Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


39. Plane

Eleanor's P.O.V

"EVERYBODY UP!!!!!!!!!!" Paul yelled 

like normal Jana had her earphones in 

"wake up" Niall said taking her headphones out she didn't budgein

"Jazza wake up" Louis said 

She still didn't move

"Awe babe you have a twin" Perrie said

Louis then poured ice water all over her

She woke up screaming 

"Louis" She said calmly 

"Yes love" 

"YOUR DEAD" he jumped out of bed and chanced Louis to the back and tackled him 

"Louis ever do that again I swear I will do what I did to paul but worse" She threatened

"I'm sorry! El get her off me"

"Babe sorry you poured ice on her I warned you" I said as Jana got up 

"JAZZA WE ARE GOING HOME!!!!" Jade yelled 

"I KNOW!!!" She shrieked 

"We have to go to venice and Surf and we have to take Lila Skateboarding" She said

"On the top of the list let me get changed and we can go through baggage claim" Jana said she grabbed a tank top that had california written across it and a pair of jeans she walked into the bathroom and walked out with her hair in a high ponytail and we all walked out grabbed our bags and went to baggage claim we grabbed our carry on bags our laptops phones electronics magazines etc and waited to board the plane

"Sorry sir we cannot let you see them they are High priority to be guarded" we heard security say

"Jana is our sister" Drake yelled I ran up to security and told them 

"Sir they really are Jana's brothers and hey guys" 

"Hey El" They said in Unison as I grabbed them and took them to Jana

"Jaz you got  visitors"

"YOU CAME!!!" She yelled and hugged them both 

"Of course we came we arent letting you leave without saying bye" Mark said 

"Is Jade here???" Mark asked 

"Yea JADE!!!" Jade came running 

Mark's P.O.V

I liked Jade her and I exchanged numbers and havent stopped sending text messages Im going to ask her out because we plan on flying out to see Jana, While Jana and drake talked I decided to ask Jade 

"Hey Mark" She smiled 

"Hey Ja-Ja" I replied 

"you wanted to ask me something?"

"I know we have hardly known each other but it feels like ive known you for years but I was wondering if you um would like to go out sometime We are flying out to see Jana so maybe then but if you dont I completely understa-" She cut me off and crashed her lips onto mine 

"Yes now go talk to your sister I'll be here when your done"She smiled 

"Little bro has it goin on Dre" Jana said 

"Oh shut up" 

"Congrats dude" Drake said 

"Thanks now can I have my hug from my sister I wont be able to see???" I asked

"Yea" She said and I hugged her 

Niall walked over 

"Hey we gotta go" He said

"You take care of our sister" Drake pointed 

"Dont worry I will" Niall said 

"We're going to miss you" We said and hugged Jana one last time

"Ill miss you to bye guys" She said and walked to the gate 

Janas P.O.V

We got to the gate and we heard a guy shouting My and Jaclyns name we thought it was just a fan till we heard him yell

"GET OFF ME I'M NATHAN SYKES!" We both looked at each other and turned around

"NATHAN!" We yelled and ran towards him and hugged him 

"Hey" He said hugging us 

"I gotta go Lou is going to steal seat" She said kissing  nathans cheek and running after Louis 

I hugged Nathan again

"Love you going to be late" He told me

"Bye" I said as Nathan wiped my cheek with his thumb 

"I didnt realize I was crying"

"You'll be fine text me when you land" He said kissing my forehead I nodded and walked on the plane 

I got on the plane and sat next to Niall and laid my head down and fell asleep


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