New Love

Kaya has been abused by her father ever since her mother died. She has been planning to run away and she finally gets the chance. While running you could never guess who she bumped in to! Read to find out!
A/N Hey guys! this is my first movella, wish me luck!
~T. M.



Kayas POV:


                             I wake up remembering nothing. I hear a familiar voice screch "I need a doctor! PRONTO! SHES AWAKE!" I see 3 doctors  and 2 nurses running in to my room. They ask numerous questions like "How do you feel?" Does your head hurt?" It happened so fast and before i know it they are out and I close my eyes remembering all whats happened before I got here. My Father, Escaping, Running in to him.... It happened all so fast. "im so sorry, im so sorry, im so so so sorry" I hear him moutter under his breath. "Its not all your fault you know." I say giving him a weak smile. "No it IS ALL MY FAULT, Please forgive me..." Of Course" I say which makes his whole face light up like a rocket. "Hi I'm Louis." He saysm firmly with a strict face which makes me laugh. "Hi im Kaya, Kaya Quince." I say still trying to catch my breath.


                                          Louis's POV:


"Hi im Kaya, Kayay Quince" She says. Shes so beautiful, Her Smile, Her hair, Her Laugh, it makes me so- LOUIS! NO! YOU JUST BROKE UP WITH ELOUNOUR! I think cutting myself off. "What were u doing?' I ask her and she seems to have her happiness fade away. "I-I-I-I W-W-W-AS RUNNING A-A-AWAY FROM H-H-H-OME" She studders. "Why?" "Uhhhh.. I was just not um happy with my father." "Are u sure? U know u can tell me the truth" I tell her. "I will tell u someday but im not ready" She says. "Do u have a place to stay" I ask. "ummm i-i-i dont actually." "Do u want to stay at my place?" I ask her. "Um Sure,Since u saved my life, I THINK i can trust you" She says with a giggle. "Ok, Im going to go sign u out so u can be released." "OK" she says. I walk out and sign the papers. As i am signing the girl at the table seemed really young and she kept on flirting with me. I hate when girls flirt on me like this. As im walking to go grab kaya the girl at the desk says Wait. "yes..." I ask her. "Hi im Natitle, and here's my number handsome." and with that she walks back to her spot. AAAAWWWKKKWWWAAARRRDD. I walk back to the room and help Kaya up. As we are walking out, Natitle glares at Kaya. She look's at me with a call me sign and i pull out the piece of paper and throw it in the trash and make sure Natitle's watching. She sure was because she tried to get up and run but someone walked up to the table. I just stick my tougne out and continue walking.

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