Just Listen

You don't need to sit and watch some movie. You don't even need to read a diary or some journal. All you need to do is listen. Is that difficult? No? Good. This is my story. Just l i s t e n. -Alex Piper


2. Chapter 2

I walk into school Wednesday morning feeling iffy about how this day is going to go. It was only yesterday when I broke up with Ricky, but today is my last day of junior year. I'll be a senior next year. I should be excited, shouldn't I? But the question is if I can really make it through another year. I guess I'll find out, right? Maybe I should've just ditched today. It would've been easier than being stared at and whispered about. I mean, this is nothing new it's just that, now? I know what they're talking about. The breakup. It's not even their business, but it is high school. And I'm just your average non-popular student who yet, seems popular enough to make the gossip rags every single day. Hey, maybe I am popular.

By the end of the day, I've had enough. I'm not necessarily sad, it's just that I feel really empty, alone even, and every little thing is getting to me. I swear, there was not one person today that I didn't want to punch in the face. The worst thing is, Ricky didn't even talk to me today. I guess I thought he would. It's not that I want him back, I don't. It's just that I wished I was, in some way, worth fighting for. I don't know, maybe-
Just then, my phone goes off, interrupting my depressing thoughts. I lean over to grab my purse off my, parked, car floor. I set my purse on my lap and rummage through it, looking for my phone. Once I find it, I take it out, opening up the text message.

"We've got a surprise! Don't stop anywhere on your way home. Love you! -Mom" I finish reading it and throw it back in my purse, putting it back, and starting the car. A surprise? This can't be good.


"You're taking me where?" I asked, my jaw dropped, eyes wide.
"You're coming with me, and your grandfather, back home to Florida." My grandmother said, patiently. Again.
"For.. The summer?" I asked, shocked at many levels.
"Yes, for the whole summer, Alex." All I could do was sit there on the couch and stare back and forth between my parents and my grandparents not knowing if this was some joke or not. Or if the guys from Prank Me was going to come out and scream, "You just got pranked!"

This was no prank. Here I was, packing my things for the entire summer to spend with my grandparents in Florida. Most people would be so happy about this, but me? I don't know what to feel. Do my parents just not want to deal with me? Are they tired of me? Did they find.. Out? No. They couldn't. Could they? Ugh. I don't know. Maybe this isn't such a bad thing. It's like a fresh start. Nobody will know me or my past. New beginning? Maybe. But the question isn't if it's a new beginning, it's whether or not I can let the past be the past. Can I be that strong; just this once?

"You're really going to like Florida, Alex." My grandma said, smiling. If only I knew if that were true or not. "Yeah" was all I could think to reply before the flight attendant came down the aisle and asked us if we wanted anything. My grandpa ordered a sandwich, my grandma a salad, and me? Nothing. Let's not and say we did. That was delicious. Instead I just put in my headphones, close my eyes, and for once in my life; I allow myself to fall into the escape that music allows.
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