home because we had school the next day so here we are. I have asked Beth's mom if I could move in with them, I told her that my dad was really strict and I think I could have better opportunities if I could do what I really wanted to. Luckily Beth's mom bought it so now we share a room. I just have to get all my stuff from my dad's house. This should be delightful. I really didn't want to go alone so I was going to take Beth with me for my safety, plus she offered to come anyways. I didn't think I was ready to face my dad, I knew he would be mad. He had found out where I had "been" and I wasn't there making him look like a fool. I'm so dead. Today luckily wasn't the day we were going. We had school -.- yay. We packed our school books in our bags and headed out the door. I was wearing a skirt with tights, flats and a simple t-shirt and scarf. I also had a jacket in case I got cold. Beth was wearing combat boots, tights and a super cute dress for school. We enjoy fashion. I put mousse in my hair for the "scrunched" affect and Beth straightened her hair. As soon as I saw my school come into sight I let out a huge moan.

"I'm so tired!" I say

"Your not the only one, see you for second period." Beth said as I went to my classroom. I took art and Beth took dance so our first classes weren't together but pretty much the rest of ours were together, we really got lucky. I walked into my classroom to hear the usual talk. One Direction. I decided to join in on the conversation.

"OMG Niall is so cute! I love him! Were going to get married!" One girl named Ashley said. Lets say Ashley kind of rules the school. If your not her friend, she hates you. Let's just say, we aren't friends. We used to be in elementary school, but things change and people change. She met new friends and i met Beth. I am much happier now, except when she targets me to torture.

"Oh yes! Ashley I could tell that you two are going to end up together!" One of her clones said to her, i couldn't tell if she was smiling or just just put more than her usual amount of makeup. Hah yea, your marrying Niall... Right? I was already bored of this conversation so i sat down in my desk,

"Hey, Ella which one are you going to marry?" Ashley said to me. With a smirk.

"None." I replied.

"Why? Because they will realize that you are some ugly, stupid skank." after that the group of girls around Ashley were laughing at me, but then the teacher walked in and they all scattered. I can't wait till this day is over. I dazed out in the rest of my classes except when I was with Beth.

Finally the day was over and then said I were walking home when a car drove up beside us.

"Don't look now but we have stalkers." I nodded and kept my head toward Beth pretending to be talking about something.

"Hey! Don't pretend you don't know me babe!" Ugh it was Beth's old boyfriend Scott. This ought to be good.

"Leave me alone Scott." Beth said

"Yeah she has obviously moved on so you can take you and your shitty ass car away from us. Kay bye." I wasn't letting him get to her.

"Which guy are you sleeping with tonight babe?" He asked. making Beth really upset.

" Go get a life Scott and stop harassing us.. She. Has. Moved. On. to waaaaaaaaay better guys. Do I need to repeat myself any slower to get it through your tiny brain?" I said straight to him. Beth grabbed my arms knowning that I would probably go and try to punch Scott, I have before... once and I was really mad at him for what he did to Beth. I don't let people talk down to my best friend. We made it to Beth's house and decided to just relax. Beth was very emotional after all the things Scott had said to her. I pulled her into my famous hugs.

"Let it all out Beth." as soon as I said that she bursted into tears, I rubbed her back trying to calm her down. She didn't deserve this. When she was done she took a step back admiring my t-shirt that was now soaked with tears and smeared mascara.

"I'm so sorry!" Beth exclaimed.

"Eh didn't really like this shirt anyways." I smiled at her and gave her another hug. Just then Beth and I's phone buzzed. We both smiled as we looked down at our phones.

From Nialler:

Hey! Im bored mind if I come over!? xx

"It's Harry." Beth said with a grin.

"Haha mines from Niall." I read the text to her and she was happy they both were coming. It was only maybe 15-20 minutes drive from where they were. We didn't have much time so we ran upstairs and got to work. Nothing fancy, Beth just had to fix her makeup and I had to change my shirt and touch up my make up. When we were finishing up the doorbell rang. Perfect Timing.

"I'll get it!" Beth yelled.

"Okaay" I yelled back. I could hear the door opening and footsteps walking in the house along with some very familiar voices. I ran down the stairs to see all the of the boys there.

"You all came!" I said with a smile.

"Yeah, I was thinking you could miss school in the morning? If we slept over? Our hotel was found by a bunch of fans and Niall thought of your house. Would it be okay if we stay?" Liam asked politely.

"Ask my mom Liam." Beth said with a smirk. Little did they all know that Beth's mom was standing behind the couch they were all sitting on.

"Are you boys..." Beth's mom stared in shock

"One Direction. Yes. it's a long story and we were wondering if we could stay here a few nights?" Liam replied

"Of course you boys seem really nice, and from what billions of things Beth has told me about you lot, I think it will be fine. Ill go stay over at grandma's house so you kids have the house to yourselves. Beth if you have a party your dead! Try not to make too much a mess and-"

"Okay mom! Thank you so much!!! I love you!" Beth said and hugged her mom. I missed doing that.

"Thank You!!!" All the boys chorused as well

"I love you too. I think harry likes you dear." Beth's mom whispered so only Beth and I could hear. I laughed at her comment, and Beth smacked her arm worried the boys might hear. Lauren (Beth's Mom) then left the house after collecting some clothes and all she would need, the house was all ours now!

"What do you guys want to do?" I asked.

"TRUTH OR DARE!" Louis yelled.

"Oi! Louis calmer down there bud!" I laughed. "Truth or dare it is then. everyone get in a circle." they did what they were told and the fun began.

"Louis... you can go first!" I said. I sat beside Niall with Beth on my other side. Harry was on the other side of Beth, then Louis, then Zany then Liam.

"My first victim... Ella...." Shit. "truth or dare?"

"Hah easy, dare." I said.

"I dare you to kiss Niall!" What.?

"Cause I'm not a chicken!" I turned to Niall and pecked his lips. Everyone was yelling 'get it in!' or 'my eyes!' or even 'Niall's getting hard already!' OMG Harry.... the game went on for a while with some cute truths like harry admitting he had a crush in Beth and Beth said she had a crush on Harry too, if that obvious enough. Some dares like Liam having to like whip cream off of Zayn's hair, Louis having to borrow some of my underwear and bra's and having to wear them over him clothes for the rest of the game, Niall having to take off his shirt and let us put ice cubs on his stomach, arms, etc until they melted. It was so fun but then it kinda died down.

"Louis. What next?" I asked knowing that he would know.

"Hide and go seek in the dark?" he piped up.

"Let's go! Partners! Liam went on his own to control the amount of fighting oh who gets who as partners. Niall and I were partners which I was pretty happy about cause I really like Niall now. Beth and Harry of course. Zayn and Louis Then Liam. Zayn and Louis were it first. I took Niall's hand as soon as they started counting and dragged him to my room I pulled him in my closet which was a walk in and I locked it.

"Smartie." Niall said. "Woah it's like this has happened before." winking at me. referring to the time at the meet and greets and my dad barged in and we had to hind in a closet. yeah good times. After some small talk Niall took my hand, making me face him.

"Ella, I really like you." What on earth did Niall Horan just say!?!?! REWIND!

"I really like you too Niall." I looked at him and he cupped my face. I don't know why but I now get this feeling when I'm with Niall that I don't usually feel with anyone other than the boys, him, and obviously Beth and her mom. I feel safe. It happened so fast and i dont know exactly when and how this feeling developed, but its there. Before I knew it our lips crashed into each other and we began to have a real first kiss.

"Ella," Niall said as we eventually pulled apart after our kiss, half snog ;)

"Yes Niall?"

"Will you be my girlfriend? I know we haven't known each other very long but I really like you! But if you don't think it's going to work out, that's okay too." he said.

"Of course Niall." I simply said pecking him on the cheek.

"Oh no you don't" Niall said with a grin and kissed my lips again he licked my bottom lips and I just teased him and wouldn't open my mouth. I smiled and his hands went to my hips. he dug his fingers into my side and I gasped, Niall used that opportunity to slip his tongue inside my mouth and explored it. I did the same with his, this was amazing. we finally pulled apart when we heard voices coming in my room. I noticed that Niall was on the floor and my legs were on either side of him. I felt my cheeks go red and I got off of him.

"sorry" I mumbled. But he simply pulled me back to where I was.

"don't be sorry babe, your allowed to sit here all the time now." he winked at me. it was great until the lights, shut off. Omg the dark.I hate the dark, my dad used to lock me in pitch black rooms when he was done beating me. I froze and Niall pulled me to his chest, my breathing was becoming faster so Niall whispered sweet nothings into my ears and rubbed circles onto my back to calm me down luckily it worked. He never let me go, I didn't want him to either. All I could hear from outside our door now was

"ah shit! ow! theres a lamp there?" Louis and Zayn.. what are we going to do with you two. I snuggled closer to Niall keeping my eyes shut and he kept his hands around my waist. I could really get used to this.
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