Luna Rising

"We aren't like that pop culture crap you see on television, this is real life and isn't half as glamorous."

I looked at her blue eyes. They were still so impossibly blue it made me shiver. I tried to come closer but she gave me a warning growl and I stay put.


4. Running


Aoiro. She was all I could muster thoughts about today. We didn't have any classes together like I had hoped. From the Underground-the Underground is what we call gossip here word gets around fast- I've learned she's like freakishly smart and have all honors courses. I'm all stupid having regular AP classes, the standard stuff. Jordan was still pissed that I had nearly killed him pushing him out of the way so I could score Aoiro a seat. The way she said, 'good' was still stuck in my brain. What didn't she want me to know.

And that guy, Honoo, what kind of dumb ass name is that? Honoo, sounds am I kidding, I'm just jealous that Aoiro was all googly-eyed over him instead of me. But sometimes things can change right? Why am I ranking on this guy's name honestly Aoiro wasn't all that normal either. But then again she isn't normal. I can tell. Is it a good or bad normal, only time will tell.


I was stalking her. I felt bad. Whenever I'd see her in the hall or when she would go to her locker I would follow. Jordan had gotten over the bus thing, guys are cool like that we expel grudges quickly, and plus if he was still shunning me he couldn't rank on me for following Blue Fang around.

I see why her first name was Aoiro, her eyes were scary blue. They were so light, yet so dark at the same time. Almost wolf like, or maybe is it cat like? 

When school let out I saw Aoiro waiting in the front of the school's garden, it wasn't day light's saving time anymore. So it was getting darker faster. She looked nervous, if she was afraid of the dark I would be there to comfort her.


She turns toward me, her pupil shifted, or maybe that was just me.

"Oh, you I thought you were someone else."

She began pacing looking up at the sky. She mumbled something glancing down at her phone, "Damn is Kuusou where are you?"

The bus we rode this morning pulled up. I ran towards it, she stayed put.

"Aren't you coming?" I gestured towards the bus. I saw Jordan from the corner of my eye, he would want me to hurry up. Jordan was peering through the window. I was sure he was telling everyone I liked this girl, I could hear his cocky laugher in my head. Even if he wasn't actually laughing.

"No. I'm not going to ride that thing," she pointed to the bus, "I only ride it in the morning not the evening."

I was disappointed. "Oh, why?"

She shifted, "Hurry before you're left behind." Her voice was hinted with...fear? Her pupils shifted again, I was losing it.

When I got on the bus I looked up. The sky was turning pink, Aoiro was looking around and she stomped her foot. Honoo came up behind her. The bus pulled off.

Dammit, he was left with her. Honoo pointed at the sky and looked worried as well. They both took off running in the opposite direction.



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