Darcy's little feet {COMPLETED}

I'm jessica known as jess. Harry never tried to be in her life so I don't let him. But he soon tries to show up. What will happen next? COMPLETED BTW LAST 4 CHAPTERS ARE NOT CHAPTERS THEY ARE AUTHORS NOTES


14. Chapter 14

Niall PoV                                                                                              I still havent got over Jess i mean shes perfect everything a guy can ask for. But shes Harrys and I respect that. "Hey Jess can I talk to you?" I asked "Sure whats up?"                              "Well I have a huge crush on someone but she is dating my mate so I was wondering if you would come help me get a girl?"                                                                                "OF COURSE I LOVE MAKING COUPLES" she shouted      "Okay so where are we going?" This time she asked more serious.  "Well there is a carnival this week maybe we can go there is it a deal?"                                           "HECK YEAH"                                                            Harry POV                           I heard shouting so I went and looked what it was about and saw Niall and Jess in the hangout room. She was dancing crazily shouting "YESSS".        " Wait but what about Darc?" (   BTW DARCY DARC IS THE NICKNAME Okay get back to the story :D ;P  )   "Dont worry Haz will take care of that" Nialler said   I was kinda eavesdropping but I didnt want Nialll makin a move on her but im glad  he is moving on. "I will take care of who and or what?" I said barging in. 'Dont worry your just taking Darc babe"   "Okay no prob WAIT....................................................... Why what are you guys up to" I already know but I want to make sure she tells me the truth even if i know a realationship doesnt envole lies. "UHHHHHHHHHHH OH just nothin" Said Niall. Okay should I drop the bomb now or let it wait?

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