Luna Rising

"We aren't like that pop culture crap you see on television, this is real life and isn't half as glamorous."

I looked at her blue eyes. They were still so impossibly blue it made me shiver. I tried to come closer but she gave me a warning growl and I stay put.


6. Weird


This morning Aoiro wasn't on the bus. I found myself like, really disappointed. I was sort of looking forward to that, I don't know sarcastic routine she has up. Jordan was sitting next to me with this look on his face of superiority.

"Looks like your girlfriend skipped out on you today." He smiled.

"She's not my girlfriend!" I whined, my voice cracking causing Jordan to burst into fits of laughter. "Puberty is a bitch." He chuckled.

I looked out the window while Jordan tried to catch his breath but ultimately failing and sinking into the seat as his stomach rose and fell gulping for air.

I wish she was my girlfriend. Her eyes, those fucking eyes were just so blue. So blue it made me want to look into them forever.

Jordan's voice finally left the air and he tapped me on the shoulder.

"You done?" I questioned.

He nodded clearing his throat.

"So you want to go out with Aoiro, right?"

I didn't respond.

"But that Honoo guy has her smitten."

I didn't realize that Jordan was even paying attention to this, I thought he just wanted a good laugh but throughout the course of the bus ride he gave me tips on how to get a girl. He is horrible with girls himself, but I was stupid enough to listen.


When the bus pulled up a sleek black car pulled into the parking lot as well. Honoo came strolling out of it, I cringed when I saw black hair and unreal blue eyes following him. A woman I assume to be Aoiro's sister--because they look so much alike--waved at the two and drove off.

The two looked, out of it. And as we filed from the bus I could see Aoiro more clearly. Her face had bags under her eyes and didn't look as well put together as she had the day before. I kept my distance but close enough to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"I hated it last night." Honoo moaned, not his usual confident self strolled through the school courtyard and he waved away a few of his fan girls.

Aoiro nodded in agreement, "It wasn't that bad. It gets better right?"

Honoo shrugged, "I'm so sore. I don't remember it being that painful."

"Kuusou told me when you get older and taller your bones grown and your body has to adjust to the changes. You must be going through a growth spurt or something."

What the hell were they talking about?

Honoo finally was separated from Aoiro by the lingering amounts of girls following him and he couldn't keep the fans waiting.

They were acting weird. But now is my chance.

I rushed to Aoiro's side, "Hey." I squeaked.

She looked at me rolling her eyes, "What do you want?"

I was about to speak but something stung my nose, the smell of wet dog. And it was coming from Aoiro, even weirder.


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