Why do we fall in love so easy

Hope was normal 11 year old when something bad happen, every morning as the years go by she woke up blaming herself for it but when she thought she never had to go back to that place everything changes, she had to be there one month for her aunts wedding, but what happens when someone starts feeling things for hope and it can't happen?


4. Auntie

Chapter 4
I got to the house and whipped the tears away and Alison waited a outside..I walked in and saw my aunt in the kitchen I walked over to her and sat in chair
Hey, darling..what's going on? - she asked an sat next to me
I wanted to ask you about Zayn - I said
What about him? - she said but I could tell her face changed
He's weird, we had a fight like an hour ago and it was really weird because we never fight..he just changed, he hates me - I said sad.
He's not the same, I know..after you know mm cole died he changed a lot, he skipped school, he got drunk and smoked, he still does it..he just doesn't care about anything anymore..it hit him hard, he just really misses him plus he found out that - she stopped talking an looked at me
That what? - I asked
Never mind nothing important - she said and stood up and walked to the kitchen
Tell me, please..I wanna help him - I said begging her
I know you care about him so much but you shouldn't know this, it slipped out of my mouth..I'm sorry please forget about it- she said walking away
No, I'm not gonna forget about, don't you understand? We are going through a bad time and I just wanna help him, I miss him so much - I said crying
He's adopted Hope, Zayn's adopted - she said and walked upstairs and let me in shock
Zayn adopted? What? I mean he didn't look like his parents but it never crossed my mind that he was adopted.
I went outside and told Alison it was time to go to bed.
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