Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


44. Old memories

(Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a while my great grandfather died and im really upset ~Taylor)

Niall's P.O.V

We were driving through Jana's old neighborhood and she looked a little tense and scared

"Babe are you okay"

"Yeah" She smiled she parked the car and turned it off

"Where are we?????????"

"The place I grew up for part of my life the rest was in Ireland" She smiled and got out I did the same thing

She locked the car and through the keys in her pocket I walked around the car and wrapped my arm around her waist

"So where are we going first??"

"To this old house down here" she laid her head on my shoulder while we started walking down the street

"So you grew up here for time?"

"Yep in this house here" We walked to the house she tried opening it but it was locked

"Who are you and what do you want with the house its being held for memories of some girl that used to live here no one is aloud inside" a guys voice said from behind us Jana jumped about 5 feet in the air

"Um I'm Jana I was the one used to live here when I was four I moved and I'd thought I come for memories" His eyes grew wide I tightened my grip on Jana a bit

"if your her Name your brothers and sister" He said

"Drake Amber and Mark" She slowed down when she said her sisters name 

"I'm Mr. and Mrs. Perkins son Pete"

"OH!!!!! I remember now you were like 1 or 2 when I left"

"Yeah my parents have told me a lot about you"

"I hope those are good things"

"Trust me they are and would you mind coming to see my parents?" 

"I would love to see them can we go through the house first?" 

"Sure" He unlocked it for us

"His sister adores you and the boys"  Jana told me

"Well I should probably met her if thats alright with you?" I smiled 

"Yea thats fine and I have to run and check on my parents and sister you know where my house is um come there after" we nodded and Jana pulled me inside

"Man I miss this place but Ireland is my home now I will always be from here but Ireland is my home" I smiled realizing that if she never moved I would have never met her and I wouldnt have her as a girlfriend

"And if you wouldnt have moved you wouldnt of been my best friend and now my beautiful girlfriend" I kissed her temple 

"Besides meeting the boys but your the best part" She smiled

"I like the sound of that" I chuckled lightly we started going up the stairs and entered a room to the left 

Jana's face drained of color and emotion 

"Jan is this......." I trailed off 

She just nodded

This was her and her sisters room Amber was exactly like Jana they were really close but some bastards took her from all of us but mostly from her She walked over to the closet and lifted up the floorboard pulled out a box and she went and sat in the middle of the floor I sat next to her 

"Whats is this" I asked

"A box of stuff  it has all of our diary's hair clip's and pictures of all of us before we left stuff like that her and I hid it and we forgot to grab it" She said

"You miss her dont you"

"Yeah" she put the stuff back in the box and we walked down the stairs into what looked like the living room there was a huge hole in the wall 

"This here if from me and Dre fighting" She told me

"Sounds like you two" 

"Shut up" She laughed 

"Its true" 

"Whatever we are much better now than we were then" We smelt something really really gross it smelled like someone or something

"What is that it smells horrible" She coughed I peered into the kitchen area 

"Its a dead Alligator lets go" I told her she nodded and we walked out I intertwined our fingers 

Jana's P.O.V

I was kinda Jumpy when I came back here but when Niall is here I feel safe we walked down to Mr. and Mrs.Perkins house and knocked on the door and Pete answered the door He let us in and told Niall the plan for his sister whole He said his Parents and his sister were already in there and told me to go in I walked in he had to to call the boys

"JANA YOU CAME BACK!!!" His sister yelled and hugged me

"Hey Leslie" I hugged her

"Honey look its Jana" Mrs.Perkins smiled started getting up I saw an oxygen tank and my heart sank 

"Mrs.Perkins Ill come to you sit down" She sat back down and I walked over to her and gave her a hug and I did the same to Mr.Perkins

"How are you sweetie" Mr Perkins asked

"I'm good how are you guys"

"We are doing okay are mber Mark or Drake with you" Mr.Perkins asked The mention of Amber's name killed me

"No Im here with my boyfriend and friends My dreams came true I am an actual singer" I smiled 

"SEE momma I told you" Leslie said 

"WOW! what band are you here with" Mrs.Perkins asked

"One Direction I am actually dating Niall from the band"

"WHAT!?"Leslie started freaking 

"CALM LES and happy birthday I got you a surprise but you have to stay calm" She nodded I covered her eyes 

"Alright guys come on" The boys came and stood in the living room

"Alright you need to stay calm I know you love them so Les I would like you too meet the cute and talented Niall Horan" I said and uncovered her eyes 

She looked shocked and froze in one place

"Hi love"

"H-Hi Im Leslie" I smiled at how cute she was when she was nervous 

He hugged her and she hugged back

"Your awesome you know that" Leslie said to me

"I know I am" I posed like Louis would 

"Niall this is Mr. and Mrs Perkins they are like my second parents besides your Mum" I smiled 

"This is Niall my boyfriend"

The shook his hand

"Nice to meet you" He smiled 

"Ooh hes irish you've always liked Irish boys Jan" Mr Perkins said 

"Yep" I felt a blush creeping onto my face  

"Dont embarrass the girl hun" Mrs Perkins said 

"She does that all by herself" Niall teased 

"Hey!!" I shouted 

"I see you met Pete" Mrs Perkins said

"Hes grown up A LOT since I left but just as cute" I said 

"Please my brother cute? HAHAH since when" Leslie said Pete just punched her 

Niall laughed "You two remember me of Jan and Drake" He said 

I just laughed to myself 

"Well I have some tickets for our concert tonight would you wanna come plus VIP passes" I asked 

"Mom Dad?" Pete asked 

"Of course you guys can go" 

"YAY!" Leslie jumped and hugged me 

"Oh my god your brother used to do this to me but you way a ton get off me" I said

"HEY!" She shouted 

"Im just joking" I said hugging Pete  

"Babe we have rehearsals and Paul is driving me insane with Texts" Niall said Hugging Leslie one last time and shaking Pete's hand 

"Alright Bye Mom bye Dad" I hugged Mrs. and Mrs.Perkins and gave Leslie my new number a long with Pete and we walked back to the car

"Baby I dont wanna go to rehearsals" I whined 

"I know neither do I" He kissed my head as Paparazzi swarmed us 

"Ni" I held onto him they were pulling on my arms and my shirt 

"DONT TOUCH HER" He yelled at the top of his lungs while pulling me closer "Call Paul" He told me into my ear 

I nodded 



"Paul we need your help we are literally swarmed by the paps we cant move they are pulling on my arms and my shirt" I told him 

"Where are you guys?" 

"In my old neighborhood My phones dead Tell Lila and she can take you just please hurry" I pleaded 

"We will be there in 5 minutes" I just nodded to my self 


"They are on there way" I said Niall tried shoving past the Paps but it didnt work 

about 2 minutes later Paul pulled up and got us out and we ran to my car 

"Babe are you okay" He asked

"Yeah"I started the car Niall grabbed my hand kisses and held it we drove about 10 minutes and we pulled over a long side paul I rolled down the passenger window since he was on that side 

"Are you kids alright?" He asked 

"Yeah we're fine thanks for probably speeding" Niall laughed 

"Well thank Lila for telling us where to go" Lilas head popped out I just laughed my ass off 

"Your retarded"Niall said

"But you love me im IRRESISTIBLE" I put emphasis on irresistible that caused Lila Paul and Niall all to laugh 

"Yes you are Irresistible and NOBODY COMPARES" He said we laughed harder 

"Lets get to the hotel" Paul said and drove in front of us I rolled up the window and started driving 


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