Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


23. morning and first day moving in to the house

Harry's P.O.V

The movie finished and the girls were already asleep and Jana still had a hold of my hand

"Haz you awake?!?!?!?!" Louis whispered

"Yeah whos asleep?????" I asked 

"The girls the rest of us are awake" Zayn said

"Haz can you change the movie we cant get up?" Liam asked

"I can get it Jana is on my shoulder shes a heavy sleeper shes only in a light sleep when something is 1.Bothering her or 2. Shes scared or worried

"I cant get it Ni Jana just has a hold of my hand" I said as I let go of Jana's hand and walked to the tv and put a different movie in Jana shifted in her sleep and was snuggled into Niall she started to wake up but he sang her back to sleep they are really good together I went and sat back down next to Jana and I drifted off to sleep along with the boys.

*The next morning*

Dani's P.O.V

I woke up and was about to get up because Liam didn't have a strong grip on me and then I heard


"Liam" I whisper shaking him gently


"Liam" I said shaking him a little harder t

"Danielle whats wrong?" He asked in his morning voice

*CRASH * this

This crash was louder than the others and everyone woke up

"That's whats wrong what the hell is that?!?!" I said it sounded like it was in Janas room

Jana got up and grabbed a baseball bat that was lying behind the couch

"Whatever" it is its coming from my room" She said and started walking up the stairs

"Jana no!! I'll go" Niall darted to Jana

"I'll be fine I promise" She said and walked up stairs about 5 minutes later we heard a loud thud

"OH MY GOD DADDY I'M SO SO SO SORRY" She yelled as she helped him down the stairs

"It's alright I'm just proud of my Daughter for swinging a baseball bat that hard and on directly on the chest" He said holding his chest 

"Hi kids" He said

"Hi Mr Jones" We said in unison

"Dad I'm so so so so sorry" She repeated

"Its alright I just finished the rest of your packing you brothers took most of the boxes already" he said

"Dad you didn't have to do that go back to bed or go with Mom" She said as he pushed him out the door

"I cannot believe I hit my Dad with a baseball bat"

"We cant either" I said

"What time is it?" Harry asked

"Noon" El said rubbing her eyes

"You guys can stay here and sleep I have to go unpack my new house before my Mom get home and starts crying that I'm leaving" Jana said

"CAN WE COME!!!?????"Louis yelled with excitement

"Sure you can go get dressed or do what ever you want I'm going to get changed" She said

"El Dani and I are to"Perrie said and we walked upstairs with Jana"

Zayn's P.O.V

"I dont Know about you guys but Im staying in my t-shirt and sweats and I'm throwing on a hoodie" I said

"We're doing the same" Louis said as the girls came down stairs

We all walked outside and we spotted Jana's car damage free

"Can someone tell me how that happened???" Liam asked

"I have no clue... BUT ITS MY CAR!!" She yelled excitedly 

"You really like your car don't you?" Harry chuckled

"Yes yes I do" She said

"Heres the keys to it" Drake said throwing keys the keys at me as I caught them

"Thanks" She said as the rest of us walked to the car 

"Whos riding with who?" I said jumping into my car

"I can fit 3 back 1 front" She said

Louis Haz and I raised our hands

"I can fit one more." She offered

No one volunteered so we all got in the cars and left

"Niall said he'd follow you" I said

"Alright" Her phone started going off she picked it up and smiled and then set it down while still smiling

Louis gasped and we all looked at him except for Jana

"Whats wrong??" Haz asked

"SHE HAS DIMPLES!!!!!!!!" He yelled while poking her cheek

We all irrupted into laughter

"Yes Lou I have dimples I always have had them you just now noticed?" She said while poking her cheek still

"No because you hardly smile when we are around" He said he kept poking her cheek

"Lou quit poking her cheek your going to make her crash" Harry said

We all noticed she quit smiling

"Because we hardly laugh when your around surprisingly because from what the fans are sending me on twitter you are supposed to my the loud and funny one" She said the boys and I looked at each other

"You actually read what they send you?"

"Yes Zayn I do" She said stopping at a stop light

"Jana some fans can be cruel if they send you hate then they are not true fans we don't want you listen to any of the hate the send you please don't believe it if it bothers you come talk to anyone of us including the girls because they got it and still do" Harry said

"Hes right so please don't give in or believe any of it Niall and Li don't want you to either along with the girls" Lou said as she started driving again and turned onto a street

"I promise I won't" She said as she turned into a driveway of a two story house

She turned off the car and jumped out

Niall's P.O.V

"WOW! Jana how much did this cost?" I asked because I know I'm going to be living with her and just the girls know and my Mom and brother

"A couple thousand I got a really good deal for it because there are 9 bed rooms 1 guest rooms a game room with a music room

"Seriously?" Dani asked

"Yep My brother said he unpacked the kitchen stuff and the living room stuff but I told them not to and I would do it so lets go see it" She said as we walked into the house

"JANA!!!!!" Mark yelled and tackled me

"Someone get him off me I cant breathe" She demanded as we tried picking Mark up but he sprawled out on top of her and went boneless

"MOM!!!!" She screamed

"Whats wrong sweetie" She yelled

"Cant breathe" She said

"Mark get off your sister she needs to look around" She said

"Oh hey kids!!" She said

"Hi Mrs.Jones!!" We said in unison

"Mom Can I talk to you real fast" she asked her Mom nodded and went into a room upstairs


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