New Love

Kaya has been abused by her father ever since her mother died. She has been planning to run away and she finally gets the chance. While running you could never guess who she bumped in to! Read to find out!
A/N Hey guys! this is my first movella, wish me luck!
~T. M.


10. It's ok

Harry's POV:

"YOU MESS WITH MY HARRY U WILL NOT HAVE A LIFE. BITCH!" Ashley screams at Kaya, Ashley just storms out the door and soon after all the boys stare at me. "I MIGHT WANT TO CALM HER DOWN." I say and dash out the door. I see Ashley and I say "WAHT WAS THAT FOR?!?!" "I'm sorry I just got mad and thought she was over to steal u. I bet she is! She is a SLUT, CUNT, BASTARD, AND A BITCH!" She screams. " NEWS UPDATE ASHLEY! WE ARE OVER!!!" I scream at her. "OK FINE! BTW EVERY NIGHT I GO OFF WITH ANOTHER GUY AND HAVE U KNOW WAHT WITH HIM!" She yells. (For the person that was Harry's girlfriend, u come back and threaten people so don't be sad) I just storm off home.
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