Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


8. Telling our parents

Niall's P.O.V 

"Babe you know we are going to have to tell our parents that you and I are together" I told Jana as she grabbed her clothes hair brush and tooth brush and went to the bathroom shut the door and opened it back up in 5 seconds with her clothes on and her teeth brushed while I slipped on a pair sweatpants 

"I know but I'm scared" 


"Because when I tell my Dad I'm dating a boy it doesn't matter who he is he goes into protect my little girl mode" 

I wrapped my arms around Jana from behind "Jan your Mom technically attacked me when she saw me your Dad likes me enough to hug me, and my Mom ADORES you and Greg thinks of you as a long lost sister your like family and on top of that I'll be right here with you" she said

She sighed put down her brush turned around with my arms still securely around her waist and then wrapped her arms around my neck 

 "I love you Niall" 

"I love you too Jan" 

I rested my forehead on hers as her and I kissed in till someone cleared their throats 

we turned around to see Greg with the girls and boys 

"Lets lover boy go get ready so Jan can get dressed and we can go to the movies" Greg said as he pulled me away from Jana pushed me into my room and shut the door. 

Jana's P.O.V

"Soooooo....... whats going on between you and Niall" Harry asked raising an eye brow.

"We are dating I thought you knew?" I said  

"We are talking about last night smart one" Louis said 

"After you all left we went up stairs and went to bed..... I said looking down at my shoes while slipped them on trying to avoid the conversation. 

"Jana you know you can talk to us right your technically a sister to all of us" Danielle said

"Yea" I replied while I started tying my shoes 

"Jana whats wrong?" Harry asked as I stood up.

"You remember Conner the guy you technically save my life from?" I asked 

"Yea" Zayn replied 

"He broke into the house last night"  I said simply 

"Oh my god! what happened?! are you guys okay?!"  everyone started firing questions 

"CALM DOWN" I raised my voice a little 

"Are you guys okay and what happened?" Eleanor asked 

"Yea and are you guys sure you want to know what happened?" I asked

"YES!" The Talk-Shouted as we walked down stairs 

"Alright it was about 11:30 we were talking and laying in bed when there was a loud crash from down stairs Greg came rushing in through the door asking if we were okay, we said yea when there was another loud crash causing me to jump that's when Niall and Greg went down stairs to find what made the noise and some how Conner slipped past them because he wound up in Niall's bedroom where Niall told me to stay and he tried taking me he grabbed my from behind and I started screaming Niall yelled my name and started running up the stairs Conner heard him and went out through the window before you ask yes he jumped out the window and left without damage hes very athletic" 

"OH MY.... -" Louis started to say but was cut off my Niall screaming and falling down the stairs. 

"NIALL!" everyone yelled and rushed towards him. 

"Babe are you okay?" I asked as The boys helped him up 

"Yea I tripped" He said 

"We can see th-"*BANG*

Everyone screamed 

"What the hell was that?!?!" Zayn yelled 

"That sounded like a gun shot" I said 

"How do you know what a gun shot sounds like up close like that?" 

"Before I moved to Ireland I lived in California and we lived not far from an open Gun Range" I explained 


"Girls go up stairs now" Liam said 

"Why?" Perrie asked 

"Isn't that Conner but who are the other guys?" He asked and pointed. 

"Yea and that's Marcus Danny Chris and Daniel if they are here then where are the girls..." 

"OH JANA!"Conner yelled from outside 

"Get up stairs"Harry said as we ran up stairs and hid in the secret tunnel Niall and I made when we were kids. 

"JANA I know your in here your so called boyfriend and friends are getting taken care of your mine again" Conner said as there was another loud bang and boys screaming and yelling 

"Oh and your never gonna see your friends and boyfriend again so come out and he'll be safe along with your friends"He said as he walked into the closet and Niall screaming  

"No" I whispered and started to come out 


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