How Did I Get So Lucky??

Ella is just a normal girl living her everyday life in London. She likes music but doesnt enjoy hearing girls gush about boy bands, she doesnt get it. What happens when Ella meets 1/5 of One Direction... and doesn't even know it?! Will luck bring two certain people back together and how? Ladies, Gentlemen, Directioners, Unicorns, I give you... How Did I Get So Lucky?? Enjoy.


24. Bitter-Sweet

Chapter Twenty-Four... Enjoy! <3

*Ella's POV*

"Hey! Wake up! Hello?" 

I tried to ignore the irish voice beside me. 

"Hold on Niall, I'm riding into the sunset with you..." 

"Ella! Wakey wakey!!!" He said closer to my ear.

"I'm up, I'm up..." I mumbled.

"I thought you were never going to wake up, might as well call you sleeping beauty." 
I smacked Niall's arm playfully.

"Oww that hurt!"he said rubbing his arm dramatically. 

" Oh come on you big baby." i joked. He leaned in and kissed me.I looked over at the clock. You have got to be kidding me.

"Niall it's 4 in the morning, why did you wake me up so early?!"

"I wanted to show you something, but you have to hurry up and get ready!"

"I don't wanna." I started drifting back into my sleep. 

"Well if you won't get out of bed yourself, I'm gonna have to get you out myself!" 

Niall seemed a bit excited about something... i wonder what? He grabbed my arm and then picked me up out of bed, kissing me on the forehead. He let me down, and I walked into the bathroom. I had a nice hot shower, and started doing my makeup, just incase this was something important. I slipped on some white short shorts, finishing off with a cute aqua tank top. 

"Why hello gorgeous." Niall said with a stunned look on his face. I started to blush. He walked over to me in his white Hollister shirt and cargo shorts, and gave me a quick peck on the lips. He grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me to the door. I slipped on my pair of TOMS and asked where we were going.

"That's a secret i can't tell. You will have to wait and see! Now lets go, the quicker we are the better this will be." He winked at me and we walked out the door. 

So many things were rushing through my head. Where were we going? What kind of surprise was in store for me today? But the biggest thing on my mind was the creepy text that was sent to me yesterday. Who could that be, and why would they say things like that? I was so tired, and everything outside was quiet. We started driving around little turns and bends, and through some beautiful mountains. I have never seen anything like it.

"It looks so nice out here!" I exclaimed. 

"Almost there! Niall said excitedly.
I could see a few tall palm trees in the distance. I could soon make out where we were going. This place seemed awfully familiar.

" To the beach? But it is still dark out!" I said in a questioning voice.

"I know, that's one of the best parts!" Niall seemed even more happy."Wait here, I will come get you when I'm ready." 

I smiled as Niall jumped out of the car and ran onto the beach. The tall grass on the outskirts of the sand only allowed me to see him for a few seconds. My phone began to vibrate, maybe he texted me instead of coming back to get me? I looked at my phone. I began to feel sick when i saw the mysterious number again. 

Unknown Number:

You think I am a stranger to you, but I am really not. You know exactly who I am.

 I stopped reading and thought who it could possibly be... Ashley? Dad? I read more.

You loved me. Don't you remember? You know this beach well, i came here with you once. We were together, just you and me. Now you replaced me with that irish freak and you think he is better than me. You tried to forget me, and get me out of your life. Well here I am, just as i was when you left me that rainy day at the theatre. Broken hearted and full of misery. If you don't take back what you did and love me again, you will regret it.

I sank a little. Was it really? There is no way... Was it Andy? 

I am not going to lie... I thought I really loved Andy. But that one day at the theatre when we grabbed my arm with such force i thought he was going to break it, It reminded me too much of what was going on at my house. I couldn't be with him any longer, so i left. I have blocked him out of my life, luckily he didn't go to the same school.  Which makes me think about it now.. I'm loving the graduated life... no school, and more time with everyone. But i guess back to Andy... When i first met him at a party I was pretty shy, the only person I really socialized with was Beth. Andy made me feel like i fit in with everything. Once I left him Beth and I never spoke about him again, because soon enough, he would hopefully just be another pointless, random memory floating around in my head. I thought about him sometimes, like every time we passed the theatre or other places. Never did i regret what I did. 

After my long memory regain of the horrible memories, I looked up and saw Niall pop up in front of the car. I almost had a heart attack. i opened the car door and got out.

"Niall you scared the hell out of me!!"

"I'm sorry babe, i was just playing around" he ran over to me and held me at his side. We walked out to the beach, and there i saw a big campfire setup.

"Niall you did all this?!" I said surprised. "For what?" 

"Just a little something for my favourite girl!" He looked me in the eyes and kissed me sweetly. 

"Race you to the campfire!" He yelled. He started sprinting and i just jogged half way, then started to walk and thinking about the text. He could harm Niall.

 "You ok?" Niall asked.

"Never been better!" I lied. I was scared. Frightened by the messages.He knew I was coming here, was he watching us right now? I sat on a log with Niall. He grabbed a guitar and started singing "Moments" to me. It was the sweetest thing. 

"I love you Ella" he whispered after. We had a long, nice kiss before he turned his head.

"Hey look! You don't see that everyday, watching the sun rise, with the best girlfriend ever." He kissed me again.
 "Marshmallow?" He asked.

"Nahh I'm good" i responded.

" I am in the mood for breakfast though! How about we make some bacon and eggs?" I questioned.

"I'm all in for that!" He laughed. 

We put the bacon on the grill covering the fire, and put the pan with eggs on it there too. We had our laughs and watched our breakfast cook, and then leaned in for another kiss. But before we locked lips, he smelt the air.

"OUR BACON IS BURNT!!" He screamed. We quickly took it off the grill and put it on the plate and laughed hysterically. Wow he loves his food, he missed out on a kiss for bacon. That's my boyfriend... We ate our breakfast, and had said our jokes, but that text couldn't get off my mind. We noticed the sun was completely up now, so Niall looked at his watch.

"6:00! Should we pack up?"

"Sure!" I decided. We packed our stuff and had a quite drive home. "That was loads of fun, and romantic too. Thanks for taking me Niall!" I stated.

 "Anything for you babe." He replied. When we walked through the doors of the house we saw Louis on the couch.

"Where were you guys? I thought I was the only one up!" Louis asked.

"It is 6:18 Louis, what are you doing up so early?" Niall asked.

 "Nightmares." He said with an sad face. I went over and gave him a quick hug.

 "Well I will be going back to bed now, I am soooo tired. Be up around 10ish!" I told them. 

"I will stay here with Louis so he isn't alone. Have a nice 3 and a half hour sleep!" Niall answered. And with that, i went into my room, and changed back into my pjs. Hopped into bed and fell asleep once more.

When I woke up I walked downstairs and falling on the couch with my feet up on Zayn and my head on Beth's lap.

"Comfy?" Harry asked walking into the room with a glass of orange juice in his hands. I nodded.

"Too bad! That's my spot." He said picking me up and placing me on the other couch with Liam. I smiled.

"Fancy seeing you here Liam." I waved.

"I know!" He said lightly chuckled.

"Can we watch a movie?" I asked.

"Sure! Which one?" Liam asked everyone.

"SCARY!" Zayn yelled.. He does love his scary movies.

"Which one?" Niall asked walking into the room sitting on the single couch... Loner. JK LOVE YOU BABE! <3

"Insidious or PA4?" Louis asked holding up the disks.

"PA4?" Beth questioned.

"Paranormal Activity 4." Harry answered.


"You two don't watch scary movies, do you?" Liam winked.

"Pfft yeah... all the time, like the evil doll one, and the Possession on Elm Street..." I said crossing my arms.

"Yeah!" Beth chimed in.

All the guys started laughing.

"You.. You mean Chucky? and The Nightmare on Elm Street!!!!" Zayn said clutching his stomach on the floor.

"Oh... uh yeah... those..." I said cooly.

"Right? Suuuuureee?" Louis said. 

"Niall, switch.' Liam said getting up. Awe Li! He is so sweet. Niall hopped up and ran over to me wrapping an arm around me.

"I'll protect you." He whispered into my ear. I shifted closer to him resting head on his chest.

"Tell me when a scary part is coming!" I said.

"Shhh! It's starting!" Zayn said excitedly. 

Throughout the whole movie I was jumping and screaming when Niall "forgot" to tell me when a scary part was coming.

"Niall!" I yelled as another thing popped out and I wasn't expecting it.

"Sorry! Alright someone creepy is coming up but it is at the end then the movie is over."


"You have to watch it though."

"Whatever..." Yeah? Like i was going to watch it!

"Okay look!" Niall said pointing to the t.v.

I took that opportunity to cover my eyes with my hands.

"Babe! Look!" Niall said trying to pull my hands away.

I shook my head and hear a few gasps and screams, then opened my eyes to see a black screen, then writing started to appear, showing the Cast.

"Which movie next?"

We spent the whole day watching movie after movie, some scary, some funny, some sad, and some romantic ones. I am not going to lie, some tears were shed at different movies, not saying any names for Marley and Me but Liam hun, he was crying as much as Beth and I. It was a good day, except for the fact that someone is after me and my friends. I don't know why out of all the people in the world, all this stuff has to happen to me. Aren't I a lucky duck? But he cannot ruin what I have right now, they are all I have left and I am done standing on the side lines and letting life hit me hard with devastation. 

I am strong.


I won't give up...



Stay Beautiful Lovelies!

Krissy xx

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