Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


4. Saved

Jana's P.O.V

I just had to leave everyone to leave with my so called "Boyfriend" named Conner to go the movies I tried breaking him up like 5 different times he is abusive every time I tried to break up with him he would punch kick or hit me with all the force he had and he wont let me hang out with any off my friends and I just got Niall back all I want is to be with Niall. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Conner. 

"Hey Babe" he said. 

"Hi" I said as I sat down. 

"Why were you inside that house?" 

"I was visiting My friend Niall" I stated and looked out the window

"I don't want you going back or talking to him again" He said pulling into the movie theater parking lot

"I haven't see or spoken to him in 4 years I am going to talk to him and hang out with him weather you like it or not, Conner hes my best friend and you have no power over what I do and don't" I said as I got out of the car. I knew right when I said that I would regret it I knew what was coming.

"Don't talk to me like that you will do what I tell you to do!" He yelled as he punched my face as hard as he could. 

"OW!" I yelled as I gripping the door handle on the car and held my face crying. 

"Now lets go and quit crying" He said grabbing me and throwing his arm around me ad we walked inside.

"Um I have to go to the bathroom" I said and ran off crying. 

I ran into the bathroom went into the stall and locked the door. I grabbed out my phone and called Niall. 

"Hello?" Nialls voice boomed through my phone 

"Niall?" I cried 

"Jana? Whats wrong?" He asked. 

"Niall I need you to come get me I'm at the movie theater down the street" I said trying to calm down. 

"Jana did your boyfriend do something to you?" he asked 

"Yes Conner punched me in the face he abuses me and he wont let me break up with him I need you please." I cried. 

"The boys and I are on our way way keep me on the phone and talk to me" He said. 

"Okay but what about the girls?" I sniffled. 

"They went shopping"


"Niall hes going to come in here and hurt me again I don't want to be abused again." I said shaking my head at the thought. 

"Jana we the movie theater hes not gonna touch you again are you in the bathroom because I see a guy standing tapping his foot?" 


"I'm going to get off the phone and we're going to come get you and your coming home with me your mom and dad left for the week so your staying at my house" He said 

"okay" I said and hung up

"JANA" Conner yelled as he busted through the door.

"Conner please don't" 

"You were talking to him when I told you not to" he said as he raised his fist and I ran out the door and into Niall's arms. 
"I got you Jan"

Niall's P.O.V

Jana ran out of the bathroom and straight into my arms crying. 

"Its alright Jan hes not going to touch you again" I said as I held her 

"DUDE! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY GIRLFRIEND!" Conner's voice boomed through the movie theater. 

"Shes not yours anymore she never was" I said. 

"Yes she is and yes she was hints the name GIRLFRIEND" He yelled 

"Shes not yours and she never was" Zayn stated 

"I've known her since she was 15. I won't leave her alone in till she tells me to" He said.

"First Niall has known me since I was 4 second I have told you to leave me alone I have tried to break up with you like 5 different times but you wouldn't let me now I'm going to say it one more time we are done ." She said as she turned back around and wrapped her arms around me. 

"Whatever I'll get you back sooner or later" He said as he petted her hair and I pulled her away. 

"Lets get you home Love" Harry said with a smile on his face. 

"Thank you guys for coming and getting me from him" she said 

"No problem Jana we were got scared when Niall grabbed his keys and yelled at us what was going on" Louis says.

"Liam do you want want to drive so I can sit with Jana" I asked 

"Yea I'll drive" He said and we all got into the car and I sat Jana on my lap 

(Seating arangements: Drivers seat Liam Passenger Seat Zayn Behind driver seat Middle Niall and Jana and behind passenger seat Harry and behind driver seat Louis) 

"Jan let me see your face" I said as she switched sides and to let me see her face. 

"He hit you really hard Jana how long as this been going on?" I asked her 

"When he abuses me he uses all the power he has and it started about a month into us dating and I didn't want to be with him we he started hitting me" she stated 

"Why didn't you tell anyone?" I asked 

"Because he said he would hurt everyone I cared about and if some of them weren't there he said he'd find them and hurt them for example you, and I didn't want to risk that." She said. 

"Jan if I would of known I would of dropped everything to come and save you from all of the abuse." I said 

"I know you would of and thank you guys again for coming and technically saving me." I said

"Jana you have no need to thank us we just got scared that he was going to end up hurting you so bad you would of been sent to a hospital." Harry said. 

"Well knowing him and how much damage he could do he probably would of if I didn't run as fast as I did out of that bathroom" I said as the car came to a stop and all of us got out and went inside. 


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