Why do we fall in love so easy

Hope was normal 11 year old when something bad happen, every morning as the years go by she woke up blaming herself for it but when she thought she never had to go back to that place everything changes, she had to be there one month for her aunts wedding, but what happens when someone starts feeling things for hope and it can't happen?


3. What's wrong with you?

It was a 4 hour trip and we finally got there at 11pm my dad parked the car in front of the house and just by looking at it I wanted to cry but I had to hold back my tears and act happy.
Alison and I got off the car and grab everything to go for our rooms, it was huge lake house we could fit our whole family inside there.
We walked outside to get fresh air, I kept fitting back the tears but they just wanted to com e out.
Been there just kept bringing the memories back.
I couldn't take it anymore and then I broke down in tears making a worried Alison turn around to hug me.
What's wrong? Hope are you ok? - she asked me
No, I'm not ok..there's something you should know - I said crying harder
Ok c'mon - we walked and stopped in front if a tree which I was laying my back on
What happen? - said Alison
I-I oh my gosh I can't do this - I said trying to calm down
C'mon hope take your time, it's ok - she said
Look, 5 years ago..we were here to celebrate Coles birthday - I said stopping and trying to calm down
Wait, who's cole? - she asked
Zayns brother - I said crying again
Ok ok, go on - she said
So it was midnight and we were support to be in bed but as bad kids we were we all went outside to play and stuff - I said
Umm - said Alison
Then this kid called Tyler which was the neighbors son said he'll be right back and came back with a gun - I said
Oh my gosh - said Alison in shock
He said he wanted to play a game and we all told him not that it was to dangerous but he kept begging and begging and I said to him that it was to dangerous but then it all happen so fast, he said it wasn't loaded and I walked over to him to tell him not to and when I tried to stopped him he fired the gun and it shot cole - I said crying more
Hope, no - she said crying
And he didn't even had the birthday he wanted, Zayn keeps blaming me, he can't even look at me - I said crying more
But it wasn't your fault, you tried to stop him!- she said
I know but it's so hard to believe that, I miss cole I miss him so much - I said crying more
I know you do but Zayn has - she was cut of by someone clapping
I turned around to see Zayn clapping and Niall his best friend next to him looking at Zayn with a what the fuck, why are you clapping face
Well we'll well, if it isn't Hope the victim - he said laughing
Zayn - is all I could say but then he come to me, grabbed me and pushed me to the tree
What's wrong with you? - was I could say
What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you, who do you think you are to be talking about Cole? You cant talk about him after what you did - said squeezing my arms and was hurting me
C'mon man you're hurting her let go - said Niall
Fuck off Niall - said Zayn
Zayn, you're hurting me - I said sobbing
He just kept squeezing harder.
Zayn! - I screamed and he let go and started crying
I know you miss him, I miss him too but you gotta understand that it wasn't my fault! -9 I said trying to hug him but he walked away.
I just cried and after 30 minutes we went back, I had to talk to my auntie Trisha.

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