Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


31. morning

*3 weeks later*

Harry's P.O.V 

Niall ran to pick up some breakfast for all of us and it was an hour away and Simon said we had to be where he is by 6 so we all woke up at 4:30 to get it and I stayed with Jana everyone else is getting ready

"Jana wake up" I said shaking her 

"Morning haz" Her phone started going of and grabbed it and look at it with one eye open

"Morning love" I said

"SHIT!" Ill be back she ran into the closet changed into NIalls sweat shirt and a pair of jeans put her phone in her back pocket put her hair in a messy bun grabbed Keys and ran 

I ran after her "JANA STOP!" "Whats wrong?" 

"My dad is hurting Mark and my Mom " She said jumping in her car I jumped in the passenger's seat

"Slow down!!" She sped to her house turned off the car and jumped out and ran inside I ran after her

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM" Jana yelled and punched him in the stomach twisted his arm and pulled it behind his back and held it in between his shoulder blades and pinned the other arm down as I help her Brother up 

"You ever touch my little brother again your ass will be in a casket feet in the down and a headstone saying got to hell" She threatened I texted Niall and he ran to the house with in seconds and helped her mom up and and I helped him tend her mom and Brother while I watched Jana to make sure she was safe 

"Your coming with me" He said 

"No i'm not I got boyfriend and I got 17 people who will fight for me you dont even deserve the title of Dad you will never be my Father again get the hell out of this house and the Hell out of all of our lifes" She said her Mom Mark Niall and I all came in her Mom was in tears and all of the boys and girls were here including Justin they heard everything 

Jana's P.O.V

"Im not leaving" He growled I shook a bit Justin looked at me with sad and hurt eyes and Mom was tending Mark with Niall

"Yes you are or you will be going to Jail like Conner" I said

"Jana I said I was sorry and you didnt except that" He said and punched me with the back of his fist I fell to the floor with blood going down my face I didnt have enough time to get up and he jerked me up by my hair

 I was fighting tears I looked at the girls they were scared 

"Someone take the girls and get them out here just in case" I said 

Zayn took the girls out side and drove off

"Your coming with me" He growled 

"No shes NOT!" Niall stepped up 

"Ni..... dont" I said 

"Jeremiah let her go your going to put her in the hospital" My mom said

"The little brat deserves it" He said and through me to the floor and I hit my head hard again causing it to bleed more 

Niall charged at my dad and started hurting him and so did the boys Justin picked me up and laid me on the couch  

"Are you okay?"Justin said

"My head hurts and thanks Justin" I smiled 

"No problem" He said smiling back my Mom and brother came back in the living room

"Jana???" Mark said with tears in his eyes

"Im okay come here" I said wrapping him in a hug

"Mom this is Justin Justin this is my Mom Shay and this is Mark my little brother" I said 

"Jan why is Dad like this" He said crying

"I don't know go upstairs grab your phone and Call Dre now as fast as you can and lock the door dont let anyone else in but me mom Justin the girls or the boys" 

He nodded and ran as fast as he could 

"GET BACK HERE MARK!" Jeremiah yelled im not even called him Dad

Mark screamed and ran and slammed the door and locked it the boys came in the room and Niall hugged me tightly and Dre and Sam came in 

"SAMMY!!!!!!!!" Niall and I yelled

"NIALLER!! JAZZA!!!!!!" He yelled

"Did dad do this to you Jana?" Dre said 

"Hes not my Dad anymore and yes he hurt Momma and Mark" I said

"Prick" Sam said

"I know" I said

"Wheres Momma at?"

"Kitchen" they talked for awhile and by the time we were done it was 11 o'clock so we all went to bed at my old house




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