Why do we fall in love so easy

Hope was normal 11 year old when something bad happen, every morning as the years go by she woke up blaming herself for it but when she thought she never had to go back to that place everything changes, she had to be there one month for her aunts wedding, but what happens when someone starts feeling things for hope and it can't happen?


2. Nightmare

I woke up at 6am thank god it was the last day of school but I didn't want school to end because I had to go away to the Lake House for a month and I didn't it brought me bad memories but anyways anything for my aunt plus I get to bring Alison with me.
Yes-Harry we'll see you there, she's at the Lake House..we haven't told her yet..I know, love you too bye - said my mom and hung up, she turned around and looked at me.
Hope - she said
I'm not going back to the lake house EVER- I said
Hope I know this is gonna be hard but we need you to do it, it's for your aunt and she needs you there and she couldn't find a better place for her wedding - she said
DON'T BRING ME THE "she couldn't find a better place for the wedding" CRAP' seriously out of all fucking London, the lake house- at this point I was crying I didn't wanna go back.
Please come down tell Alison to come, you are going wether you like it or not - she said and left, leaving me crying on the couch.
End of flashback
After school Alison was gonna come with me because we were leaving tonight
I got to school, I had friends everyone said hi and to have a great summer vacations since probably we weren't gonna see each other for the rest of the day.
Hey Alison - I said hugging her
Hey H- she said
I got my suitcase and everything this is gonna be fun , you saved me from the worst summer vacations - she said so excited
I'm glad I did and that you're coming - I said faking the smile
Why the large face? - she asked
I just really don't wanna see my cousin - I said obviously lying I wanted to see him so bad, I missed him but I guess he didn't missed me..we were so close before happened but after that he doesn't even call or text..he hates me. But Alison didn't know what happen so yeah.
Wait you're sexy cousin Zayn? WHAT? He's a sexbomb like seriously! Plus I get to see your brother - she said so excited! Alison had the hugest crush on my brother.
Yes, and you get to see him tomorrow, he's arriving there - I said
The day went by faster than I thought and we were finally out.
Alison and I got home to my parents telling to hurry cuz we were leaving in an hour.
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