New Love

Kaya has been abused by her father ever since her mother died. She has been planning to run away and she finally gets the chance. While running you could never guess who she bumped in to! Read to find out!
A/N Hey guys! this is my first movella, wish me luck!
~T. M.


20. So sry!

WOW! 😱😱 2 months! Sorry I have been busy with me moving, end of school, AND me breaking my ankle, fracturing my tibia. Growth plate is split in half but No surgery is needed. (Well idk if that's true saying how many times I have fallen) I am sorry but this book is ending! I AM writing a chapter for my other book I FINALLY FOUND YOU. PLEASE READ! It's a Niall book and the theme of the book has NEVER BEEN USED FOR A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC! The theme is TUCK EVERLASTING! I will be working on that book, deleting Leah's love but keeping this one but it is discontinued. I am starting a book about my life but changing it but the characters are real and I am just mixing it up. I love someone but I don't know they like me back. I chickened out of telling them on the last day. So In the story I like them secretly and they like me back. Please COMMENT! And read I FINALLY FOUND YOU!~Trin<3

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