New Love

Kaya has been abused by her father ever since her mother died. She has been planning to run away and she finally gets the chance. While running you could never guess who she bumped in to! Read to find out!
A/N Hey guys! this is my first movella, wish me luck!
~T. M.


23. Chapter 16:

Zayn's POV:

   I just walked out of Perrie's place. She thinks I like her. I do. But to afraid to admit it. I decided to walk to Louis's house, his jokes always cheer me up. I walked up to the door, it was open, but unnoticeable from a distance. I pushed the door open slowly and called "Louis?" No answer. I walked through the living room and started to walk from the kitchen. I walked in and almost walked out when I heard a faint whisper "help" I turned around and saw Louis on the ground. I screamed and ran down to him. I rummaged through my pocket to get my phone. "HELLO!!" I screamed into the phone before the person could even ask what's wrong "MY FRIEND HELP HE'S UNCONSCIOUS! Need ambulance! The address is 1235 the sass master from Doncaster Lane. Hurry bye" I quickly hung up and grabbed Louis head and checked his pulse was faint. I grabbed the towel that was hanging from the oven. I wrapped it around to his wrist that was bleeding really badly. I held his head on my leg and tied the towel. I pushed down on the wound. I heard the door slam open and the ambulance run in. They grabbed Louis and put him on a stretcher, strapped him down and ran out the room to the ambulance car. I hopped in with them. And we were off to the hospital. Louis your going to be okay.... Those words are those words that every one hoped for. Bad things happen for a reason. And we had him in our prayers. And knowing this. Me seeing him. I have a bad feeling he might now make it.








Wait!!!! There's a sequel!!!! Don't leave me! *BURSTS OUT CRYING*


So a little birdie told me some mother fudger is copying my story. 

And shout out to Casey "Horan"


What should the sequel be?!?

Leave comments below for what the title should be. 

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