Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


14. Parents are back...

Louis' P.O.V 

We got to Niall's house around 7 and saw that his mom was home early so we walked up to his house and she let us in and Jana's parents just got here too probably for Jana's birthday today well Niall is in for surprise. Anyways Niall mom let us in and we peeked into Nialler's room and he and Jana were sleeping so peacefully they were so cute together.  Last night Jana sent the boys and I a text message saying Sorry if any of us got her and she got us kind of sucked into her problems, but what she doesn't understand is that shes like a sister to us all and El told me that she sent the girls texts too saying that shes sorry she technically had them in a really bad situation and we all replied with in second's that she doesn't need to apologize she family so we are going to go wake them up. 

"Ready?" I whispered 

"Lou don't' do this to them" El said 

"We must" I replied as the boys and I crept into their room, shut the door quitely and went to the bed

"Wake up love birds" Liam said 

Niall just moved his head while still asleep and it was lying on Jana's head 

" PERFECT TWITTER PICTURE!" Harry yell-whispered as he pulled out his phone and took a picture and tweeted it 

@JanaMJ_ @NiallOfficial the two love birds fast asleep I may be a guy but there actually really cute together haha Love you guys :) xx 

"Wake up Jan" Harry said 

Jana just groaned and snuggled in closer to Niall's body

"WAKE UP" I yelled at the top of my lungs 

"If you 4 don't get out of here I will get up and personally kick your asses" Jana said with her morning voices 

"Believe every word she says" Niall said 

"Both of your parents are back" Zayn blurted out 

"WHAT!" They said in unison shooting straight up from the bed 

"Yea both of your parents are down stairs" Eleanor said walking in with the girls 

"UGH" Jana groaned and fell back down on the bed 

"You guys should get dressed and down stairs Jana's dad is about to come up here to find you I think he expects you to be in a separate bed's" Perrie said 

"I don't want to get on the bad side of your dad" Niall said throwing on a pair of Pajama pants and a v-neck

"Yea your probably right last thing I need is a furious father" Jana said 

"Here love you can borrow this t-shirt since your clothes are gone" Niall said as he threw it at Jana as she walked into the bathroom and changed into the shirt and we all went downstairs 

Jana's P.O.V 

I instantly started shaking as we started walking down the stairs I guess Niall noticed because he rubbed my back as we got down stairs he removed his hands 

"JANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mark yelled and attacked me in a hug 

"Who are you and what have you done with my little brother?" I said looking down at Mark who was looking at me with a sad expression 

"I'm kidding I missed you too lil bro" I said prying him off of me and went to hug my Dad and my Mom and my other Brother. 

"So how has it been going?" My Mom asked 

"Good and this is Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie" I said pointing to each one as I said their names 

"Nice to meet you all" My Dad said and then he saw my bruised face 

I tensed up a bit and Niall looked at me with a look telling me that it will be alright just calm down

"Jana what happened to your face?" My dad asked as he and my brother looked at it 

"Nothing I just fell" I lied as Mrs Horan came and pulled Niall away to talk to him

"Jana I've been in the army long enough and seen what falling marks look like and this is a punching mark who hit you?" Drake asked

"Conner" I said trying to fight back the tears that we threatening to fall 

"I'm gonna kill him" Drake said starting to walk out the door 

"Drake don't' I said as I grabbed his wrist 

"Why not?" He asked

"Because hes in Jail already and his face is already punched in as it can be." I said as Niall came back in with his mom

"Who punched him like that?" He asked

"I did.. I mean we all fought her - he was cut off by Harry 

"We all fought but Niall got the most punches in that's how he got a broken wrist " He said 

"Why didn't you tell us hon we could of done something" Niall's mom said 

"Because he threatened to hurt the people I love and care about no matter what part of the world they are in starting with the family I live with and when he said no matter what part of the world he was gesturing towards Drake and Niall and I didn't want to risk that every time I tried leaving him he would just hit me over and over and He hit me when we went to the movies and I had to call Niall which pissed him off even more because I told him off because he said I couldn't hang out with Niall anymore and I knew I would regret it and he punched me for it so I ran into the movie theater bathroom he told me not to even talk to Niall but Niall gave me his number if I needed anything and I called him and the boys technically saved my life with the damage he does" I said in one breath as a tear rolled down my cheek and Niall wiped it away

"Jana honey when ever something happens like that again call any of us is there anything else you need to tell us?" My mom asked 

"Niall your helping me with this one" I said and he nodded 

"Jana and I are um kinda sorta like" 

"He and I erm.." 


"Thank you Louis" Niall said rubbing his ear 

"ITS ABOUT TIME" My brothers yelled 

Everyone erupted into laughter 

"But we all need to approve" Drake stated 

"Mom?" Niall asked 

"Of course Its Jana shes already like a Daughter to me" Which made Niall smile 

"Mom?" I asked 

"OF COURSE" She yelled with happiness

"Drake Mark?" I asked 

"Its about damn time you two got together so yea we approve" He said


"We have loved you from the start Jana we've feel like we've known you forever because Niall here wouldn't shut up about you the whole time we were on the plane so yes you got ours" they said hugging Jana one at a time. 

"Girls?" Niall asked 

"No need to ask you have been approved since Niall wouldn't shut up so yes" Dani said 

I took a deep breath this is the one that matters the most 

"Dad?" I asked as I looked down preparing for the worst. 


"What?!" My head shot up instantly 

"Yes I approve" 

I literally had a heart attack I jumped into Niall's arms and hugged him as he spun me around 



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