Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


12. Thats marks

Niall's P.O.V 

Jana just finished changing and taking a shower into dry clothes and Everyone went to the hotel everybody texted Jana and she has there numbers I'm just lying down on my bed thing that my life couldn't get any better  I was interrupted by Jana jumping on the bed and kissing me. 

"Hey love" I said sitting up

"Hiya" she replied while sitting on my lap

"Iv'e found a few videos on you tube of you singing and playing Guitar and some on Piano " I said showing her my phone

"Y-you what?!?" She stuttered looking at me

"Videos you posted" I repeated 

"I NEVER posted any videos" She said 

"Then who's screen name is this" I said and pointed to the screen name 

"It's MARKS!" She yelled a little bit

"Hey calm down and lets look at the comments" I said

"There is going to be tons of hate" She whined and dug her face into my neck

"Jan even if there is none of its true your crazy talented, your insanely beautiful no matter what, your sweet, kind, caring, funny, loving, you have a great personality, I would go on forever but unfortunately I can't " I said while rubbing small circles on her back 

"And do you know what ones my favorite?" she asked 

"Whats that?" I replied 

"Being yours" she replied 

"I love that one too" I said smiling and placing a kiss on her cheek 

"I'm just scared that its going to be all hate" 

"Let's just see and if it gets bad I'll stop I promise" I said and all she did was nod 

"First one says: OMG your sister is amazing she need to post videos on her account. Second one says: DAMN! This girl is insanely talented....... and straight up HOT!. That one I'm not okay with." 

"AWW My Nialler is jealous don't worry I don't know him and he can back the hell off because your mine" She said 

"Lets get some sleep you and I are going out tomorrow" I said as she got under the sheets and I stripped down to my boxers and got in next to her. 

"Night I love you Niall" she said as she snuggled in closer to me and laid her head down on my chest

"I love you too babe never forget that sweet dreams" I said as I put my arms around her 


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