Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


36. Surgery

Louis' P.O.V

We stopped for Gas so we all went out to get something to eat except for Jana she wanted to stay on the bus we were sitting by the window so we could see the bus and We saw Jana outside talking to our driver and Paul she smiled and walked back inside 

"What was that all about" Harry asked as he put an arm around Jaclyn I have him a confused look 

"I dont know but thats the first time she smiled in a while and what city are we going to?" I asked 

"We are going to Newcastle then to the airport to California.  Niall said while stuffing his face 

"Niall slow down your going to Choke!!" Jaclyn said and he glared at her 

We saw Jana come out of the Bus laughing with driver and Paul came out in HOT pink highlights in his hair he pointed at Jana and she started running while laughing we finished and paid as fast as we could and watched her run and started laughing 

"Is this Jana's work?" I asked they stopped 

She fell to the floor laughing while holding her stomach 

"Jana your a world class prankster" The driver said 

She just nodded Paul started running and she hid behind us 

"Jana I have to admit this is good" I admited 

"SAY CHEESE PAUL" Harry yelled we all took pictures 

"Paul I'm sorry but its not permanent  its washes out with water I wait let me correct myself WE have pulled this prank on many people" She said pulling Jaclyn as they both smiled and bowed 

"I remember our first victim" Jaclyn and Jana smiled and turned to Niall 

we heard someone scream 

"Um excuse me can we have all of your Autograph" Two girls said smiling they looked about 14 or 15

"Sure sweetie whats your name" Eleanor said as she Perrie and Dani signed then the boys and I and then Jaclyn and Jana signed 

"I'm rose and this is Lulu" Rose said

"Thank you Paul can we have yours too" One asked

"There you go" He said and signed it 

"and we love your hair" the first We all burst out laughing

"who did your hair" Lulu asked 

"Jana did as a prank" 

"Nicely done" Rose said 

"Haha thank you" Jana said 

"Hey Jana can you sign this its my brothers he has a HUGE crush on you" Lulu said 

"Oh really" Jana said smiling she signed it 

"Yea we have both have older brothers and they have a HUGE crushes on you and your friend.. Emily" Rose said

"Awwww I'll have to tell Emily that she would love to get noticed 

"Hey we are going to be in the bus" Jaclyn said they all said bye to rose and lulu and I stayed and talked to them 

Jana's P.O.V

"You guys hungry?" I asked

"Yea we were just going to get something to eat and we saw you guys" Lulu said 

"Come on I was going to get something you want to Join me??" I asked 

"Yea if its not a problem" Rose said 

"Its not a problem come on" We walked inside and ordered I paid as they took the food to the table by the window and we sat down and started eating about 5 minutes into us eating our meal and talking and laughing two boys came rushing in yelling

"ROSIE?!" One yelled

"LU!?!?!" the other said they caught sight of lulu and rose and ran to them 

"Where the hell have you been you scared the shit out us" They looked at me and froze 

"Hi guys I'm Jana" I smiled 

They were still frozen and I giggled a bit 

"This is my brother Jacob and thats Lulus brother Fernando" Rose said as the both kicked them 

"Hi sorry we cant believe we are actually talking to you right now we are big fans" Jacob smiled 

"Its alright I have to go pretty soon but do you want me to sign anything????" I asked as I got out  let Jacob in sat in the middle and Fernando sat next to me

"Can you sign my phone" Jacob asked 

"Yea and I also have heard you have a crush on me" I told him as I signed his phone case I looked over and he was blushing mad 

"Maybe I do but your taken and I'm not like that but this one has a crush on Emily" He said laughing 

"Shes single and if your sweet nice kind protective and wont hurt her you have a good shot but you have to get through sammy but I could help you with that" I smiled  signed his phone

"You're serious?!?!?!" He started freaking out 

"Calm down!" I laughed a bit my phone started going off I took it out and looked at it 

"Crap I would love to stay but I have to go because I have to get on the road but heres my number call me and we can schedule something after the tour" I said Jacobs face lit up I grabbed 4 napkins and wrote my number down on it for each of them everyone got out of the table 

"Can we get one picture with you each?" Rose asked 

"Sure" Rose got next to me and handed Lulu her phone and took the picture and then lulu switched places with rose and then the boys did the same thing when Jacob got to take a picture with me I placed my lips on his cheek to make him blush then we all took a group picture 

"Thank you!" They said I gave them a hug and ran into the bus

"GET OFF MEE!!!" Jaclyn yelled 

"here we go again" I said and saw Lou sprawled out on Jaclyns back and She was lying on the floor on her stomach

"HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled he came out with in seconds 

"Lou get off my girl" He said 

"YOUR WHAT!?!" Louis yelled jumping up 

"My girlfriend" Harry said smiling 

"When did this happen!!??" I yelled 

"Niall approved but said he would kill me if I hurt her and I dont plan on hurting her" He said and nudged the side of Jaclyns head with his forehead

"Get a room!" I yelled and crawled into the bunk and saw Niall going through twitter 

He just looked at his phone with a sad face 

"Hey baby what's wrong?" I asked he ignored me 

"Babe?" I said he showed me his phone and the picture of me kissing jacobs cheek 

"Hows that?" He asked not looking at me 

"A fan I met" I said 

"He looks like more than that" He said looking at me he looked really hurt 

"Babe his sister was Rose and she said he had a crush on me so I kissed his cheek for a picture I love you and you know that right?" I said 

"I'm just Jealous" He said 

"Aw Ni you have me he doesnt it was a simple kiss on the cheek he can't kiss me like you can" I said placing a hand on the back of his head and playing with his hair 

"I love you" Before I could reply he slammed his lips onto mine he shut the curtain without removing our lips and flipped us over so I was against the wall I scooted a little closer to him he placed his hands around my waist and pulled me as close as can be to him and ran his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance I gladly let him in and he positioned himself on top of me so I wasn't against the wall anymore

Niall's P.O.V 

Jana and I were having a full on make out session I felt her lips curve into the kiss and I smiled too She ran her hands through my hair and tugged on it a little bit I groaned a little bit as our lips moved in sync I can't believe I got jealous over a stupid picture I trailed kisses down to her Jawline and onto her neck causing her to moan a little but not loud enough for anyone to hear we were interrupted by Louis

"NIALL!!!!" I groaned and Jana just giggled and little bit 

"WHAT?!?!" I yelled Jana started kissing my neck while I talked 





"NIGHT!!!" he yelled and the lounge in the bus door slammed and I crashed my lips back onto Janas 

"WE ARE HERE" Paul yelled we boTH groaned and we both got out of the bunk 

"Jana you have rehearsals and boys you have a meeting" The boys and I groaned

"someone needs to show Jana where to go in the O2 arena" Paul said 

"Um Paul I used to work here I know where to go the boys can go to their meeting" She said

"Oh then go ahead" He said she gave me a quick kiss and ran off the bus

"Boys meeting" We heard fans starting to scream as Janas name we looked to see if she was okay and she was shoving to get inside we saw 2 girls helping Jana 

Jana P.O.V 

"Thanks guys and I owe you big time for that one Im Jana you can call me Jazza" 

"No problem and you owe us nothing I'm Lila this is Jade Chloe and Bella" Lila said 

"Jade is known as Ja-Ja chloe is known as Clo Bella is known as Bell and lila is know as Li" 

"Alright and you girls work here" 

"Nah gurl we yo dancers for the tour" Lila said 

"We gonna have a partayyyy" Jade said 

"We all should get along real well" I laughed we all took a picture for twitter and I posted it and we followed each other 

"and you girls have american accents what parts?" 

"I'm a Cali girl but Im not bitch" Ja-Ja said 

"I'm a Jersey girl I can be a bitch but only when I need to be" Clo said 

"I'm a florida girl" Bell said 

"I'm a Cali girl like Ja-Ja and Im not a bitch only when I need to be like Clo" 

"LETS GET THESE REHEARSALS DONE LADIES" We all ran to stage in fright 

"Jana since you have no songs quite yet Christina Perri is lending you her song Jar of hearts, Justin bieber who clearly you have met gave you his song Never let you go and Kelly clarkson gave you her song Because of you she saw your cover and Taylor swift gabe you her song Girl at home and everyone wants you to cover dance songs so go ahead By the way concert is tonight and they are all coming " The guy said 

"Alright" I started with Taylors song and saw the boys sit down and the girls watch me Simon was there and my brothers and my Mom was too along with Derek (how lovely) I started to shake but I just looked at Niall and he smiled and nodded as the song ended they clapped I got this kicking sensation in my stomach but I shook it off 

"That was good what dance song are you going to Cover" He asked 

"OH MY GOD HOLD UP!" I yelled I ran to the band and told them what to play and told the girls to help me out with dancing 

"Jana what are you doing" Drake laughed 

"You'll see alright GO!!" I yelled they started playing I just wanna dance with somebody by Allstar weekend

The boys burst out laughing 

and I gave the girls Microphones but Bell didnt want to sing so we grabbed Jaclyn and we started singing tothether but when the solos came one of us would sing it 

"I wanna dance with somebody...

Dance with somebody with somebody who loves me

Oh I wanna dance with somebody I wanna feel the heat with somebody

Yeah I wanna dance with somebody with somebody who loves me

Want that wild Clumsy heart I want someobdy to love me, (Solo)

Kick the pedal to the floor like we're both on the run (Solo)

thats my jam turn it up, Cause we gotta let go-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. (Solo)

You're the candy that I want hanging on to my arm. (Solo)

C'mon girl gimme sugar, I'll be your lucky charm. (Solo)

Gettin' close, touching skin, we ain't takin it slow-oh-oh-oh no-oh-oh-oh-oh! (Solo)

I just wanna dance with somebody I wanna feel the heat with somebody. 

Yeah I wanna dance with somebody with somebody who loves me. 

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody I wanna feel the heat with somebody. 

Yeah I wanna dance with somebody with somebody who loves me, with somebody love me.

Nother round pour it out, party like Tommy Lee got this girl, wildin' out, Dirty dancing on me.(Solo)

Shakin' that thang on the floor, Now I'm beggin' for more-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.(Solo)

I'm not going home if I'm going alone.

I'm not going home if I'm going alone.

(Now) We're like Charlie Sheen going outta control (Thats right)

(And) I'm not going home if I'm going alone (not going home, baby)

I'm not going home if I'm going alone I'm not going if I'm going alone 

Gonna keep you up late like the Letterman show (Up all night)

Cause I'm not going home if I'm going alone.


With somebody who loves me 

With somebody who loves me.

"Now that was fun" Jade said 

"Damn right" I said 



"I DUNNO BUT YOUR ALL ABOUT TO GET A NOTIFICATION" Right when he said that our phones went off

Jade's P.O.V

"Now Jazza are one of these boys yours" Bell asked Janas arm

"Yes" she admitted 

"Which one???" Clo said 

"Does it matter?" 

"YES!!" We all shouted 

"Fine Niall is mine" She said smiling

"Who I know the rest are taken but whos the other one with the Black hair with red highlights in it because hes cute" Lila said 

"THANK YOU!" He yelled 


"Well your brother is hot" Lilia said 

"Whos the other one hes cute" I said quietly 

"Thats my OTHER brother and hes I dont know his relationship status but hes 2 years almost 3 years younger than me" 

"Thank you for those compliments ladies Im drake and this is mark and Jaz we have to go." Mark said 

"You guys are coming the airport right?" She asked flipping around 

"We won't miss saying bye we promise alright" Drake said hugging me 

"Be safe both of you and mark you single right" She asked my eyes widened 

"Yeah why" He said 

"Just checking now be safe" She said hugging mark 

"Love you Jaz" They said in unison 

"Love you too Bye MOMMA!!!" She ran and gave her a hug and they left and she ran back to us 

"YOU GOT HOT BROTHERS!!" Clo yelled 

"Gross" She said 

"Girls do us a favor" Louis said walking on stage 

"Oh lord what is it now" Jana said 

"Make a Human pyramid" Harry said 

"We're Dancers" I said in a sassy tone 

"Im a singer and a soccer player and way to sass it up Ja-Ja" Jana said high-fiving me 

"Boys this is Jade,Bella Chloe,and Lila"

"Girls this is Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn and the girls Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor and Nialls cousin Jaclyn" Jana said 

"Hi" We said in unison 

"Jazza come one time" Niall complained 

"FINE" she  caved 

 we grabbed our piano player veronica so there was 10 equal 

(Bottom: Perrie Danielle Eleanor Jaclyn and veronica Middle: Jade Chloe Bella and Lila Top:Jana)

"SMILE!!!" Niall shouted we smiled and he tweeted the picture 

WHOA GIRL PYRAMID!!" people shouted

"Jana do a backflip" Zayn said

"Im a soccer player and a singer not a gymnast"She said 

"Babe just jump I'll catch you" Niall said and Jana jumped then everyone got up 

"Babe huh?? Niall finally found his girl?" we hadn't recognized him so we got involved in our own conversation 

"Jana Marie Jones?"A man asked among the giant group of people

"Yes sir? I said 

"I need to talk to you it is very important for your safety" He said 

"Hold up who are you shes going nowhere till we know who you are and what you do" I said as the girls and I came behind her and locked arms  

"Im a health and bone specialist " He showed us a badge from the hospital"

"I'll be back" She said and left 

"Ja-Ja what was that about" Niall asked worriedly 

"Something about a bone specialist for Jazza I'm not sure" I said he looked worried 

"Shes going to be alright man" harry came behind him

"EVERYBODY THIS IS A CLOSED REHEARSAL LEAVE!" a guy yelled everyone said bye a filled out 

Jana came back in with some tears and she wiped them quickly she hugged the man

"Hey Jazza you alright" Perrie asked

"Yeah I'm fine" She said and started practicing the last off her dance moves it was about another hour since she got fitted in for clothing and we all the girls and I had to go pick up our brothers so we said bye to the girls and jana and left 

NIall's P.O.V

Jana was crying and I wanted to know why so it was just me and her they girls and guys went out to eat and they would pick us up something

"Baby what's wrong" I asked 

"It was about Mark and Mom" She wiped a tear away

"He hit him so hard he has to have surgery and if things go wrong he could die or lose a body part and for my mom she has 2 broken ribs" She was fighting back tears 

"Babe I know your scared and hurt why are you fighting the tears" I asked her as I rubbed her leg 

"Because I hate crying in front of people and I would get hit every time I cried I was with you know who" She said I placed my pointer finger and thumb  and lifted her head up her eyes were bloodshot and she was crying silently shes surprisingly good at that her brothers and her mom were her everything she'd do anything for them as for her dad Not so much anymore 

"Come here" I stood up and pulled her up and held her as she cried 

"My life is fucked up" She cried 

"No its not its normal now Conner is gone we are going to get your mom and brother taken care of and everything will be fine and I would never hurt you like he did I hope you know that"  I told her

" I love you" She mumbled into my chest 

"I love you too look at me" 

She stared directly in my eyes 

"I'm always here for you and everyone else is too and if they aren't I will ALWAYS be here I'm never leaving you like I did before okay I promise" I said 

"Just kiss me already" I smiled and kissed her




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