Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


30. Liams b-day part 1

*one week later*

Dani's P.O.V

Niall tweeted a couple of days ago about Jana's arm and how he hated what they did but that doesn't surprise me  she got loads of hate but she got some love & Its Liams birthday!!  its been a pretty good week No Connor No Jana's Dad its been good that we know of.... Jana is good at hiding things but Jana is still depressed bit I mean who wouldn't be 

"I feel old" Liam said 

"Because you are" Jana teased

"Your only 1 year and 16 Days younger than me!" Liam defended 

"Hes got a point and wheres Niall??" I asked

"Visiting his Mom and brother and his Step-Dad is home so hes visiting" She said as the doorbell rang

"Ill get it" She said and jumped up and went to the door

"Hi sorry t- OH Look its the babe from the shop!" The guy said

"What are you doing here" She asked gripping the door 

"You wanna come with us to eat??" Harry went by the stairs to make sure nothing happened

"lemme think NO! I have a boyfriend why dont you get out of here before I make you" She said trying to keep up her act to not be scared 

"Come on dont be like that your boyfriend doesn't have to know" We heard him say Harry look at us with a look saying hes getting pissed

"Leave your starting to Piss me off" She said 

"C'mon" He said

"Haz you wanna deal with this?" She said 

"Yea" He said and went to the door

"You alright?????" Zayn nudged Jan

"Yeah" she said 

"So you doing anything special for your birthday Li?" She asked

"Nope just hanging with you guys my Mum and sisters had to leave yesterday" He simply said 

Harry walked in the room and picked Jana up 

"Styles put me down I was comfy!!" She whined 

He sat down and put her on his lap

"Not what I meant but alright" She said 

we laughed a bit

"My twitter is insane right now" She said

"You get used to it" I said and we noticed El snuggled into Louis' chest

"Is El asleep???" I asked

"Yeah shes tired" 

"Perries asleep too" Zayn said 

"Hey guys I want to that second tattoo and this time without Niall this one is a surprise and you guys will know what this one is you guys want to come if not I'll go by myself" I said grabbing my purse and keys 

"You sure you want us to come??" Hazasked 

"Yes I want you too because your technically family and I dont wan to bother my Mom whos in court right now for the um Divorce"

"We'd love too but we dont want to wake the girls sorry" Liam said 

"Its alright ill go ill be back in an hour" I said grabbing my purse and keys 

"Not so fast" Harry gabbed my hand and twilled me around 

"Yea curly?" I asked

"Im coming with!" He said excitedly and we ran out the door 

"I love you curls" I said he and I were so close we are like brother and sister 

"I love you too" he said as we pulled into the parking lot I jumped out and jumped in Harrys back

"If that prick is here stay with me" I said jumping off his back and walking into the tattoo shop

"I'll stay with you know matter what your my sister" He whispered into my ear as I grabbed his hand

"You come for another tattoo?" Mei mei asked 

"Yes mam" Jana said

"Come on back" She said as we both walked back and I made Harry sit down and I sat down on his lap as Mei-Mei grabbed out all the needles and the colors out 

"Where do you want this one sweetie?"

"My arm right here going up and down " She said rubbing up and down her forearm 

"What will it be" She asked

"They are initials do you have a piece of paper?" I asked 

"Sure sweetie good idea draw it so I can understand" She said  

I drew on one side the boys initials the other side the girls initials in order I put N.J.H with small green heart for Niall then I did H.E.S with a small orange heart for Harry then I did Z.J.M with a small blue heart for Zayn then I did L.W.T with a small red heart for Louis and then L.J.P with a small purple heart. then for the girls it went P.L.E with a small blue heart for Perrie, E.J.C with a small pink heart for Eleanour, and D.C.P with a small purple heart for Danielle I showed it to Mei-Mei and she nodded I sat back on Harrys lap and laid my head down on his shoulder 

Harry's P.O.V

"Hazza don't look its a surprise" She said and winced 

"Dont worry love I wont" She winced again this time she inhaled deeply 

"Your doing good" I started singing Moments and she calmed down 

*10 minutes later*

"Why does it hurt so bad??" She said and dug her head into my chest

"Because its a needle love" I said rubbing her back 

"You're almost done I'm on the last shape love for the color" She said and pulled the needle away 


"Thank you" 

She started to hand Mei-Mei money but I already paid with me credit card


"My treat now lemme see" I jumped up and down and she showed me her arm that had letters on it with hearts and I realized it was all of our initials 

"Jana why???" I asked shocked 

"Because you guys are like my world your family now lets go I want to go home and see my Nialler" She whined 

"Look its the babe again!!" The guy walked in 

"OH look its the PRICK again stay the fuck away from me" Jana said 

"Alright your arm is going to be sore you know that right?" I said as we got in the car

"yea I know but I dont care it means to world to me" She said smiling 

Her phone started ringing which was on the center console it lite up saying leeyumm :)

"Nice way to spell Liam" I said she picked it up and put it on speaker 

"Hellooo??" She said dragging the O

"Where are you two?" He asked 

"Almost to the house why?" I said 

"Because Niall is having a panic attack because your not home and he thinks you two got kidnapped and he won't stop freaking out to listen to us so hurry up" He said 

"Alright we are pulling in" She said shut the door and we locked the car and went inside and saw panicking Niall Jana rushed over in front of him 

"Babe calm down I'm fine Haz took care of me I just went to the tattoo shop now calm down see look i'm here in one piece and so is Harry" I said he looked relaxed 

"You got your other tattoo without me??" He said with a sad face 

"This one was a surprise" I said and showed him and he smiled 

"I love you" 

"I love you too" 

"LET US SEE!!!!!!" Louis jumped up and down like a baby 

"You guys know I love you right?" She said

"Of course we love you too" Liam said 

"Come look and find what belongs to you" She said and held out her arm and the saw their initials and the heart 

"AWWWWWW" The girls said and hugged her 

"We love you too!!!!!!!" Zayn said 

"Your technically part of the crew now!!" Louis said 

"um Ill be right back" El said and walked outside you could see her yelling and shes not the type of person to yell 

"Whats going on she looks mad and upset" I said 

"I dont know but I dont like it" Louis said and walked outside and about 5 seconds later she was off the phone and was in Louis' arms crying a little bit not much a few tears 

they came back inside 

"El are you okay???" Jana asked

"Yea just a bit upset can I borrow you for a second " She said

"Of course" She said and went upstairs 

Eleanor P.O.V

I had gotten a modeling job a few month they are taking me to Switzerland and I wont be able to go with everyone on tour for a few weeks maybe months I also didn't want to leave Lou because I just got to see him after 2 months on tour 

"Eleanor whats wrong hon" She said shutting her bedroom door 

"I have to go to Switzerland from weeks or months" I cried 

"'Its okay calm down" She pulled me into a hug and I cried on her shoulder 

"Jana I don't want to leave" I said 

"Look at me"

I looked at Jana and she wiped my tears

"Jana's P.O.V

"Have the fucking time of your life there and you know what when we are on tour I will fly you out as a surprise I promise" 

"Thanks Babe" I said I fixed my self and we walked down stairs 

"Li we have stuff for your birthday!!!" Dani said excitedly

"I didn't want a party!!!" He whined 

"We didnt throw you a party but we got you presents":I said Justin walked in 

"Hey guys! Happy birthday Liam!"

"Thanks Justin"

"Present time!!!!!" Louis Shouted 

"This is from Niall and I" I said and gave him the present that was wrapped in toy story wrapping paper he opened it and his eyes got wide 

"Thank you!!" He said and got El and Lous present next he unwrapped it 

"Toy story!!!!" Liam shouted 

We all erupted into laughter 

"thank you"

He pulled out this big box and opened it

"Hahaha thank you Haz!!" Liam said pulling out a batman bedset 

"Your welcome" He said with a cheeky smile and a nod 

"Alright we didnt know what to get you so we decided the cake was our gift to you they dont even know what it is Perrie said as Zayn brought out a cake that had its candles let and we sang happy birthday 

The cake had Toy story and batman on oneside music on the other and a picture  of all of us

He blew out the candles 

"Thank you guys"

Dani whispered something into his year Liam nodded and smiled cut the cake and we all had about 2 three pieces and his phone rang 

"yes but we are-"

"Yes sir" Liam said and hung up

"Simon wants us in bed bc we have to do something early tomorrow morning with him" Liam said we all gave each other hugs and they all left I walked into the kitchen and was putting stuff away I was interrupted by Niall spinning me around and setting me on the counter 

"I don't want to get up in the morning I want to have a lazy day with you" He complained coming closer and pecking my lips

"I don't either but we have to and I cannot believe I get to come on tour with you" I said placing my elbows on his shoulder and played with his hair

"I can't either I don't have to leave you now or ever"He said smiling and taking me upstairs 

"Good" I said kissing his cheek I changed into my Pjs while he strpped down to his boxers wecrawled into bed and fell asleep




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