How i fell in love

A girl meets a specail guy but will them being farther away make them brake apart ?


1. The beginining

"As i sit there and i think when will that one specail guy noitice me ?" "Everytime a walk out the door i fell like all the guys stare at me with disspear.When i was little i always had troubles with boys and how they looked at me when i would go to school. I wasnt one of the people who got in to the sports and wasnt that good at anything ....I was one of the "nerds" as everyone said at school and on line and every where i went ." But there was always this one person who was always there for me it was my best friend Jenna O'Brein she was gourouse and she alwasys knew how to make me fell better about my self. But she just moved from ireland and to london she got a really good job offer. When she told me she was moving i felt like i was losing the one person in my life that wasnt jugeing me. But i was very happy for her that she got a really good job offer. Today i havent seen her for a year now and it is sad , we talk every once a while but not all the time. After she moved everything seemed like it was getting worse at school and the way people looked at me.Execpt for one day that was the best day ever. I walk out side and i noice that people still look at me like i am a nothing but this one guy. He was with his friend louis and i look over and he is looking at me like i am bueitful of something and i was really confused because i first i didnt know what he was doing becuase i have never had someone look at me like that before. So i went over and get a drink at the water founten and i see him looking at me and he comes up to me and says u are very pretty my dear! Thanks i said while i blushed. Then he said would u like to go on a date tomorow night ? I thought in my head for a minute and i think is this the right thing to do should i say yes ? As i think in my head. Then i say in a very happy voice yes! Then he replices ok pick u up at 6 that good ? Yes ! I said while blushing.

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