Niall Horan is going home to Mullingar Ireland for the 3 months he has off to visit his Family and his best friend Jana.


42. How the Hell are we going to get in

Jaclyns P.O.V

"How da hell are we gonna get in" Jade said 

"We cant call Paul or the Boys our phones are dead" Chloe said

"My phone might work not sure ill try I havent tried turning it on" Kristen said turning on her phone

"Lets hope it works" Jana said 

"Its dead" She said

"Hey is that Niall and the boys right there?" I pointed out 

"Haha yeah and look at Louis" He was on top of Harry's shoulders waving to go to the back and doing a dance 

we bursted out laughing and Jana started driving to the back we turned off the car and jumped out 

"Louis how the hell do you get on top of Harry's shoulder and May I add it was funny as Hell" I laughed

"He climbed up there" He simply said "Louis they saw you now GET OFF me you weigh a ton" He said and Louis got off 

"and you why didnt you answer my phone calls and why did you hang up on me" Niall said hugging Jana and I 

"Our phones died babe, and This is Kristen" Jana said

"Hi and I know your Harry Liam Niall Louis and Zayn but let me see if I can get these 5 right."

"Go for it" Peter said kissing Lilas cheek 

"Alright so your Peter because your dating Lila obviously, You have the prankster/devious boy look so your T.J, You look like my best friend so your Carter, You have the Laidback look but in reality you're not so your Carson, and you have the bad boy look so your Chase please tell me im right if Im not my father gave me the wrong information" She said "Also your all siblings right??"

"No Carter and I are brothers our sister is Chloe, Chase and  T.J are brothers is an only child and Peter is Bellas brother" Carson said

"That we didnt know" Harry said

"I told you guys" Jana said 

"No you didnt" 

"I told Niall and then told him to tell you"

"I forgot sorry babe" Niall said 

"You are right" Chase smiled looking at Kristen for like the tenth time 

WHOA WHOA WHAT BACK UP Chase SMILED?!?! He never smiles! I must do some meddling in this. I think Jana noticed to because she was looking at me we heard fans screaming 

Paul grabbed the last of her bags she had 3 

"Guys I can get my bags" 

"Nooo your on a Vacay you just have to a paper on all around the world and on the famous life and then your done you shouldn't have to do anything" Peter said 

"Its true" T.J said

"Then I have a question" She said looking at chase

"Whats that?" Paul asked 

"Chase has to carry me because when I got to the airport I had to run from fans im surprise they know who I am and im tired as hell" Kristen said but we all could tell that Chase likes her and She likes Chase but Paul doesnt see it

"Fine by me" Chase shrugged his Shoulders Louis and Harry gave him the I-know-you-like-her-watch-out-for-her-dad look and smiled 

Kristen got on Chases back and we walked into the Hotel room 

"I have to call and see if we can get your rehearsals done here since there is so many Paps and Fans we wont be able to get out" Paul said and left the room 

"LAZY DAY!!" Louis said

"How about we get to know Kristen" Harry suggested 

we all nodded in agreement 

"Theres not much to tell I'm 18 almost 19 my Birthday is September 15 I currently attend Bradford University I got accepted on full scholarship for Football and I traveled to America for a little while when I was finishing my last year of high school and got recruited to a California College I like the adrenaline rush My best friends are Dustin brook, Cole Anthony, and may sound crazy but these girls . I absolutely hate the type of girls who are like O-M-G I BROKE MY NAIL and I hate the type of guy who is like self absorbed and think they are all cool, My favorite movie is all of the Paranormal activities you need to know anything else?" She asked 

"Yes but one thing are you single" Chase asked 

She blushed like crazy

"Yes but if my Dad heard you say that I would start running or jump out the window" She said 

"Heard him say what?" 

"NOTHING!" We all shouted 

"So Is everyone getting along?" 

"Yes Dad we arent 6 year olds" Kristen said 

"What are you guys doing today?" 

"Lazy day" We said in Unison 

"I'm going to go get lunch you all stay in here" He said and left

*Phone Starts ringing*

"Whos phones ringing" 

"Mine Sadly guys Ill be on the roof come get me if you need me" Jana said grabbed her Hollister jacket that was one size too big for her 

"Jan whats wrong?" Niall asked 

"Nothing Promise I'll be back if I'm not back in 10 minutes come get me" Jana said and left

"What was that?" Kristen asked

"Jana had an abusive boyfriend since she was 15 and her Dad recently turned into a monster and beat the crap out of her brother and mom so shes having a rough time and she was bullied her whole life so thats the long story short" Niall said 

"Shes still standing up and strong like that?I would be broken and in an emotional wreck" she stated

its been 8 minutes" Niall said

"Niall you worry to much" Jaclyn said 

"Jac If you heard how scared she sounded when she was at that movie theater You would be too" He said 

Jana walked back in the room 

"I love demented people that way I can tell them off when they piss me off" she said throwing her Jacket on her bed 

"Whos demented?" Louis asked

"My Father he just lost all custody of Mark my father got arrested and asked me to bail him out"

"Your joking" Harry said 

"Nope now who wants a scary-moviethon?" I asked

"Yeah!!!" Kristen said we put in insidious and started watching it

Jana's P.O.V

It was adorable when a scary part came on like really scary Kristen would jump and bury her head into Chases shoulder  he had an arm around her right now it was really really cute 

*Skip to middle of the movie* 

"HEY KIDS!!!" Paul busted through the door 

We all screamed and jumped Kristen jumped and Chase held her 

Paul started laughing his ass off 

"PAUL!" We groaned 

"Sorry but that was good!!! and Hands off my Daughter Chase" He pointed 

Chase raised his hands up by his chest like a cop told had told him to raise his hands up 

"DAD!" Kristen groaned 

"KRISTEN" He mimicked her "Heres your food" He tossed us the bag 

"Thanks Paul/Dad"We all said in unison 

We ate while we finished the movie 

we finished the movie and went off and did our own things I was getting ready to go out with Niall Harry and Jaclyn were cuddling on Harry's bed watching tv Peter and Lila went out on a Date Carter Carson and T.J were skyping their Girlfriends and Chase was Im guessing Flirting with Kristen I went to Nialls door and knocked on it

"Who is it?" 

"Its me Babe" 

"Come on in just shut the door behind you" I walked in the room and shut the door he was shirtless and pantless going through his closet 

"Baby what's wrong what are you doing?" 

"I can't find anything to wear so we can go" He said running through his clothes again



"Niall" He  wouldnt answer I stood in front of him and grabbed his arms 


"Just put on a V-neck and a pair of jeans or something we are going to my old neighborhood not a movie premiere" I told him 

"You sure"

"Babe I'm ready and I'm in Denim shorts and a tank top of course I'm sure" 

He through on a Polo shirt and a pair of skinny jeans 

"I love you"

"I love you too" He grabbed my hand and we walked out

"We'll be back guys" Niall said opening the door 

"Where are you going" Paul asked 

"On a Date like Peter and Lila" He said as I grabbed my phone and slid it in my back pocket and grabbed the rental car keys we had 2 rental cars 

"Be careful" Paul said 

We nodded and walked out the back door and I got in the driver seat and Niall got in the passenger seat

"Hey just a quick reminder if we run into anyone by my old neighborhood say nothing and just keep walking" I told him 


 "Lets just say I lived next to a bad neighborhood"

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