Luna Rising

"We aren't like that pop culture crap you see on television, this is real life and isn't half as glamorous."

I looked at her blue eyes. They were still so impossibly blue it made me shiver. I tried to come closer but she gave me a warning growl and I stay put.


2. Aoiro Kiba


I sat on the bus wishing for the next two years to pass on by faster. I wanted to get out of this town. My ancestors came here down from England long ago and came to America, this old ancient place of Salem, Massachusetts. The place where they thought witches were real and killed a bunch of people, yes that Salem, Massachusetts. Nothing ever happens here I swear. I'm a sophomore at Salem High School home of the Salem Witches. I'm stuck here for two more years, then I'll graduate and go somewhere else. I want to leave and move to New York or maybe Las Angeles. 

Like I said before, nothing ever happens here, just the high school puts on a poorly done reenactment about the Salem Witchcraft Trials every year in the fall, my mother is making me audition to be one of the accusers, she played one of the accusers and so did my dad when they went here. Here I go again, nothing ever happens here, just tourists come once a year to see the reenactment and to explore the 'wondrous history of Salem'.

I closed my eyes and I felt a body press down next to me, it was my friend Jordan.

"Hey Eli, have you heard?"

I opened my eyes to see an eager Jordan in my face, I pushed him away from me and huffed out some breath meaning for him to continue.

"There is a new girl!"

New girl? There is never anyone new here, whenever someone is new the entire town lights up like wildfire. By the evening every family in Salem knows about them and everything about them. It was going to be all over school because school started a bit over a month ago so new girl was coming in a bit late.

"Yeah, I saw a moving van when I came over to your house last Friday and I told my mom. My mom baked a pie and went to go do the whole Salem welcome but she said they were really weird. Anyways it's a girl and her older sister instead of the usual old married couple."

Jordan was right it normally was old married couples who moved here.

I took out my iPod and scrolled through a possible choice of songs. At the next bus stop I just couldn't pick a song and just pressed shuffle. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons began to pound into my ears. I closed my eyes again and felt a jolt on my shoulder. Jordan was bugging me again. I wasn't in the best mood, my mom had taken my phone away because I didn't wash the dishes last night.

"What Jordan?" I snapped.

That's when I saw her. It must have been the new girl, it had to be her. She looked stunning, much different from the girls around here. The girls in Salem were cute some you could say even hot, but this girl was beautiful. My mouth hung agape Jordan gawking as well. All the boys were too and the girls began buzzing probably thinking up rumors to spread to try and deter the entire male species in sophomore year from pouncing on her. I, being a male myself, wanted to pounce on her as well. I pushed Jordan across the aisle into a seat next to a guy named Luke.

The left the only available seat was now next to me. New girl took it.

"Hi." I said.

She looked at me and set her backpack on the floor in front of her. She grabbed long wavy hair and draped it over one shoulder leaving one side of her neck exposed. I couldn't stop looking at the tanned skin. It had a few misplaced scratches, guess she had a dog or cat. Simple jeans hugged her legs and this cool t shirt with a wolf on it held onto her torso. Converse pulled at her feet. I couldn't help examining ever inch of her.

"Stop staring perv."

I looked up taking my ear plugs out and turning my iPod off.

"Sorry, but you must be new girl."

"Wow, first say here and I'm already known."

I nodded, "Things circulate quickly around here."

"I see that."

She looked past me and out the window and into the woods we have to pass everyday to get to school. I looked out into the woods too. I could've sworn I saw a wolf, but they don't really live out here, I mean I don't think they do. But I looked again as the bus came to a stop sign, nothing. New girl's eyes were still glued to the woods that lay on each side of the road.

" My name is Eli Hunn. What's your name?" I offer.

She looked directly at me, shit, her eyes. They were an icy blue, like wildly gorgeous. All the football jocks are going to be blubbering over this girl for the whole school year, unless I could get her first. Maybe?

"My name is Aoiro Kiba."

"That has to be one of the weirdest...most unique names I've ever heard."

Her eyes narrowed and I looked at the seat in front of me focusing on the graffiti covered leather. I saw her hands reach up tangling in her black hair, and draping it over her other shoulder.

"I didn't mean to-"

Aoiro cut me off, "My name isn't the usual Sarah or Grace, but it is worth something."

This girl talked a bit funny. Her accent wasn't like anything I'd ever heard. It was a bit raspy but still seductive.

"What does it mean?

She seemed pleased that I asked, "Aoiro means blue in Japanese and Kiba means fang, also in Japanese."

"So you are the 'Fang family'?" I asked.


I glanced at Jordan, he was pissed I had shoved him but nodded for me to make a move on Aoiro.

I remembered she lived with her sister and I decided to make her smile and change this kind of sad energy she was putting off, "So is your sister's name red?" I joked laughing but stopped because she wasn't.

"Good one," she huffed I had done it now, "I know someone named Aka, Aka is Japanese for red, Kuusou is my sister's name which means fantasy." She explained, my joke wasn't appreciated at all.

"Sorry." I said.

"How'd you know I lived with my sister?" Her question seeming urgent.

"Word gets round' fast out here."

She looked down taking her hair and applying it to another shoulder. I had pinned it, this was her bad habit.

"What else do you know about me?"

Her voice dark, it was almost a growl...? It made me shift in my seat.

"Just that your new and you live with your sister.

Aoiro nodded her head liking my answer, "Good."  

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