Luna Rising

"We aren't like that pop culture crap you see on television, this is real life and isn't half as glamorous."

I looked at her blue eyes. They were still so impossibly blue it made me shiver. I tried to come closer but she gave me a warning growl and I stay put.


5. Changing Hurts

(Author's note: You learn the pack members names in the chapter, I'm just going to put their translation in ( ) you will learn more about each pack member later on. Nicole xx)


My fingers, I could feel them. They felt prickly. It was to happen soon. Honoo and I rushed to my house. We threw our backpacks into the kitchen once we reached my house. I hoped Kuusou hadn't changed yet for the night, I hadn't spoken to her all day but because she wasn't there to pick me up I assume she already had. In the fall and winter it gets darker faster and we change faster.

Honoo looked at me, we slipped out the back door.

"You know we are supposed to be mates, yeah?

We both knew this but we never spoke of it. We talk to each other but never really much in our human life as our wolf life.

"Yes. I know." I breathed, the air was crisp. It was very close, transforming. I can tell, I smell apple crisps being baked into a pie. If my nose were human I wouldn't be able to smell it but the scent of apple pie keeps growing stronger and stronger, it seemed so close it was intoxicating but I knew it would be far away. Baked apples, being eaten by the clueless citizen of Salem, them not knowing that wolf people were lingering around smelling their pie.

Honoo must have smelled it too, "Knowing we are supposed to be together forever is weird, don't you agree?"

Honoo's blazing eyes pinned me.

"I guess. I know you've always been a player, being tied down must seem like an alien concept to you."

Honoo chuckled, the pink in the sky began to turn to night blue. I looked back at Honoo, his pupils moved. His eyes becoming more canine. I saw the hesitation in that guy, Eli's face when my pupils changed. He dismissed it though. I'm surprised Eli didn't run for the hills.

His eyes were wolf eyes now, slanted a bit. He looked at me, mine were different too.

"Your eyes are always blue, good, dependable, beautiful blue."


I curled up, hugging my feet to my chest holding them with my arms.

"Aoiro, what if we didn't have to be mates, if we had the choice to be with who we wanted would you take it?"

I looked at him, but I wanted to be with Honoo the way he said it sounded like he didn't want to be with me. But I decided to ponder it over,

"If was a normal human then yes but since I'm in the pack..."

"Yeah. I get it." Honoo grabbed my hand reassuring me.

"But we aren't huMAN-"

His voice turned to a yell. He covered his mouth. Honoo's arm twitched, changing hurt. I don't like changing alone because it hurts so bad.

I gasped, Honoo looking giving me sympathetic look before his head jerked back. Tears sprinkled across his cheeks my own eyes threatening to the brim with tears. The bone grinding sound as your bones rearrange into another species, claws slashing through skin. Becoming human again doesn't hurt at all you just feel hazy. I let out a little cry.


The pack gathered around in between the trees.




Kuusou and Hotaru our leaders howled leading the hunt. Honoo, my mate, came close to me. The pack huddled together. I examined each member.

Kuusou (fantasy). Hotaru (firefly). Honoo (flame). Yousei (fairy). Ame (rain). Chairo (brown). Niji (rainbow). Tamashii (soul). Shiro (white). Kuroi (black). Shinrin (forest).

My pack, my family. Kuusou leaves Tamashii to baby sit the pups Shiro and Kuroi, they are recently born twins. The rest of us leave. I smell something, apples. But it too sweet. It smells like apples, and humans. We must stay away from them. Human try to kill us.




We run.

We hunt.

We look at the moon.

We howl.

Luna rising. The moon is rising.


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