sam is tired of hearing love songs and she is desperate in love with some one in her imagination and her friends tell her to be realistic and in the process meets a famous person. which takes her career to a new level.


1. introduction

 So my name is Samantha Garcia But my friends and co workers call me Sam i work as a assistant at a really good company that manages the biggest boy band of this time. YES ONE DIRECTION but low key i think they're ok not really my style but my little sister which shes not that little only two years younger than me is in love with them so she uses me to get info on them which i never give her because i love making her suffer but oh i see diffrent types of artist since i also kind of have to take care of some celebritys im kind of like a celebritysitter its pretty cool but sometimes i get some obnoxious people who think every thing revolves around the but which they are wrong.

enough about my job my assistant as i call her and my best friend alyssa is freakin awsome she is always there when i need her (she has to if not i fire her) yeah shes cool and awsome well shes white not trying to be mean or anything its weird alyssa and i have been living in the uk for like about 6 years when we transfered out of high school to come here and well if youre wondering how old we are we are 19 we graduated a bit early and got a job at this great agency which is really cool. Alyssa is a bit taller than me and has short reddish browinsh hair she has hazel eyes and she kind of looks weird because who in the world gets red hair and hazel eyes well im kind of the opposite i have midnight black hair and i don't dye it my eyes are almost midnight  black as well its crazy because my parents have hazel color eyes but something crazier is that i look asian but a tanned asian yeah but i love it because im unique and by the way im mexican so there is like a crazy party at my parents place every other weekend they live in sheffield, England and they love it and i love it but lets go onto the story of my life.


     this starts here i remember telling alyssa 

S: hey i'm tired you now ally

A: of what if i can ask you're making me do all the work 

S: huh no im tired so the boss is telling me to listen to the songs that the songwriters bring they're new songs for the new album of 1D and ohg. i hate it they all talk about love i mean is so lame i hate it i mean why can't artist this days talk about something else like food  i mean they are guys talk about skate boarding or something 

A: come on sam they have to do this its how they make girls go wild and that brings money to the company which gives us money darling.

S: im sorry i think im like this because when i broke up with jimmy its just things awkward between me and him its weird (jimmy is my best friend i love him like a brother but he loves me like a girl)

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