Luna Rising

"We aren't like that pop culture crap you see on television, this is real life and isn't half as glamorous."

I looked at her blue eyes. They were still so impossibly blue it made me shiver. I tried to come closer but she gave me a warning growl and I stay put.


3. Honoo

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Pay attention to the translations of the names of each pack member. The names go with their personality. Nicole xx)


I didn't like this guy sitting next to me, Eli, he had made it so obvious he was hitting on me. I hated when people liked me. They like my humanness but if they knew the other life I lived-my favorite one- they wouldn't understand. They would be afraid. They would have me killed. The only one I want to like me is my future mate, at least I hope he will be, Honoo. His name means flame and for good reason. His eyes are like the sun, an unusual amber color.

He had a thick brown coat. When I'm human I can't remember much of my time as a wolf. Only bits and pieces, but I can always remember the way Honoo looks.

The bus stopped again, the area looked familiar.

It was Honoo's stop. He came on the bus, we were the same age. His brown hair fell down past his ears flipping a bit, almost as spikes. He looked rugged, human noses couldn't detect it but he reeked of wolf. It lay under the surface of the daytime human skin. It smelled like wet leaves after a rain shower in the spring. It smelled like wild flowers on a sticky summer afternoon. I smelled like the dirt beneath my paws. Wait, I had hands right now.

Human girls always gawked over Honoo and his eyes, and everything about him. Girls always gave him attention and he always give the attention back. We are the only wolves in our pack to be of the correct age. When I say 'correct age' I mean that in the years when the alpha leaders of our back 'retire' we will be the typical age of new leaders and must step up. The current pack leaders are my sister Kuusou and her mate Hotaru. I always liked Hotaru, his name means firefly. He was a natural born pack leader, he lights the way for the rest of us. Honoo will burn the path further, he and I were meant  to be together. I couldn't help be jealous when he flirted with these normal people. He must know if they knew what he really was he would be killed on the spot.

Honoo always cherished the daytime, when he was human. Some may say he likes being human better. He was born a wolf so I don't understand why he likes having flesh more. I don't like to call it werewolves, because we aren't actually half human half wolf. We are either human or a wolf never both, but I have no choice but to call it werewolves. Werewolves can be born either as humans or as wolves. I was born human in the early light of dawn, Honoo was born at midnight, in complete darkness. All wolf. Then when the sun came through and the moon went away he turned into a human baby. This may seem weird, disgusting, or horrifying but in truth it is the way it is.

Honoo found no seats on the bus but glanced at my face. He gave a cool smile. Like he couldn't give a care in the world.

"Hey," his voice was deep, it didn't crack, he was confident like a flame. Eli shifted, I had forgotten he was here. Eli moved closer to the window, me pressing as close as I could to him, his breathe sped up. Humans, so predictable. Whenever they find someone to their liking physical signs of that liking were always on full display. I patted the seat we had made hoping he would sit down next to me.  

"Thanks," Honoo said sitting down where we had created space for him.

"No problem." I shrugged, we were to be mates. I'm sure of it. There is no reason for me to show any signs of nervousness or complete and utter foolishness around him.

"Who is this?" Honoo questioned, his voice still cool. "Is this your boyfriend?" He teased.

"No," I spat. Eli's shoulders slumped down in disappointment, "seating was limited."

Honoo nodded. This stop was the last one until we got to school. Honoo would asked a questions and I would answer them completely ignoring Eli which made him upset.

I wasn't going to lead on any humans like Honoo would, I wasn't going to collect too many human friends only a few because it was the average high school standard. I didn't need things attaching me to the human world, the main thing that kept me apart of their world was this suit made up of breakable skin, but at the end of the day I am a wolf.


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