Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


22. sleepover part 2

Jana's P.O.V

Everything went dead silent when we I screamed 

"PUT ME DOWN!!!" I yelled 

Everyone let out a sigh of relief 

"JANA YOU GOT A TATTOO?!?!" Drake yelled

"Well so much for a surprise" Zayn said as Jana walked down stairs 

"You okay???" Harry asked 

"Yep you boys can stay here to night if you want" I said 

"Rocky Sam Jason and I cant we have to get home we got in trouble" Mikey said 

"Hes gonna get you in your sleep isnt he?" Harry said 

"Yea pretty much" 

"Well then...... LETS GIT THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!" Louis yelled with a mistovious smile as sammy and the boys left 

"I don't know weather to be scared or excited" I said 

"MOVIE TIME!!" Liam saved us from Louis idea 

"Jana can I go to Fabians house???" Mark asked 

"You going to hang out with mason or is Fabe's helping you with homework?" She asked

"I'm hanging with Mason and can I stay the night?" He asked gabbing his backpack

"Yeah that's fine be safe no causing trouble do you need a ride?" I asked 

"No Fabians outside in his car with Mason and Drakes coming Bye Jan!" He said hugging her as Drake came and did the same 

"Bye" I said 

"Bye guys"They said in unison 

"Your brothers are sweet" El said 

"They are when they want to be." She said 

"Horror movie!!!!!" I yelled 

"Alright what about Sinister" Harry said we all nodded and he popped the disk in

(Sleeping on the mattresses arrangements" Liam with Danielle, Zayn with Perrie, Louis with Eleanor and Jana laying her head down on Nialls shoulder and holding onto Harry's hand who was in the next bed) 

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