Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


21. sleepover!!


Niall's P.O.V 

I took Jana to our old hang out when we were kids and she got the house she wanted and I'm going to move in with her we just have to tell our parents we made out for a couple of minutes till we realized we only had 10 minutes to get home we picked up everything and hid it so we could get it later she got a call later saying that she got a record deal and there is a meeting tomorrow and we were almost home when we got ambushed by paparazzi I gave Jana a quick kiss good night and we ran into separate houses.

Jana's P.O.V

I ran inside my house to the girls standing in front of the door looking at me

"Yes???" I asked sweetly 

"Its 11:40" El said

"Yea.... I was out with Niall and we got ambushed my paparazzi and I'm here now so lets get this ni-" I was interrupted by people bagging on the door and screaming through it 


I didnt answer the door so they turned the door nob and tried getting in we all screamed a bit and drake came running

"DRE A LITTLE HELP" I yelled he came and pushed the door and locked it 

"Close the blinds and lock the windows and doors " He said and we nodded and locked everything 

"Now you upstairs we claim the living room" I said in a sassy tone

"have fun" He said and ran upstairs

"The boys told us to call them if anything happens" I said 

"Thats normal for them" El said

"Alright so there is a pile of food in the kitchen there or more stuff in the pantry and fridge help yourself s to anything along with we can crash down stairs or upstairs and if you need anything let me know" I said 

"Alright thanks and where did you get all of these mattresses??" Dani asked 

"Some friends and I would take them to camps and use them for pranks so I kept most of them" I explained

"Nice" Dani said 

"Yea I have a bunch of movies you can pick from even though half of them are probably Niall's" I said 

"oooooooo..." They said in unison 

"Hush he and I spent a lot of time together in this living room when we were kids" I defended 

"You also kissed in that living room like twenty times" Drake yelled 

Everyone irrupted into laughter 

"Drake get your ass down here" I said as he came running

"Yes sister dear" 

"Quit eavesdropping" I said pointing a finger 


"He will listen to every conversation no matter what the topic is" I informed 

"Are you serious???" El asked

"Thats how he found out I liked Niall and some other stuff" I said 

"I remember that.... good times" He sighed 

"Get out by the way Marks got a girlfriend" I said and Drake took off running

"The baby of the family has a girlfriend??" Perrie asked

"Surprisingly" I said

"So what are you doing tomorrow?" Perrie asked

"Moving..."I said

"WHAT!?!" They shouted 

"CHILL!!!" I yelled 

"Where are you going?!?!" Dani asked

"I bought a house and Niall is moving in with me" I mumbled the last part

"What?" they asked 

"Niall is moving in with me" I said a bit excited 

"OH MY GOD! That's AMAZING!" Dani yelled

"Congrats!!" They said 

"Thanks" I heard a loud crash up stairs 


"They go through stuff?" Perrie asked

"Yep" I said when people started banging on the windows and the door and the girls jumped and screamed

"Its the boys don't worry Niall and the guys used to do that when we were kids." I said and they all calmed down as Niall unlocked the front door

"How did that not scare you Jan it used to scare you shitless" Sam said 

"Well Im older and I learned what are you retards doing here?" 


"OH MY GOD GET OUT OF MY DRAWERS!!!" I yelled and ran up stairs

Eleanor P.O.V 

So we all got invited to Jana's house for a sleepover and yea we are adults but your never to old for them I was snapped out of my thoughts by Louis hugging me

"Hello love"

"He-" I was cut off by screaming and it didnt sound like a playing scream it sounded like a terrified scream

A/N CLIFFHANGER Is Conner back or is it his friends?? or did something happen

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