New Love

Kaya has been abused by her father ever since her mother died. She has been planning to run away and she finally gets the chance. While running you could never guess who she bumped in to! Read to find out!
A/N Hey guys! this is my first movella, wish me luck!
~T. M.


11. Meeting the girls

*4 days later* Kaya's POV: Today is when I meet all of the guys girlfriends. We are all going to the Beach. 🌊🌊🌊. I'm going to meet Liam's and Zayns girlfriend. I can't wait! 😝. "Are u ready louis asks me. "Yes I am." "Ok let's go. ^*Skip car ride*^ As we are getting out I see two girls run up to Zayn and Liam. "This is Jillian" Liam says. "Hi nice to meet u, I'm Kaya." I say. "You to" Jillian says. "And this is " Zayn says. "Hey nice to meet u " "LETS GOT TO THE BEACH!" LOUIS screams, he is wearing Superman Swim trunks which makes me laugh. "Ok!!" I say. We all run down on the sand and get all our stuff set out. Niall is wearing of course chamrock swim trunks, Liam's wearing purple swim trunks, Harry's wearing batman swim trunks, and Zayn is wearing Spider man swim trunks. Jillian is wearing a floral bikini ( ) and is wearing a Badley Mischka bikini ( ) I am wearing a panda bikini ( ) "To the water!" LOUIS screams. Once we are in Louis starts splashing me with water and this all turns in to a chicken fight. I'm on Nialls shoulders, LOUIS's on Harry's, On Zayns, and Jllian on Liam's shoulders. Me and LOUIS we're the ones that have not fallen. LOUIS tickles me and I fall so LOUIS and Harry won 😞. LOUIS jumps off of of Harry's shoulders and he comes to me and picks me up. He kisses me and when we pull apart he asks......

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