Darcy's little feet {COMPLETED}

I'm jessica known as jess. Harry never tried to be in her life so I don't let him. But he soon tries to show up. What will happen next? COMPLETED BTW LAST 4 CHAPTERS ARE NOT CHAPTERS THEY ARE AUTHORS NOTES


8. Chapter 8

*at the boy' house* Jess' Pov Harry walked in and I walked behind him cause I was so shy. He turned around to me and whispered "Its okay the will love you and you already know Dani and El". He took my side's and moved me to the front of him. Everybodys eyes were on me. I decided to break the silence "Hi I'm Jessica" I spoke shyly. All of the sudden they all ran up and bear hugged me. I smiled. "Sorry, love that's how we welcome people here. Dani and El ran up and Hugged me and I hugged back. "Its been so long" they both said. "I know I cant believe we finally get to see eachother after all of these years" i said gleefully. i saw Harry come from the door with Darcy holding his freakiously monsterous hands. "Who is this little cutie?" El said. "This is my daughter, Darcy" "Well nice to meet you Darcy you can just call me Auntie El" she finished with four uncles and 2 aunties. "Wanna go meet a friend?" aske El. "YESSSS" Darcy shouted. We all went to the playroom and watched my little Darcy and Lexi play together.                                         Niall' Pov :  Wow jess was everything like a dream come true i mean i loved everything about her already. Her hair eyes lips voice skinny small body. All I needed to complete my dream is to get her and make her mine forever. But shes with Harry now what am i going to do. And she has a kid thats his. Now I'll never get her to be mine. But no matter what I wll make her know that I'm in love with her. What am I saying? I just met her and im thinking about her already. When I saw her my heart skipped so many beats. It was pounding so much and loud Im suprised it didn't pop out of my chest. Well that was the best moment but it would be better if i had her. I walked into the play room to see Harry making out with Jess. Well that ruins my chance i thought. "Hey guys did i miss anything?" i asked awkwardly. "No mate we're just sittn around playing and watching the girls" Louis simply replied. "Well do ya mind if i join?" I questioned. "Of course not mate" harry replied. "Is it a british and irish thing to say the word mate?" Jess laughed. "I dont know maybe" El said. Everyone began to laugh. Not including me. The rest of the night i didnt laugh i laughed only at Jess' jokes.              

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