Darcy's little feet {COMPLETED}

I'm jessica known as jess. Harry never tried to be in her life so I don't let him. But he soon tries to show up. What will happen next? COMPLETED BTW LAST 4 CHAPTERS ARE NOT CHAPTERS THEY ARE AUTHORS NOTES


9. Chapter 9

Jess' Pov

I woke up this morning with a beautiful knitted blanket covering my entire body. I fluttered my eyes open and saw Niall looking down at me. I soon realized I was on the couch. I smiled "Hey Nialler" I said. "Hey Jess" he said super quitley but I could still hear him. He looked sad but I don't know why. "Is there something wrong" I asked. "Of course not" he said. "Im gonna find the boys and Darcy " I said. "Can I come?" Niall asked. I nodded. "Aww look who finally woke up" Lou shouted. " I'm bored is there anything to do". All of the boys beside Niall and Harry looked at each other and smiled. "Truth or Dare" the boys echoed. "Wait before we start where is Darcy?" I asked. "Sleeping" El said. We all gathered round in a circle. "Let the game.........Begin" Lou shouted in a weird announcer voice. We spun the bottle and it hovered between me and harry. "Harry it is" Lou shouted again. To figure out who Harry was asking we spun again. The bottle again hovered between liam and niall. Niall was next to me and harry on my other side. "Liam, truth or dare" harry yelled. "Um..... Truth" liam said. "Aww c'mon you always pick truth".Lou said. "Okay so is it true.......... That you have a secret celeb crush on Leona Lewis?" Harry questtioned. Liam began to get rosey red. "Yeah, is it true, Liam" Dani said with a smirk on her face. "You gotta tell" harry teased. Everyone gave him the evil stare down. "Fine alright you got me yes the answer is yes stop pressuring me" liam shouted. Everyone bursted into laughs. "Okay now Spin that bottle......." Louis said in the weird voice again. Louis. Then with no hesitation it landed on Niall. Niall. Why was I getting so nervous? "Okay truth or dare?" Lou asked. I was so nervous I knew Lou liked to bug people. Don't pick dare.
My gaze fell up to him in complete shock. "okay I dare you to......." Lou said in the voice. "Kiss Jess for a complete 15 seconds" Lou commanded as he finished. Everyone looked at him. Harry was in shock. His eyes darkened as Lou said "Are ya gonna do it no back downs" Lou said. Niall scooted in closer. He gulped a golf ball down his throat. He dared into my eyes. Then I felt his warm soft lips against mine. Wow. "Okay times up" harry yelled as I quickly pulled away. Harry grapped.my wrist and pulled me out and into the kitchen. Harry's eyes went from beautiful hazel e to a dark pool of Smokey grey but mad black.
Harry's pov
I can't believe that just happened my heart completely dropped. "What the fuck?" I screamed at her causing her to jump. "What do you mean it was a dare" she yelled back in response. "Well it didn't look like" I yelled. "Really I can't believe your mad at me for this" she yelled as tears formed in her eyes. "I know I guess I just got a bit carried away and jealous" I said as my voice softened. "About what?" She asked. "That you would love him and not me" I said as tears also formed in my eyes. She put her small soft hand on my cheek and rubbed away my tears. I looked down. "Harry I don't love Niall at all I felt nothing in that kiss I love you and you only" she said making me smile. I bent down and.passionatly kissed her." See now that was something" she giggled causing me too giggle.
Nialls pov
There I saw them kissing........passionatly. When she said that it tore my heart apart. Was I.the only one who felt that way? I tried to hide it in but I couldn't. I stormed over there.........
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