Darcy's little feet {COMPLETED}

I'm jessica known as jess. Harry never tried to be in her life so I don't let him. But he soon tries to show up. What will happen next? COMPLETED BTW LAST 4 CHAPTERS ARE NOT CHAPTERS THEY ARE AUTHORS NOTES


5. chapter 5

I Harry' pov

I slowly pull into Jess' driveway. I take off my seatbelt and go to the other side of the car. I take her seatbelt off of her and pick her up I do the same with Darcy. I now have Darcy on my side with her chin on my shoulder and I'm carrying Jess bridal style I take the pink ballet duffel bag and take her purse and toss it over my shoulder. I rummage through her purse finding her key with my only free hand I unlock the door and kick it open with my foot. I soon see a clean house I walk up the stairs and set Darcy in her crib. After that I walk into Jess' room and set her down on her bed. I sit down with her and turn on her t.v. I search through the tv guide and put it on netflix. I see my favorite show Family Guy. After I watch all the episodes I look up my favorite move The Notebook. I watch Jess flutter her eyes open

Jess' pov

I flutter my eyes open adjusting them to the bright light. I nuzzle up to Harry's chest. I giggle at the fact that he is watching The Notebook. It is soon over he grabs the remote and puts on Love Actually. As time passes by the movie is over I get up halfway to the door when Harry says "Where are you going , love" "Just checking on Darcy " I simply state. He gets up and walks towards me softly pecking me on my lips. We walk towards Darcys room and open the door. She jumps up and sequels with exciment. I pick her up "Daddy" I smile and hand her over to Harry. His face lit up like fireworks when he heard her say that. He looks so happy. I walk downstairs and notice that familiar smirk planted on his face.
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