Darcy's little feet {COMPLETED}

I'm jessica known as jess. Harry never tried to be in her life so I don't let him. But he soon tries to show up. What will happen next? COMPLETED BTW LAST 4 CHAPTERS ARE NOT CHAPTERS THEY ARE AUTHORS NOTES


10. Chapter 10

Niall' POV
I stormed over to harry and pushed Jess out of tje way and began to repeatedly punch him in the face. Jess began to scream and cry. The boys and El and Dani came rushing in. I couldn't stop. Louis kept pulling on me but I kept slipping out of his grip. The girls ran over to Jess comforting her. She was on the floor crying.......a lot. I was furious but I couldnt help it. She hurt me. Harry got angry and threw me on the floor punching me. "Harry stop" Jess cried. Louis was going up to us when Jess got up too us and told Lou she got it. She grabbed Harry by the collar of his shirt and pulled me up. "What the fuck is wrong with you two" she yelled very loud. "You two both disgust me".
Harry's pov
I've never seen her that mad. But she wasn't mad she was furious angry. She stomped off to our room.
Jess POV
I stomped into my room and cried. I was so angry. With the both of them. Harry knocked on the door. "Stay away I don't wanna talked to you". The only reason I didn't yell was because Darcy and lexi were asleep. "And don't think I'm not mad cause I'm not yelling I just don't want to wake up the girls. He came in but I ignored him. I was surprised Darcy didn't wake up because I yelled "I hate you I knew coming here was a screw up just like you I never wanna see you again. He grabbed my wrist again. "LET.GO.OF.MY.WRIST.NOWW" I screamed. After a while he left to let me think. Niall soon came in. "Sorry" he said. "Why would you do that Niall" I cried. "I love you I can't help it" "You don't know me. He then pushed me and forcefully kissed me. Unlike the one at the game this was force. I couldn't get out of his grip. Harry barged in and saw us. Oh no. He took Niall and punched him a couple of times. I went up to harry and slapped him making contact with his cheek. I saw Niall laugh then i did the same and left them both rubbing their cheek.
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