Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


41. Kristen


My Daughter Kristen is here today and She hasn't met the boys yet but she needed to write a report for school on different states so I told her she could come with me I know Jaclyn Jana and the girls are going to love her I looked at my watch and realized I needed to get the girls up before the boys I unlocked the door and opened the blinds 

"Girls come on get up" I said

Jana groaned and rolled over 

"Its to early" Jaclyn said

"No its not can I talk to you girls?" I asked 

They all sat up and woke up then looked at each other

"Paul... are you okay??" Perrie said

"Yea I'm Fine My Daughter is coming today shes doing a all around the world research paper and I told her she could come with us the boys dont know yet" I said

"How old is she??" Dani asked

"We'd love to meet her" El said

"Shes 18 about to be 19 and I cant pick her up because of the boys do you guys want to get her?" I asked 

"YEAH!" the said in Unison 

"Alright get up and get dressed you have to leave in 10 minutes" I said smiling 

"Alright" the said and got going 

I went to wake up the boys as the girls came out

"What gate is she at?" Jana asked 

"315" I said

"Alright" Perrie said

"Do you know where your going?" I asked not wanting them to get lost 

"Yes I know every in and out of the LAX airport" 

"Thank you guys so much" 

"No problem" They smiled and ran out the door 

Perrie's P.O.V

We all piled into the car and started driving I was texting Zayn who just woke up and isnt happy lord help Paul and now I'm pretty sure we are even with the boys now lets see there is Harry Liam Niall Louis Zayn Peter Carson Carter Chase and T.J theres 10 and now we have Eleanour, Danielle, Me,Jana,Jaclyn, Jade, Chloe,Lila, Bella and now Kristen we are all super excited and all of the boys have girlfriends except for Chase but I'm sure that Chase knows Paul says shes off Limits 

"Guys paul said that 6 of us need to go to baggage claim and the other 3 go get kristen so you guys want to make the teams now and the baggage claim is the same number as her gate number" I said reading the text message he sent me

"Chloe and I" Lila said 

"I'll go to baggage claim too so there is 4" I volunteered 

"Dani and I will to" El said 

"So it will be Me Jana Jaclyn to go get Kristen right?" Jade asked

"Yeah is anyones phone like alive and not dead" I asked

"Mine is but its about to die" Jana said pulling into the parking lot 

we all got out and split up 

Jaclyns P.O.V

We all split up Jade Jana and I all ran to her gate because her plan had landed and was about to  unboard we were all in football (soccer for americans mind you Jaclyns Irish) so we ran as fast at we could and got there before the were unboarding Jana decided to call Niall 


"Hey you alright Paul told us about his daughter and you guys going to get her" 

"Yeah baby I'm fine I just called to say we should be home soon and I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight I can show you around my old neighborhood and we can go get dinner like chinese or something " 

"Yeah babe I would love too are you guys waiting for Kristen"

"Me Jacy and Ja-Ja are" 

"Where are the others?" 

"Perrie, Dani, El, Clo, Li ,and Bella went to get her bags I mean she has to have at least four or five" 

"True when are you going to be home I didnt get my morning hug or kiss id prefer the kiss and Im not happy"

"Aww Nialler you will get your kiss when I get back alright?"

"Fine I guess I can wait a little longer" 

*Line goes dead and phone dies*

"Now my phone is officially DEAD" Jana said 

"Look they are unboarding" we all shot up from our seats and waited we saw a girl about 5'2 brown wavy hair and blue eyes with a laptop and notebook on it and had a messenger bag over her shoulder smile at us and run up to us

"You must be Kristen" I said smiling

"Yes I am"

"I'm Jaclyn this is Jana and Jade" 

"My um Dad said there was nine of you is everything okay?" She asked

"Yea Perrie Eleanor Danielle Chloe Lila and Bella are getting your bags because fans could ambush us any minute" Jana said 

"Okay Im going to try and get this right my Dad said there were ten boys there is Harry Liam Niall Louis Zayn Peter T.J Carter Carson and Chase?" 

"Your correct" Jade said

"Jaclyn your Harry girlfriend and Nialls cousin, Jana your Nialls girlfriend, Jade your Janas younger brother girlfriend, Lila is Peters girlfriend, Perrie is Zayns girlfriend, Danielle is Liams girlfriend, Eleanor is Louis' girlfriend, Carter has a girlfriend who is a college student in Juilliard T.J  is with his sisters best friend Carson is dating a girl who also attended Juilliard and Chase is single right?" 

"Yes Im gessing your dad told you?"

"And Chloe and Bella your boyfriends go to Bradford University but moved from Florida and New Jersey? Im glad Paul told her all of this so we didn't have to

"Yea" they said in unison 

"So technically Everyone is taken except chase" She said

"Pretty much" Jana said

We met up with the others chatted and got to know each other while we drove home and saw a bigger crowd of fans and Paparazzi surrounding the building 

"How the hell are we going to get in?"

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