Why do we fall in love so easy

Hope was normal 11 year old when something bad happen, every morning as the years go by she woke up blaming herself for it but when she thought she never had to go back to that place everything changes, she had to be there one month for her aunts wedding, but what happens when someone starts feeling things for hope and it can't happen?


5. Leave me alone

Chapter 5
Niall and I got to the lake house after going to a bar and relaxing being there made me wanna die and cry all the time so we decided to get away.
When we got there we saw my uncles car equal hope was here, I hated her, she had all the fault for what happen, she thinks she tried to stopped him but all he did was kill cole.
I was brought of my thoughts when I heard someone crying
Do you hear that, bro - said Niall
Yes, let's go see what going on - I said walking into the woods
Ones we got closer we could see hope standing next to a girl who I don't know who she was
Wait, is that hope? - asked Niall surprised
Yes, why? - I asked mad
She's so hot, man - he said
Shut up, she's my cousin - I said..maybe she was hot and ill take that anytime but I still hated her.
Nope, you're wrong..you're adopted - he said
HA-HA-HA,real funny..don't mention it again- I said angrier, he knew how much I hated that, I knew I was adopted but I still was part of this family and no one knew
C'mon man...you're adopted you can totally hit that, look at her she's brought down from heaven - he said
Yeah I could but I'm not going to, I can't even looked at her, it's her fault cole is dead - I said coldly.
We stood there listening to what they were saying..I couldn't fit the words until I heard cole was shot and it hit me she was telling her the story, she can't even talk about him after all it was her fault, how dare she.
I decided to walk in so I started walking
Wait, Zayn what are you doing? - said Niall following me
Shut up - I was so angry
Please don't do anything stupid, mate - he said
I heard the girl
But Zayn had to know - I cut her off by clapping they both looked at me
Well well well, if it isn't Hope the victim - I said laughing
Zayn - is all She said but j grabbed her and pushed her to the tree she was standing next to
What's wrong with you? - she said crying, I seriously didn't know what was wrong with me.
What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you, who do you think you are to be talking about Cole? You cant talk about him after what you did - I said squeezing her arms
C'mon man you're hurting her let go - said Niall putting his hand on my should
Fuck off Niall - I said moving my shoulder
Zayn, you're hurting me - she said sobbing
I just kept squeezing harder.
Zayn! - She screamed and I let go and started crying...I was really hurting her.
I know you miss him, I miss him too but you gotta understand that it wasn't my fault! - she said trying to hug me but I walked away.
She just stood there.
It hurt to see her crying and all that but something told me she deserved it.
What wrong with you? You almost cut her arm off - said Niall stopping me
Leave me alone - i said walking again
You're out off control - he said screaming
I don't care, she deserved it - I said screaming back
I got into the car and drove to the bar, hoping the pretty girl I saw was still there.

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