How i fell in love

A girl meets a specail guy but will them being farther away make them brake apart ?


2. talking to jenna

As i got home i was thinking what about his name ...... what was his name .... what was i going to wear... how did this happen ..... Then i thought wait what is his name did he tell me it ? or did he tell me but i didnt hear him becuase i was glazzing into his bueaitful eyes and bueaitful short hair ? Oh my goodness i dont know his name what am i going to do ? what if he knows mine what if what if . stop! stop thinking about the negative ! I said to my self .Later that night i thought i need to call someone and tell them then i thought who do i call ? Jenna ! My best friend ! So i sit there thinking i havent talked to her forever what if she doesnt remember me ? What if there i go again stop it !! Then i sat there for a while and thought ok i need to do this so i called it rang 1 time 2times 3 times then the 4th time it rang someone anwsered . Jenna : hello! Me: hello ! jenna i need to tell u something !Jenna : spill it ! Me: ok well i have a date with this guy and he is so cute but i dont know his name and i dont have is number or anything he just asked me if i wanted to go out and i said yes but i dont know if he told me his name and i didnt hear from gazzing into his eyes or what i am going tomorow and he is so cute . Jenna: congrats i would love to talk but i am omost to work and i am so happy for u have funny see people like you and guys do to and u are bueaitful always remember that ! text me if u need anything ! Me: ok i will bye have fun thanks! After we hung up i remember i am going on a date my first date ever a guy has really noticed me and likes me and i hope loves me and he is so cute i didnt think this would happen ever ! oh my goodness !

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