Why do we fall in love so easy

Hope was normal 11 year old when something bad happen, every morning as the years go by she woke up blaming herself for it but when she thought she never had to go back to that place everything changes, she had to be there one month for her aunts wedding, but what happens when someone starts feeling things for hope and it can't happen?


6. Focus

Hopes POV
The next morning I woke up wanting to talk to Zayn about what happen last night and if he was gonna ever forgive me. We went downstairs to have breakfast everyone was in the table except the one I wanted to talk to Zayn.
Mmmmm..does anyone know where Zayn is? - asked hoping they answer but they didn't, Niall looked at me but then looked away and kept eating breakfast
Hello, earth calling family, where's Zayn? - I asked again
He left - said Niall
Left where? - I asked not understanding
Somewhere Alison somewhere - he said, he was clearly mad maybe Because he didn't take him with him
You don't have to be a bitch about it - I said angry he didn't have dump all his problems on me
Hope- said my father and I looked at him
Sorry. - I said looking back at Niall my dad hated when I said bad words
And why didn't you go with him? - I asked really curious
Because he wanted...well you know privacy - he said making this shut up and we'll talk about it later face clearly he didn't want anyone in the table to know, they were ignoring us why would Niall care if they listened or not.
Fine - I said angry and sat down
Someone's trying to help him but the other people won't cooperate - I said whispering loud enough because clearly Niall listened
C'mon lets go outside - he said and stood up walking to the door, Alison and I looked at each other and stood up and walked to the backyard
We sat down in this beautiful couches by the pool
You can't help him - he said looking at me WOW HE HAD BEAUTIFUL EYES, FOCUS HOPE
why not? - I asked
Because he doesn't want any help, he thinks he doesn't need it - said looking away
You've tried to help him? - I said and he looked back at me
Yes, a lot of times, he's my best friend, it hurts me to see him like this - he said looking at his feet
I know, it hurts me to he used to come visit me and we were so close but since you know that happen he won't even talk to me he keeps blaming me for everything, we can't hold a conversation without hating on each other - I said, this really made sad.
I know, it hurts everyone..this wasn't easy - he said
I know but I just miss him so much- I said crying
No, hope don't cry, c'mon..I know deep inside him he loves you and will forgive you sometime, just have faith..he's recovering - he said whipping the tears away
But he thinks I kill him, all I did was try to stop Tyler but - I said but Niall cut me off
I know, I know it wasn't your fault I trust you and Zayn knows it to but he just needs someone to blame, he's hurt - he said
I know, so he takes it out on me- I said

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